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Auld Lang Syne

The 20s are all about looking back at where you've come from and looking forward to where you're going. I cannot believe 2013 is coming to a close. It truly feels like just yesterday I was in the car on my way back from church with my family blasting One Direction in my headphones and imagining the year to come. At the same time I feel like it was so long ago and recognize that I'm no longer the same person I started the year off as. Now I'm laying in my bed and taking sometime to reflect on who I was, who I am and who I want to be. Ready or not a new year is almost here - auld lang syne.   Every single year I make New Year's resolutions that I never end up following. Here's mine from say year - the most ridiculous part of it is that in writing this post my resolutions for 2014 are almost exactly the same. Like why? If I'm a different person, shouldn't, in theory at least, my goals have changed as well. I guess the rationale is that I always knew w

King of the Hill

The 20s are all about making yourself at home. There truly is no place like home. It's that one place where you feel most comfortable, safe, and warm. Home is where everything just seems to make sense and fit together, no matter how dysfunctionally chaotic things get. Home is your kingdom. Home is your fortress. Home is where you make the rules and external influences halt at the door. Take your rightful thrown as king of the hill.  The holiday season is probably a busy time of the year for most families but for mine it's quite the opposite. If only for a few days we come together, shut out the rest of the world and do nothing more than reflect on what we've been blessed with and how far we've come. We fulfill social expectations of sending holiday greetings (holiday because having your beliefs represented in the mass media is a privilege not everyone has - as in everyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas) in the mail, answering a seemingly endless amount of pho

Femme Fatale

The 20s are all about finding your voice. There are so many things that hold us back from being bold, but most of it is internal. Fear is a powerful thing. Going against the grain, being different, and changing the learned narrative can be terrifying. We're taught to not just ignore difference, but to avoid it and not to acknowledge it. The truth about is difference speaks loudly in a sea of sameness. There's more than one story. There's more than one voice in society, but it's called history for a reason. I want to hear herstory . All the women whose voices and actions we don't learn about - the heroines, victors, and femme fatales. "Women shouldn't be valued because they are strong or because they kick-ass, but because they are people" * This is part two and the conclusion to my social justice posts on feminism. Missed part one - catch up right here "Women's Intuition" . Here's a quote to keep in mind about this opinion post

Women's Intuition

The 20s are all about speaking your mind. We can all think and we pretty much have ideas on just about everything, but it highly beneficial to know when you speak and when to listen. You pick your battles, and maybe for some that means fighting only the ones you can win, and for others that means speaking out and fighting until the end. We're all entitled to our opinions, but you're opinion is just that - your opinion. The harsh reality is, some people's opinions have more power, more clout, and more potency to make things happen. This is how society is shaped. Ready to take down society? All it takes is a little women's intuition. Recently my facebook newsfeed and twitter timeline have been inundated with links to other bloggers, inspirational videos, and heinous crimes on a wide array of topics. I realized there's one I haven't really mentioned much - feminism. Don't go running scared, hear me out. Feminism (just like all the rights ideals) is about pr