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Fade to Gray

Being a teenager is all about dealing with everything, that includes yourself and others. You have to be on it or face the consequences. The slightest differentiation from your "normal" self (the one that everyone sees) means there must be something terribly wrong. If you're not being you must be pissed, depressed, or "in a bad mood." Nope, that's not it - I'm just tired. I have the right to let it all hang out every once in a while, to show a different of myself, and to not be judged for it. Sometimes you have to show all 50 shades of gray, and other times you just fade to gray. Fading to gray is all about dealing with things as they come. Whether it be good or bad news, you either show out or retreat back into yourself. You fade, you cringe, you rescind inwards and protect yourself. You shy away from others, lose a little bit of your pep and you might be a little down in the dumps. Express how you feel and do you - fade to gray.   One of my f


Being a teenager is all about being aware of not only yourself but your surroundings. It's such a weird thing to be conscious of not only you, but everything else around you as well. Sometimes you're in a situation and you can't possible fathom how everyone else is not seeing what you see, or how someone could saw what they just said. People miss the little things, and they don't pick up on. You're on the cusp; you're on the edge; you're at the precipice. Awareness is one of those semi-creeptastic things. Just like noticing the little things, the quirks and the body language of other people. It's one of those small things that I see about other people. The eye twitches, the wincing, and the looks of shock right before someone composes themselves to pretend everything's okay. It's what makes us all human. Shoot, if I didn't do that I'd be a fricken robot like Robo Cop or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. I'm so quick (to quote t

Waging War

Being a teenager is all about gathering your weapons, armoring up, and rallying your troops for battle. When stuff happens, low blows are dished out, and you've got no other option that to retaliate, you've got to be prepared a to start a conquest. When you've got no alternatives, you have to dig down deep,  muster up the courage, unsheath your sword and do out swinging. Bring it on, call me out, and let's wage war. Waging war on campus is about fighting for what is right. Everyone's opinions vary, they differ, and it's all relative. We're all so different, and what gets us fired up is purely up to us. For me, my year so far has been about fighting for love and combating animosity. Those #campuscrush girls have been pulling on my heart strings like nobody's business. It's that heart beating loud in your ears, your stomach doing cartwheels up in your threat, and your tongue getting twised and you're at a loss for words. Truthfully, I get overw


Being a teenager is all about doing something meaningful. I've come to realize that my biggest problem with college is the fact that so much of the lifestyle on my campus centers around pointlessness. I'm like, why are we doing this? Why are things this way? Why do I even go here? I want my life to mean something, to be a small part of something larger than myself, and do make a splash. I want to be the crater that changes everything, the force to be reckoned with, and the light that shines in the darkness. I want to make an impact. You never really know the impact you have on a person or a situation. You can get little hints from facial expressions, body language, and just trying to read what's going on, but you never know the full story. Everything you say, everything you do, and all the actions in between not only have an impact on yourself but everyone else around you. You have the power to seriously brighten someone's day, or put a major damper on it. You'v


Being a teenager is all about is getting caught off guard. You may think you're prepared for everything that comes your way, but no one and I mean no one can ever be completely impervious. You can't predict the future. You can't know what's going to happen - what do you think this is That's So Raven - no this is real life. You can only sit back and let things happen organically (not like the chemical science), and get awestruck, flabbergasted - hell, gobsmacked. College is one of those places that truly has no boundaries. I feel like it's everyday kind of thing where lines are not only drawn but crossed like a freaking Teen Wolf powder circle. You never know what people are going to say or do, it's only up to you to be in control of yourself and take responsibility for what you bring to the world and more specifically your campus. There are so many times that I think, "I would never ... say or do that" - and while that might be absolutely corr