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Runaway (400th Post)

Being a teenager is all about gaining an unstoppable momentum. Let me tell you, I've created a movement with this whole blogging thing and it's not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. It's either, hop on the train to teenage quirkiness or get out the way. I'm not going anywhere, get used to all of this *points to self. It's been a great ride so far, and I can only go further from here. Get ready for an extra special blog/vlog post (yeah there's a hilarious video down there, click on that - it's even got a Finn Harries style candy lick). This is runaway, my 400th blog post! Cannot believe this is my 400th blog post! Like this is not real life right now. I never would have thought I'd be saying that. When I first started the YL:GC (oh yes, I abbreviate the hell outta everything) back in December of 2010 (my two year anniversary is in 10 days, woot!) I didn't know if I could actually keep up with the amount of work it would take. Months star

Difference of Opinions

Being a teenager is all about learning to accept people's ideas as they are. College is a place where debates are supposed to happen naturally and flourish to provide a safe space for different viewpoints to be heard. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, that's a prerogative we all deserve. It comes down to when people are telling you you're wrong because you don't agree when strife may be created. It's just a difference of opinion. When I look at at myself in retrospect I realize I'm a complicated person. I'm an unsolvable enigma of epic proportions. Everyone acts like there are these factors, signs and regulations that determine how we should act. Yes, there are social norms that govern our encounters with people but they are constraints that don't have to always be strictly followed. All the different identities U carry point me in drastically directions for who I should be and how I should portray myself. My racial status as African-Ameri

Up in the Air

Being a teenager is all about rolling with the punches. It's about being able to take things in stride and take them as they come. Things never go as planned, the sooner you learn that the better off you'll be. As teens were an adaptable sort, legit everything is NBD. Don't get flustered by a change of plans, just go with it. Everything's up in the air. For those of you who don't know, I've got quite a bloggable history of crazy travel stories. Here's another one, get ready for more airline hijinks - this is up in the air. Sunday, I'd just finished my conference craziness (missed those tales read  Conference Crazy & Sassy Snap ) and got dropped off at Rochester airport at like 8:30am. Even before I got to the airport, I received a flight update that my connecting flight from DC to Dayton, OH was going to be delayed by 4 hours. I was like whatever, so I checked in, turned in my piece if baggage and proceeded through the security checkpoint. I ha

Safe Haven

Being a teenager is all feeling safe and sound. When you're surrounded by people that know you and that comfortable sentiment is reciprocated, that's when you're at peace. Home is where you can be your absolute most honest, open, uncompromising self. You can do whatever and be the best version of yourself without all the societal influences that govern your actions the rest of the time. Home is like a safe house under witness protection, you just go and disappear into your own little world. This is safe haven. Thanksgiving for me is an absolute godsend. It's the first time I've been back home to Ohio since this school year began. You all know it was more than necessary for me to take a break. Thanksgiving is a family time, it's also my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving us exactly that, a time to reflect and take notice about what you have to be thankful for. I'm thankful for first and foremost my parents, brothers and sister. Without them, I would not be w

Sassy Snap

Being a teenager is all about bringing the ferocity. It's about being a little fierce and bringing some of that well warranted sass. You've got to be strong in your convictions and real with your intentions. Stand up for what you believe and speak the heck out of your mind. Let the world know what you've got and bring it on, like all day long (cheerathon ... #abcfamilyprobs). Get ready for more conference stories, it's the sassy snap. Wondering where we are in this epic story of spirit and pep - catch up on the first day of epic fun with Conference Crazy. That 6:45am wake up time was that ish cray. I rolled over and there was Tay just making the best derp face of all time - I was not even trying to have it. Like let me not pretend I was actually trying move after barely 3 hours of sleep. We got dressed and got painted up to get ready for the day. Bret, Tay, and I pretended to eat breakfast (we were that tired). Learie graced us with his presence and drove us in the