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Swipe Right

The 20s exploring your own self perception. Oftentimes the ways in which we see ourselves are drastically different than the ways that others see us. When you ask your friends, family, and coworkers to describe you usually they say something different than what you would say about yourself. That dichotomy can sometimes be jarringly stark. There seems to be clearly defined differences between how we show up and how we think we show up. Maybe it's worthwhile to reconcile the two? Time to get your match on; this is swipe right. There is nothing to me like spending time in an airport. Regardless of the all the horribly boring experiences of waiting for delayed flights, missing crew members, and cranky patrons, there is just something about them that I find eye-opening to reflect upon every time I am in one. They are hubs were I come into close contact with vastly different people. The diversity of them is always a welcome change of pace particularly from the bubble of my campus cu

Missed Connections

The 20s are all about building your network. There worst thing that can happen to you in life is to be disconnected from those that matter to you most. There's absolutely nothing more isolating then to lose a connection. That's what we do as people. We connect, interact, dialogue, touch, feel and commingle. It's that necessity of knowing that you're not alone. Solace, solitude, and silence are our downfall. Preservation of ourselves and others is sustained through our relationships. This is missed connections.  There was MadTV skit that had the best characters describe themselves on a dating game show (you know things people did before swiping right on tinder) called " Lowered Expectations ." Obviously the characters were all colossal messes of the most epic proportions and their finicky descriptions were totally hilarious. My favorite one was Deborah Johnson playing her iconic bipolar aggressive-aggressive "race-card pulling" (as if that's

Silver Screen

The 20s are all about indulgence. There is something to be said about doing what you want. So often we sacrifice our yearnings to do what others would us. When you're able to do what you most enjoy particularly when it has become a rarity, there's nothing better. It may be cliché but life really is too short to miss out on what you love most. Live your days as if you're they're picture perfect adaptions that are just about to hit the silver screen.   The experience of going to the movies is a powerful pastime. Purchasing tickets, grabbing a freshly buttered bag of popcorn with it's alluring aroma, and a gigantic overpriced 64 ounce drink. Enter the dimly lit theatre with geometric shaped patterns, stadium style seating, and nostalgic red velvet curtains. Choose chairs and settle in for the previews. Phones off, worries put away, and mind focused on nothing more than where you are. The feature film comes in, production studios set the cosmogonist atmosphere, a

Running on Empty

The 20s are all about doing the most. There is no other time in our lives that will be like this. College is a microcosm of ideal situations that come together. With little responsibility save your own well-being, it's the best time to live life the fullest. Get as much out of what you are able to do daily here because sooner or later it'll be over and life changes, for better and worse. Adventure, explore, and exert yourself - what have you got to lose? You'll never know what you're capable of unless you push yourself; this is running on empty.   You know how people have that one thing they are super passionate and knowledgeable about? It's the thing that they can talk about endlessly and when they do their eyes light up. For a lot of guys I know it's sports, alcohol, or cars. I on the other hand don't care for any of the above but have learned a lot, particularly in the past year about them all. Learned the basics of rugby and lacrosse, nuances of brew