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Seasons of Change

The 20s are all about reflection. There's something about looking back that always has this uncanny ability over us. You think back and all of a sudden you're transported to another day and time. Everything you felt just comes rushing back and you are bombarded with those emotions in a tidal wave of epic proportions. So many cringe-worthy awkward moments, embarrassing incidents, and of course those things/peiople you just want to forget ever happened. I've always wondered why we vividly remember the bad times and I've concluded that it's so we learn from them to move forward. The past is the past. Nothing stays the same. These are seasons of change.  2014 - the year of change. Wow. What a year! What can I say about the year that my life drastically changed forever? I guess there were several different phases I went though (key phrase there is through - as in, to move out of or passed). I started off the year with a severe melanch oly personality shift because


The 20s are all about throwing it back. When this blog was first started I was in my senior year of high school. Four years later and I've reached just about the same point in my college experience. My first 6 months of posts were juvenile, misguided, and sometimes downright mean but I never deleted them so I could see who I was and how I thought about the world to compare it to how I understand things to be now. The one thing I do miss from those posts was the lighthearted cheeky humor. I made fun of everything in a somehow endearingly infusion of sarcasm with a diehard love of pop culture. With this post I bring it back. Enjoy and don't forget to be silly. It's okay. It's necessary. It's part of life. This is retrospect.    One of my many irrational desires is to be on an awards show. You know walk the red carpet, fake smile at photographers, make small talk with other celebrities, but most of all be one the cameras go to for a reaction during every segment

Take Me to Church

The 20s are all about knowing what you believe. There are some things that are so apparent and oh so very subtle at the same time. You're wholly aware of its presence and yet oblivious to it at the same time. At some points its prominence come to the forefront and at others it seems to fade in the background so far it disappears. It's like getting used to a new smell. For a while it's like it's the only thing you can smell but after a while it dissipates as if it's not there. What's the answer to this riddle? Religion. Take me to church. From my birth until I departed for my first year of college I could count the number of times I had missed church on my hands easy. The end of the week came and with it meant another church service. My mom and dad would take turns coming through the hallway going room to room to wake up their children. I would grumble and go back to sleep, and a few minutes late leap out of bed when I heard the creak of their master bedroom

Stockholm Syndrome

The 20s are all about tough realities. Everything is not what it seems and what it seems may not be what it is in the first place (see what I did there, or maybe not). The world is complicated. Life is complicated. People .... are complicated. What's not complicated are feelings, emotions, and beliefs. What makes sense are intentions, motivations, and reasoning. What is simple are identities, humanities, and truths. Prepare yourself for a tricky one - this is Stockholm syndrome.   *This post is my official break up letter with dominant society in two-fold. 1) for it's dehumanization of my subordinated identities (race & ethnicity) and 2) for it's continued disregard for diversity in humanity. Over the past 24 hours I changed my coveted relationship status to: in a relationship; it's complicated; and finally back to single. Why? Symbolism for this long overdue process . Just over a hundred people liked the relationship, no one noticed the complication phase, and