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Be Positive

The 20s are all about noticing the little things in life. There is so much to smile about in our lives but somehow throughout our life stories we remember more of the bad than we do the good. The good, the great, and the absolutely amazing are all around us if only we take the time to take it all in. There is always more to be positive about than we ever really acknowledge. So what's preventing us from taking it all in. Stop, take a deep a breath, look around, and find something to smile about. There's so much more than you think. The most powerful thing I think in this world that we have other than love (we all know it moves mountains, conquers all etc. - yeah I'm bitter about it too #foreversingle) is hope. Hope is that faith that the future will not only come but that it will be better than everything you've ever experienced. We have to hope because without it, what would be our driving force. If we could only fathom whatever situation we're in now without th

Cold Shoulder

The 20s are all about reading the situation. People give away more about themselves ed and how they feel then they care to admit. For all the things we do and say we have a reason, albeit our motives can be complicated conundrum but they're there nonetheless. The way we communicate is unique to each and every one of us. The type of people we are, how we understand the world, ourselves and other people are conveyed through the way we present. With every situation that arises we evaluate and take action, if this great, salvageable or not worth fighting for. Sometimes you've just got to give them the ole cold shoulder.  Everyone has a different way of dealing with other people. Some people are super direct and quite blunt with what they have to say, while others like to hang back and speak when they absolutely have to or not at all. Then there's those of us who are fluent in the language known as passive-aggressive. Let me tell you, it gets a bad rap but it defini

Dear White People

The 20s are all about seeing things from a different perspective. Each and every one of us walks through this world differently. We all have difference experiences and carry all the identities that we've been dealt with. There's no way to separate who we are from what we do, say and view the world. It's a package deal. We have to learn to value people and their experiences (cause we have the power to decide whether people - their ideas, interests, opinions etc. - matter or not; yay social dominance). It's time for a wake up call in the form of a strongly worded letter. Dear white people ... this one's for you. *There's no need to have a "dear people of color" because you tell us exactly what you think of us every when we treat us like caricatures, devalue and stigmatize us in every representation known to man. This post, like all others is opinion. Just like I'm entitled to mine, you are entitled to yours ... read on if you want or don't -

Light It Up

The 20s are all about finding your inner light. I believe that inside each and every one of us lies a spark, glimmer or flash of light. That light is the best part of who we are. It's the most pure, light-hearted and kind portion that we have to offer to the world. I believe that there are no such things as "good or bad" people, just people doing good or bad things. We tend to write people off and do not testify to their light, whether bright, dim or barely flickering. Our light can only be extinguished by death itself. Until then, no matter what, we have some "good" in us. Light it up! Judgementalism is both a practice of protection but also one of bias of alienation. We use what we've learned about the world, the good, and all the "big bads" (Klaus from the Originals and Slade on Arrow ) chart a course. Who is "safe" to interact with and who to avoid as potential dangers. The thing is those fail-safes are based on arbitrary things

Hit or Miss

The 20s are all about the contrasting highs and swift following lows. College is a microcosm of the larger world, albeit less sheltered than our hometowns. It's still a self-selecting environment that makes for the embarrassingly awkward moments, horrible first impressions, and truly epic fails. There's so many people watching, observing, judging and the more conspicuous you are the audience just grows and grows. It's like everyone gets a front row seat to the disastrously classic melodramatic sitcom-esque instances that make up your college life. It's either a hit or a miss. The honest to goodness worst thing about college is that you have multiple first days. Like you have to get ready and look good (unless, you spend your entire existence trying to do so) twice in a row. I mean, that's a struggle for some people. It's winter and if I didn't know any better, I would say some people are majoring in ratchetology (the study of being a mess). I mean do you