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Act My Age

The 20s are all about confusion. Every single day my newsfeed on Facebook is laden with articles, videos, and blog posts (I get the irony) from friends, internet personalities, and famous people alike. They all prescribe magical cures to all of life's troubles, particular those for young people. The age of the twenty-something is one of tawdry attempts at self-help admonitions, unwelcomed guest lectures from just about anyone you give your time to, and way too much reflexive over-analyzation. I don't believe any of it. There are no quick fixes, no miracle drugs, or sure fire things (save big G - Himself). There's not one way to be anything or anyone. All you are is yourself. Time to act my age. One thing I absolutely abhor is people telling me what to do. I don't even think I have a problem with authority, complying with people's orders, or doing what I am told, but the mere fact that some has ordered, commanded, or proclaimed that I must do something rubs ma

Long Way Home

The 20s are all about reflection. How often do you take time to look back and see how far you've come. We're often busy trudging forward and intently focused on the future that we forget that our past has imperative information to share with us. History repeats itself often but things never happen the same way twice. When we take time to acknowledge progress or to point our mistakes, we can know that our steps have been ordered exactly how they should be. We're taking the long way home.  Rolling hills, popping ear drums, and NPR discussion over the airwaves are some of my most vivid memories as kid taking scenic car rides with my dad. Sometimes he would just my siblings and I for a ride. We'd go to these hills that seemed vastly mountainous and we'd go zooming. I used to think we were going so far. "Wee," we'd squeal as we made our ascent in his red Volvo S70, and we reached the hill valley troughs "Haw!" we'd let out in our most ex

The Race Card

The 20s are all about speaking up and out. I wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing more powerful in this world than speech, words, and silence. Communication, or the lack thereof, are oh so very important. People need to speak. They need to be heard, listened to, and understood. People have a need to express themselves. To voice their opinions, and to share their experiences. I can think of nothing more critical than giving people the acknowledge they deserve by allowing them the time, place, and space to speak their own personal truths. Time to lay all the cards out on the table - get ready, let's debunk the race card.   *This post, like the hundreds of others, express nothing more than my opinion. I remind you that I am entitled to mine just like it's your prerogative to share yours. With that being said, if talking about race and racism makes you uncomfortable too damn bad because it's happening. As always, you have no obligation to read my blog.   Let me jus

Girl Almighty

The 20s are all about realizing you absolutely know nothing. There are just some topics that it's okay to not be a know-it-all about. For me, that's many things, but most definitely women, dating, and anything that has to do with relationships. It's not like you go through any formal training in the topic of courtship, love-chasing, or getting the hookup - whatever you want to call it. It's not something you learn in school, and it'd be awkward as hell if your parents taught you the ways of attraction. You fumble, stumble, and tumble your way through the struggle - in its fullest form. You pray, beg, and plead up above, and then acquiesce to the girl almighty. The ways in which college changes everything never cease to amaze me. Even how people go about meeting new people, finding potential partners, or just downright hooking right on up has changed drastically in my time here. It seems like people have taken their impatience to all new levels with the advent of