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Light Up the Night

Being a teenager is all about making the most of out potentially disastrous situations. Living the life of a college student is most deff a big change for all of us. Things have a random way of usually working out. Everything just seems to fall into place and the blow of what could happen is softened my a marshmellowly cream filling. Teenagedom is all about picking up the pieces, putting it all back together and igniting the flame within yourself. Sky full of lighters and we light up the night. Friday morning, I wake up super tired, spent and wanting to just stay in bed and do nothing all day. If only I had Genie from Aladdin, then my wishes could come true. Krabs leaves and I go back to listening to One Direction and laying around in bed when I here a knock on my door. Who could it be, Chasey-Chase'em, JaMocha Shake, nope it's just Jimmy coming to look for his misplaced backpack and use our bathroom. Totally typical. I get up and take out my retainer, perfect teeth have a

Truth Is...

Being a teenager means dealing with the facts. It's about cutting the crap, and calling BS whenever things seem sketchtastic. College can appear to be this glamorous place where all you do is lay on green grass, sit on facebook in classes, and get sick nasty wasted at wild ragers every weekend but I'm here to dispel misconceptions. College is what you make it out to be and when the newness of everyone around settles, people's true personalities come out and you realize college is nothing more than high school but without your parents. It's time to shine the light, bring it all on and let you know what the truth really is about college. College is nothing like I'd thought it'd be. I'd say I had an unusual experience especially with the people on my floor becoming so "close" very early on. For a long while we did everything together, and constantly had an "open" door policy. Anyone and everyone  had the opportunity to freely to talk to a

Whatever It Takes

Being a teenager means getting through everything that comes your way. College can seriously be difficult. It's a balancing act and I feel like one of those crazy circus carnies trying to balance a social life, with high academic standards, on a highwire. It's about taking center stage and performing you act well. It's about the inward applause of succeeding in all aspects of your teenage life. It's about living by the motto, "whatever it takes, I know I can make it through" - Hail to Degrassi. The theme for this week would for sure be the life-ruining powers of sleep deprivation. I wake up Wednesday morning and realize that I don't actually have any reading to do for HCOL, seeing as it was the same article from Monday. I get dressed and go outside and the wind literally backhands me to the face, like a spiteful ex-girlfriend on diva steroids. I get to the crosswalk and who magically appears by my side, no one else other than playboy Chasey-Chase'

Na Na Na

Being a teenager is just like being a boyband. Is that the most ridiculous statement you've ever heard/read from me, if so, you must not know me well. College is all about creating your own identity while also joining a community of young people. It's like singing the catchy solo refrain at some parts and being a back up harmonizer on others. It's a give and take. We can't all be divas or go solo like Beyonce (Sasha Fierce) or Joe Jonas. Get it together and scream those sugary sweet lyrics, na na na. One Direction "Na Na Na" I feel like I say this all the time but that Folger's coffee commercial is totally wrong, "the best part of waking up, is having your roommate roll over and say wassup." But seriously, you all know the whole going to bed after am thing would come back to  ruin my life right. It's like my collegiate days are already written in the stars to be a colossal mess. I wake up and moan like a woman after she's given birth