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What's Past Is Prologue

What's past is prologue is Shakespeare for all of you who were wondering, but please who actually reads that stuff. I'm talking about the episode title from 9010 Season 2. What's past is prologue means that if something has happened before, it's bound to happen again, it's like repeat offenders, if you've stolen from the corner mart, once you get out of lockdown, you're going to do it again. We all know history repeats itself, and nothing really new ever happens. So here are some words about the year 2010 and the upcoming wildness that will be 2011.

At the beginning of the year we all make resolution, let me call bullcrap right now. No one follows those, it's too much effort and it takes too much time. However, this year I did acheive one of my goals; to branch out and make new friends. This year I would say, has been the year for friendship. It started out with just me and my really close friends, I lost a few after some chaotic events, but eventually I…

Secrets & Lies

Being a teenager means many things. Parents are always going to be asking questions, friends may last for 5 minutes or an entire lifetime, and school will never be cool. But one of the major things about being a teenager is keeping secrets. Let's face it, we've all done something bad, something unspeakable, something unmentionable, something no one knows. We all have our flaws, our imperfections, and the cracks that seep through. Secrets are how we keep those things locked away, but when do you keep them and when should they be released. Let it be known, the truth always comes out, and it always hurts.

The other day I watched a Lifetime Movie with my dad, btw it was at midnight (only on winter break), and it was about this girl who witnessed a murder and didn't know who she should tell. The entire movie angered me. First of all, Lifetime, your movies are outrageous, even True Movie Thursday, they are melodramatic and ridiculous. Tell me why every movie has the same plots. E…

Get A Life

Facebook is both the cause of great happiness and a lot of annoyance in my life. The new profile just bothers me, it's long and everything is everywhere. It makes it way harder to creep on people and to make fun of them. The two major things that are really getting on my nerves right now are people who are posting videos to their friends on facebook, and happy birthdays. Do not blow up my news feed, that's cause for a instantaneous unfriend request. If you're going to be clogging up my screen with your ignorant, annoying, petty posts then you're going to have to go. I need facebook to be as fast as possible, making my experience of searching for new scandals, rumors, secrets, embarrasing pictures/videos and harsh comments or likes to be the best it can be. If you're constantly appearing, with nothing substantially juicy to say, then you're not quenching my thirst for drama, and you'll be losing a facebook friend. Get it, got it, good. Any questions?

Now, tho…


Every night we lay our heads and fall asleep. Whether it be with a good murder mystery novel in our hands or bumping to our favorite album on our I-Homes. We close our eyes and away we go. We enter a place where anything and everything can happen. But the thing is sometimes people don't dream. First of all, that's not good, you need dreams to clear your mind and immerse yourself in your hopes and sorrows. Dreams allow you to solve problems you would never be able to if you were conscious. Dreams are the key to your past, the present, and the future.

There's a little thing called deja vu - meaning already seen. There's no such thing. You wonder why you feel like you've seen all these things before, it's because you've probably seen them in one of your dreams. Don't believe me. Keep a dream journal and try and figure it out. Dreams can show you glimpses of the future, it's only that you have to make sense of them.

People you should not be sharing your …


Lately, it seems like America has been going downhill. People are just looking trashier than ever. I mean Ke$ha does it well, because that's who she is, but everyone else. What's your excuse for looking like straight garbage. It's called run a comb through you're hair before you step out the house. Take a shower every once in a while, and please use soap. Do not, I repeat, do not come out in public with crusty crust lips, buy some chapstick, do not look pale as heck on your elbows because you couldn't find some lotion, and do not start talking without checking your teeth first. If I see yesterday's spinach and broccoli surprise in between your choppers, you might be gross as heck. Buy some floss, I heard it even comes in alcohol flavored. It'll get you drunk, or at least get your gums tipsy.

I mean for real, please look okay before leaving your house. Do not come at me with hangover breath. That's sick nasty, at least gargle some mouth wash or something.…


We all know that certain people are just more personable than others. More people like them, and they always seem to be in good spirits with not only other teenagers but the adults of the world as well. They are, how would you say, popular? They live the dream, everybody likes them, good things always happen to them, and their luck never seems to run out. I'm saying if everyone and their entire families comes up to you to dap you with fancy handshakes, people are always screaming for you, and you give out hugs like water comes from the tap, then you're pretty popular.

The question is what makes a person popular. After years of living this life, I've learned the normal signs of popularity. The major one, physical appeal. Face it, some people just look like they should be modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch, while others should be hiding in a dark cave, somewhere, away from all civilization. It's a known fact, that prettier people are better liked. It's like a doubl…

Two Faced

I'm a complicated person, I'll admit it. I'm deep, I've got a lot to say, and an opinion on almost everything and everyone. But the simplest thing about me is that I'm easily appeased. You know one of the many things that bothers me, people who are two faced, meaning they are hypocrites, they say one thing and do another. They're superficial, fake, and put on a show but hide things.

Here's the deal, we're all fake to some degree. Let me tell you, it's hard enough being a teenager, but when you have to pretend to like everyone, it gets even harder. All the fake smiles, the rehearsed laughter, and the emaculate "look you in the eyes, like I actually care what you have to say" get tiring. Both people and things in this world are going to tick you off, and you cannot cause a scene whenever you don't like something. It's unnecessary, it's unbecoming, and highly embarassing. You've got to learn to suppress and on release when it&…

Hooking Up

No matter where you go people are going to be in  heavenly love, or something a bit more devious, lust. Whether it be back of the car, parked at the gas station, exhaust fumes spraying everywhere; or under the mistletoe with halls decked out in wreaths and holly, people are going to be smooching. While it may or may not be a pleasant sight, depending on who's going at who, it's constantly there. But when do you know something's real, or it's not just another hookup session.

Let me tell you what's sketchy as heck. Tell me why, I'm decorating trees for prom in my school's foyer, next to the bathrooms. I glance up for a moment, and see a guy go in the boys bathroom. That's normal, NBD. But two minutes later I see some trampy looking, sketched out, badoing showing, girl go in that same boys bathroom. Two class periods pass and they both come out, looking bothered and hot, hair a mess, clothing askew and faces giddy with the scent of hooking up. First of all,…