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Life's A Drag

A major part of being a teenager is having the ability and the freedom to drive. That means getting your license at sixteen, hitting the open road, wind whipping out my face, hair free flowing, and belting out your favorite tunes where you go. Let me tell you, while I may not be able to drive, I still understand most of the rules of the road, and this blog post will cover the basics of things to do and not to do while behind the wheel. After all, life's a drag.

Safety. Seat belts, the first thing I do when I get into a car is put on my seat belt, I don't care if we're only going to a neighbor's house in the neighborhood or all the way to Cali, buckle up or be prepared to be thrown out of the windshield and die. When I was three years old my family was in our hatchback Volvo coming home on from church when wild turkeys ran into the middle of the highway, they shattered our windshield and glass went everywhere, thankfully all of us were wearing out seat belts and that ti…

Good Vibrations

We all see it everywhere, it's about to be February meaning love is in the air. Everybody's trying to get themselves some with whomever they can. Heck, if y'all are desperate I'm always up to be on the prowl, just kidding, however, I have noticed that the real girls who be looking on point, like looking finer than fine, like drop dead gorgeous, have been coming out of the woodwork lately. I'm just thinking, how you doing sessi. But for real, if you're in a relationship and you are constantly breaking up and getting back together you are not feeling those good vibrations. One dramatic thing happens and you're facebook official relationship is over, two seconds later you're back on, make up your minds people, I need to know your status so I can know whether or not to make a move on your woman, bro. Just kidding.

From the people I know there are tons of relationships that work out for the long run. Look at my parents, they for real love each other, and they…

That Which We Destroy

Shakespeare's wild play MacBeth says it best, "'Tis safer to be that which we destroy, than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy" (spoken by Lady Macbeth). But as used in 90210 season one for an episode title, you may be wondering what this means. That which we destroy is only that which we have built. In teenage terms, some people feel it's safer to ruin a solid thing, than it is to stay in something wary, sketchy or spontaneous. You can only mess up what you've set up for yourself, you can only hurt yourself. Throughout this week I've seen and witnessed people just fulfilling this quote to the fullest.

Cheating. I've blogged about cheating before, but that was my first day and hell, I didn't know what I was doing or what my angle for blogging would be, but now you know how things roll and how I'll say whatever I went, and speak the truth when the time's right. Cheating is one of the most dangerous things you can do to ruin a relationship.…

Games People Play

Everyday is a challenge to know who your friends are and what enemy are plotting your downfall. Let it be know that no matter where you are there will always be haters following you. If you think that everyone is always going to like you, then be prepared for a shocker, you will not get along with everyone. Once you accept that, life gets a whole lot easier. When you stop caring about what others think about you and start living your own way, that's only when you can be yourself. But watch out for the games people play.

No one likes you. Here's the deal, there are people that no one likes. When I see no one, not even the devil Lucifer himself wants them in hell either, that's saying something. Literally no one wants you around, so skiddaddle. If you're annoying, you're constantly yelling being loud, obnoxious and crazy, do not be surprised if no one likes you. You may think you're cool constantly being a mess, doing whatever you want, and breaking all the rules,…

Not Real

Nowadays I like to either come up with new teenage terms or just borrow other people's and make it my own. One of my newest sayings is "this isn't real" - as in whatever's going on or just happened is so ridiculous, so amazing, so unbelievable that it couldn't have happened, and still it did. It's kind of like, "eff my life" or "this could only happen to me" - when I was in line to go teenage club hopping, tell me why the people directly in front of me and my best friend were kids we'd played against in a sporting event, and one of them was the one who had tried to hardcore start a physical fight with me, after me making a comment that he had first made to me, in a joking manner, he flipped out and had to literally be restrained - he was directly adjacent to us standing in line to get in. I avoided eye contact and just turned around and started laughing, like only at the sketchiest place ever would this occur. That was when I said,…

Falling Apart

Dear Blog,
Let it be known that I'm a mess. Okay, well not really, or maybe yes, who knows anymore. Snow days have spoiled me, staying home, watching tons of TV, studying for tests, reading for my own benefit, facebooking, tweeting, skyping, texting, jamming to my tunes, and of course blogging has been great for the past few days. But now, I actually like have to like get up and like go to like school for like an entire week. Like for real, what am I going to be doing there. People are getting seriously out of control, tensions are high, morale is low, drama is on the rise, and all in all, we're all just falling apart.

You see, for me, it's not that I'm done with school, because I'm always up for learning, especially if it's something I need to know for medical school, or better yet, if it's actually something I care about, but I am for sure done with the people. Blog, hear me when I write or say, that people can make or break a situation. It's like on J…