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Being  a teenager means keeping up a reputation, whether that be a one for the being the big bad bad ass who cracks skulls and skips school, the no good dime piece who turns out tricks like a professional prostitute, or the goodie goodie teacher's pet plain Jane. Everybody is known for something, people talk, it's high school, what else do we have to do? Rumors are not the problem, it's the content of what people are saying about you that can cause some drama. Every high school has it's bad boys, good girls gone bad, stuck ups, nerds, burnouts, and everything else in between, it's a constant struggle to make a name for yourself that you can be proud of. Time to discuss knowing of people, spreading rumors, and reputations, somebody's going to get hurt.

You guys must remember my famous "Dream Girl" post after my wild night of teenage club hopping, the other part to the story was one of my friends who I went with on that crazy danceathon knew the girl I …

Bathroom Rules

Being a teenager means sometimes you're going to need to use the restroom. You're going to have to grab the hall pass and scoot your way down to the bathroom to relieve yourself. Personally, I don't use public restrooms unless I'm away from home, I'd rather hold it than submit myself to the mess that is a gas station. But when you've got to go, you've got to go. You need to get it done and do your business. But before you go peeing all over the walls and wiping your hands on your pants, there are some bathroom rules that need to be followed.

First and foremost, for us guys, bros, or manly men - bathroom time is personal. We're trying to get in and out as fast as possible. Urinals, one of the oddest inventions ever, never have I ever used a urinal in my entire life. They're awkward. But if you do use them, keep your private areas private. The little walls between urinals are literally measly so if you're going to be taking a long piss, get a stal…

the Greater Good

Part of growing up is learning how to do the right thing. Decisions nowadays are bigger and lot more consequential. Everything we do and everything we say has a repercussion. All my classmates the major words we've been throwing around has been "where are you going to college" - uhm, I don't know yet, I can't decide until I've received admissions decisions from the remaining 5 colleges I applied too, slow your roll and don't rush me, I'm about to decide where I'll be spending the next four years of my life. It's great that you're all set, but this is not a decision to rush. We have to look within in ourselves and do what's best for the most people, as in, the greater good. Some people will have to be sacrificed in the process, but if the majority are helped, then it will all be worth it. We're going there with discussing standing up, abortions and being fired.

Abortion, one of the most taboo topics in Americas as of now. It's so…