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the Kings & Queens of Drama

Being a teenager means dealing with melodramatic people. We're teens, we cause drama, it's like what we do. I for one, love me some drama, preferably when I'm not in it, but when I know about a scandal, a betrayal, a plot or just some good old fashion fighting, it gets me riled up and interested. On TV I usually watch dramas, they keep me enthralled, get my blood pumping, and I'm attached to the characters. On BET's "the Game" when Tasha and Melanie were going at it and Miss Mack threw those Red Vines at her, I lost it, their friendship is officially over. Back to us, we all know people who just love being over the top. They're constantly starting something, causing beef, and creating tension for no reason. It's one thing to have a legit problem with someone and call them out on it, but if you cause drama just because that's who you are, that's a problem. It's time to dive deep into the petty world of the kings and queens of drama.


Great Expectations (100th Post)

Being a teenager means setting your goals and doing your best to achieve them. Great expectations is predicting the future and knowing that no matter what happens you can say you gave it your best. At all times, you've got to take it or leave it. Nothing and no one gets left behind. You've got one shot at teenagedom and you have to live it to the fullest. I'm proud to announce that this post is my 100th blog post since I started blogging daily with my humble beginnings last year December. It's been a long journey, it was only yesterday when I came up with the idea of starting a teenage topic blog after seeing my future wife, Nickelodeon actress Keke Palmer, tweet about wanting to start a teen talk show. I started it, and it's taken off from there. It's time to get some feedback from you my followers and readers in the form of a reply.

My 100th Blog Post Question for the day is ... what has been your favorite blog post of mine, and why? The person who replies wit…