The 20s are all about throwing it back. When this blog was first started I was in my senior year of high school. Four years later and I've reached just about the same point in my college experience. My first 6 months of posts were juvenile, misguided, and sometimes downright mean but I never deleted them so I could see who I was and how I thought about the world to compare it to how I understand things to be now. The one thing I do miss from those posts was the lighthearted cheeky humor. I made fun of everything in a somehow endearingly infusion of sarcasm with a diehard love of pop culture. With this post I bring it back. Enjoy and don't forget to be silly. It's okay. It's necessary. It's part of life. This is retrospect. 
One of my many irrational desires is to be on an awards show. You know walk the red carpet, fake smile at photographers, make small talk with other celebrities, but most of all be one the cameras go to for a reaction during every segment (like Taylor Swift painfylly-awkward chair dancing). Also every awards show I watch I almost disagree with the winners, especially fan decided awards. There's people who win when they really don't deserve it like One Direction or Justin Bieber (you've got talent but your competition was better). I would love to host an awards show or at least be a red carpet correspondent. Giuliana and Bill Rancic will always be my favorite TV personalities #relationshipgoals. So what I'm getting at is I'm deciding who wins in the book of me. Enjoy it and my unfiltered commentary (link included as necessary so click away).
Best of 2014
Artist - Beyoncé  New Artist - 5 Seconds of Summer Song - "Not A Bad Thing" Justin Timberlake Album - "Four" One Direction Dance - Nae Nae or Shmoney Movie - Captain America: the WInter Soldier TV Show - How to Get Away with Murder Reality Show - Property Brothers New Show - The Flash Celebrity - Dylan O'Brien & Keke Palmer Actors - Chris Pratt, Kerry Washington? Book - ? Magazine - Vanity Fair Video Game - Borderlands - the Prequel Athelete - Bryan Brothers; ? Twitter -  Jesse Williams Instagram - Spencer Boldman Viner - Reggie Couz Vine Trend - Shovel Girl or P.O.P Hold It Down Youtuber - Joey Gatto or Justin James Hughes Facebook - Stephen Amell
Yik Yak - "You: Where do you see yourself in five years? Me: Not looking at the price tag when shopping." Trending Topic - Starter Packs InventionFood - Cake Pops Slang - Deadass, Or Nah, Bish Hashtag - #crimingwhilewhite Meme - Kermit the Frog App - Buzzfeed Fashion Trend - 90s Style Tied Waist Shirts Color - Deep Red
Source: Tumblr
Happenings: Feminism, Overhyped Ebola Outbreak, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Grand Jury Decisions, Celebrity Deaths (Robin Williams, Joan Rivers), Republican Takeover, Gas Price Drop, Sony Hacks ( also Anonymous exposing people), ISIS terrorizing the world, Internet Breaking (Kim K's historically demaning ass, Ellen's Oscar Selfie, Hack), Visibility (Laverne Cox on Time Magazine Cover; Michael Sam as out NFL player, Emma Watson at the UN on Feminism, Chris Rock on racism particularly in Hollywood), Buzzfeed Takeover Social Media, Life Hacks and so much more!

Things that Need to Stop:
  • Bill Cosby (love you but you need to atone and take responsibility TV dad),
  • Bad Journalism (Rolling Stone & New York Post - check your sources before you hit send)
  • Police Brutality (no comment necessary),
  • Leotards
  • Videotaped fights & Worldstar Hip Hop in general
  • Basic White Girls Stereotype,
  • Whitewashing (especially characters),
  • Victim Blaming,
  • the Jenner/Kardashians
  • Cultural Appropriation (you can't just claim another culture as your own *Iggy Azalea, white middle class teens, hipsters* cough)
  • Recommended Follows, (no twitter I don't freaking care or know that irrelevant person), 
  • Overhashtagging,
  • Songs About Ass (enough with the "eat the ass" nonsense; do that in the privacy of your own home),
  • Vine Trends (your name is not Jeff and Channing Tatum made it work that one time in that way too self-away movie)
  • Hate Speech,
  • Tinder (no you can't swipe right on my me),
  • Average People Celebrities (AlexfromTarget, Magcon, JackandJack - advertising endorsements really though?)
  • Straight White Men on Late Night Talk Shows (apparently no other demographic can be funny past 10PM)

This year there was so much stuff that went down to even begin to capture but hopefully this gives you a little glimpse of what 2014 had to offer. It was a year of change to say the least (I'll give you my personal ones in a post soon to follow). Pop culture is called popular for a reason - it's something we all keep up (whether it's necessary or not). Comment below any of your favorite things, happenings or things that need to stop!


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