Have It All

Being a teenager means anticipating the moments leading up to the biggest night of our teenage lives. Tomorrow is my senior prom, and now that it's finally here, it's just now actually hitting me that this what I've been waiting for. See the thing is, at my school, I one of the many members of the prom committee, and we've been planning this night so many months, and all the hours of work are finally going to be seen by everyone. The excitement is almost unbearable and knowing that this is my last hurrah feels good. After this, the final step in my high school experience is graduation. But if for only one night, I'm going to have it all. I'm going to live it up, tear the place down, and create a memory that I will cherish so long as live.

Having it all means owning the night. If you're attending your high school prom, it's your time to shine. One of the many reasons I love dances, other than getting to showcase some of my best moves, is that you get to see a different side of the majority of people. Everybody knows I'm a little bit wild, you can always catch me dancing or singing to myself randomly. But for most people, all you get from them is school move. Prom is chance for people to come out of their shells and show you who they really are. Having it all means being who are you and doing what you want. It's all about empowering yourself, taking control, and choosing how you live your life. Prom is a perfect opportunity to give having it all a try, hit the dance floor, drop it low, and create an earthquake. Whip your hair, arch your back, and move like a bernie - as long as you're having fun and thinking only about the moment you're in, you're for sure doing it right. Prom is something you're going to remember, so go in and do it with no regrets. Dance with everyone you want to, the cutie that you've never had the courage to really talk to, the hotness monster from across the way, and the secret love of your life - give them a little attitude, some sass and a sprinkle of swag to let them know that you're confident, collected, and conscious of what you're doing. Mark you mark, change the world, and get yourself out there. Having it all means no limits, no holding back, and no second chances, you get it right the first time.

Having it all entails having your cake and eating it too. It means doing whatever you've got to do to get what you want. The people that have it all are the ones that go out and take what's rightfully theirs. As teens, is our privilege, no our obligation to have the best time in our youth as reasonably possible. To have it all requires you to have the greatest time of your life. If you're heading out with friends, you need to get in the right mindset that you're going out to have fun. At least for the night, leave your problems, your drama, and your baggage at home. If you don't think about all the stress you're under and just live in the moment, even the simplest or even the most elaborate of nights can turn into the most amazing times ever. Let me tell you, your friends will be your support system, and they'll catch you when you need to fall back. They've got you held up super strong and if you can't deal, it's time for you to get together, create the coveted party car (completely with a wildly loud teenage playlist), and chuck the deuces to your complicated life, at least for a while. Enjoying your time out, allows you to relieve some of the built up tension/pressure, and it lets you reconnect with your friends, because we all know it's almost impossible to hang out during the weekdays. Having it all means doing things your way, and always doing what's best for you.

Having it all as teen means going out and getting what you want and need. To make it in this world, you've got to make it for yourself. Who says you can't have a great family, a great high income career, and a plentiful social life. It's not impossible, there really are people who have it all and as teens is our greatest aspiration to make those dreams come true for ourselves as well. You've got to set your goals and not just wish for them but chase them, actively, consciously, and forever and always. Never give up hope, and know that you're capable of truly anything that you set your mind too. Your potential can only be reached if you tap in to it yourself. Have it all comes from the title of Jesse McCartney's upcoming pop/R&B album. And after watching the world premiere of Disney Channel's Lemonade Mouth, I was deff inspired to make a statement and encourage all my readers to go after what they are striving for.

My blog post question for the day is ... what does it mean for you to have it all?
For me that means my great job, my awesome wife, amazing kids, cool friends, the best family ever, and sharing that with everyone around me.


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