A Trip to the Moon

Being a teenager means imagining the biggest events in your life and then comparing them to when they actually happen. This past weekend was my senior prom. After months of hard work and preparation on prom committee, the night went off without a hitch. It was out of control, legit amazing. I was on prom court and when they brought all of us candidates up to announce who would become prom royalty, I'm surprised to say that I won prom king. Yup, me, you're resident teenage blogger. The ultimate status symbol of high school popularity has been handed to me on a silver platter. One of my life goals, that I never thought would actually be attained, has been just that, reached. When they said my name, my heart stopped, and I did a double take. There was no way that I could actually have won. It must have been some kind of a mistake. I was not expecting to win at all, I had some stiff competition and I was truly just glad to be elected to prom court. But this, this was over the top, it was overwhelming and it was a trip to the moon.

Moments after I heard I had been awarded prom king, I literally started jumping up and down. If you had seen me, you would have been welled up with emotion. All my friends came up to give me heartfelt hugs, and everybody was super happy for me and the prom queen, who throughout year has become a close friend, and we both happen to be on the yearbooks staff. Eventually my mommy and my sister came out of nowhere to congratulate me, and when I saw my sister, my favorite person in the entire universe, I lost it, and started crying. I could not believe it. As of now, I'm still in shock. Me, of all, people, really me, is actually the prom king. It's unbelievable, it really caught me off guard and I whisked out to the surprise ice sculpture in the lobby for tons of pictures. It was truly an out of this world experience. It was whirlwind of camera flashes, tons of smiling, and a rain of confetti. It was crazy, surreal, and it was deff a phantasmagorical event. I literally felt like I was living a dream, that I was in somebody else's body and this could not actually be happening to me. Me, mister tell it how it is, mister laughs a lot, and mister blogger extraordinaire has achieved something great to tell my future wife and children, becoming my high school prom king.

Let me tell you, from then on, the night became wilder and wilder. I finally got to take off my tuxedo jacket, roll up my sleeves and hit the dance floor. With my closest friends, we shut that place down. We banged the beat, and danced like it was literally the end of the world. I don't think I've ever done so much popping and shaking in my entire life. In between songs, people that I knew (as in everyone, because we all know the powers of yearbook keep me pretty omniscient) and those that have never talked to me came up to congratulate me. It was kind of wild, like apparently, it took me winning prom king for you to notice that I exist. But I'm fine with that, I'll take what I can get. We had a hilarious slideshow of senior pictures and baby pictures and it also let us know where we would all be attending college, designed by my best friend and bromance with hilarious classic songs from the 90's. Also the senior superlatives slideshow, which I designed, I won best laugh, one day, I'll have to upload a recording of me dying laughing for y'all to hear, it's totally me. The food was pretty good and I had the beef short ribs, by dinner time my entire table was super hungry. We had a great time, and we knew it would be our last so we got as wild as humanly possible. I didn't care that literally everyone was staring at us, sorry all of us can actually dance - we're not some spectacle to oogle at, but the attention you gave us is perfectly fine. It was night I PROMise you that I will never forget.

After that the guys and I headed back to my house to change for after-prom and stay substance free. We came to the high school and ate a little bit and snapped some pictures. There was 3D inflatable twister, a stick on tattoo parlor, a bouncy house, and even a cake walk. It was good time to just relax and hang out and recover a little bit from the night. Tons of food and a chill atmosphere kept us occupied into the wee hours of the morning. I was nodding off at times, but playing slots in the casino deff woke me up. We even had a hypnotist show and the kids who went on stage were completely out of control. Their reactions were hilarious and the things they were saying and doing were too much to handle. I was deff geeking out. It was a great time, and afterwards we went to a friend's house for a homemade breakfast. I finally hit the sack at 7 am, and woke up at 1:48pm (skipped church, ooph) to clean up the decorations at the banquet hall. Such a wild day but my friends and I for sure made it special.

Being a teenager means taking things universal, going big or going home, and leaving it all on the dance floor. It's about being yourself and doing you. It's not a popularity contest, but it's great to be liked by the majority of people. It's about showing who you are, and not caring about anybody else. It's about getting on a rocketship and taking a trip to the moon. It's worldwide, it's forever and always, and completely me and you. We're such teenagers.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite part of prom or dances?
Me, it's all about the music. The deejway was pretty good. We all sang Friday, and even Moved like A Bernie in a huge stream of people. It was all in all a great night.


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