The Party's Over

Being a teenager means knowing when to live it up and when to put your head down and get to work. Everyday of our lives is a teetering balance between work and play. Do too much playing around and you fall behind and you end up messing up your entire life. Work too hard and you alienate your friends and become a social pariah. It's tough knowing when you should be taking care of business and when you can let loose and get completely wild. This past weekend was my senior prom, and now that all that glamorous, photography, dance madness, and the after party are over, it's only fit to see graduation as the only obstacle between the class of 2011 and scholastic freedom. But here's the thing, according to my countdown app, we've got 48 days left until graduation, and that means we still need to keep up our grades and especially our appearances and not fall apart. Now is not the time to lose control. The music has stopped, the limos are gone, and let it be known that the party's over.

Senioritis is an incurable disease that affects almost all graduating seniors. It's a general degrading from being an academic allstar to a sloppy mess of a person. Symptoms include lack of motivation, being chronically late, procrastinating like nobody's business, and being diabolical in making up excuses for never doing homework. From your resident teen doctor, I would prescribe, a heaping helping of reality check, with a small dosage of consequences and good fun. We all know it's senior year, but that doesn't mean you have to stop working. College's literally say, you're enrollment is contingent upon sufficient completion of your final semester of high school, and if you don't think they actually rescind admissions, you might be dumb as heck. If your grades go from high up in the clouds to plummeting down to the dark depths of ridiculousness, you could be one of the stupid few who have to change their college plans last minute because they failed to keep up the caliber of hard work that got them accepted in the first place. There really should not be a change in your grades, it's actually not that hard to continue to do your work. It just takes some good motivation, and we all know parents love giving repercussions and warnings. Keep the rents of your back and continue to do your work, my TV watching forces me to do my homework after 10 pm, I still get it down. While I might be suffering through severe sleep deprivation, at least my homework is still done, and my parents are still proud of their little prince. Do not let senioritis be the death of your dreams, the party's over.

If you're an underclassmen and you hate school, child please, you're going to have to suck it up and stick it out. You've got some years to go before you can hardcore peace out your outrageous high school. We've all been through the out of control essays, the dumb projects, and the tests that impossible to study for, and you're not different. You're going to have to deal with it, and complaining doesn't help. If you're a freshmen or a sophomore, and school is unbearable, you're in for a shock- you've got a ways to go, and falling apart at this time is going to mean online school, clown college, or the University of Minimum wage. Pull it together and don't think about it. Time is nothing more than a mere figment of your imagination. It was literally yesterday when I first graced the halls of my high school, I had a rough first two years, I was still a little bit shy, and was pretty much stuck in junior high drama mode. I was super good at school, but the other side of it not so much, it wasn't really until the end of 10th grade, that I loosened up a bit and actually didn't dread coming to school. You have to get in to your mind, that school is not that bad, and make the best of out it. If you come to school #heated and #pissed, daily, your teenage life will waste away slowly, embrace the wildness and realize that the party's over, time to get down and get to work people.

Things that bother me, people who claim they cannot finish their homework because they're on facebook. First, are you serious, secondly, you might be really dumb, and thirdly, get your face away from the computer screen, and sit yo ass down with a textbook. That's ridiculous. Heck yeah, I check my facebook, twitter, email, college stuff, and even blogger multiple times per day, but I can disconnect to do my homework. I put on my favorites playlist on my IPod and sing and get it done. I even give myself times, I have to work on this, from now to then before I can check facebook again. It's not that big a deal, and not a very good excuse. If you are a certified teenage party animal, and you are out so much that you cannot ever get your work done, you might need to take it down a notch. I'm sorry, but I'm 17 and a half, and I only hang out with my friends on the weekends, it's impossible for me to see them for fun during the weekdays. I know you read one of my other blog posts, "Weekday Slump" so you know you'd better drop the social calls and do what you gotta do. Save the wild nights for when you don't have homework due the next day. It'll make your life easier and keep you grounded, as in down to earth. We're not superstars, and sneaking out it sketchy as hell, so put the rope made of your bed sheets back on your bare bed and step away from the window. Where do you think you're going, march up your room and the books kids. I'm like the cop shutting down your good time, the party's over.

Being a teenager means knowing how to manage your time. It's not okay to nap all day if you've got a mountain of homework. No, I don't feel sorry for you, if you're super busy, you booked yourself up too much and you've pile your plate too high. Slow your roll, dial it back, you've got one life to live and you're killing yourself by spreading yourself too thin. If you get lost during the week in a drunken or drug induced stupor, snap out it. And if the land of love is holding you captive, break free. The party's over.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what time do you usually do your homework, and how long do it take you?
I start after 10 pm, and work usually until midnight or 1 am. If I don't finish I wake at 5 am to finish it up.


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