Larger Than Life

Being a teenager is all about pushing yourself further, and harder than you ever thought possible. What you think you're capable of, scrap that - you've got the capacity to go past that and then some. When it comes to this school year, it's all about challenging yourself and demolishing all preconceived notions. Set yourself up to be bigger, badder, and better than before - put on that persona and own it. It's time to be larger than life.
Living larger than life means extending yourself, going that extra mile, and in layman's terms "doing the most." Everyone is capable of doing that smidgen more and showing people what they're made of. In college, the most notable people on campus are the ones that get involved and make themselves known. No you don't always have to constantly assert yourself and be obnoxious with letting people know you've arrived - but if you're campus renowned, and your name get tossed around like it's a household (aka res hall) name then you must be doing something right. It seems like some people just so happen to be the center of attention, and they know literally everyone. There's reasons for that, one being they've got that personality that's both vulnerable and magnetic, they show people who they are, and in turn people respond by being drawn to them. You've got to give a little bit of yourself and you'll get back those connections. It's all about being larger than life.

You're only young once - that's for sure. Living your college life to the fullest, and being the best, brightest, and most noteworthy version of yourself is what the whole larger than life thing is all about.  Wednesday started out with me heading down to my honors college class which was a total mess to be frank with you (franks make me thing of hot dogs & giggling). My professor was all over the place and kind of spacey, I just tuned out and took notes to the best of my ability. From there it was on to chem lecture where Dzenan, Sam, and I sat in the back of the pack with good ole Jimmy. It's a different world back there, while it may a good vantage point to hardcore creep and judge everyone (Hawkeye moments) it's like getting disconnected and using dial-up when it comes to hearing our Scottish professor speak in an accent and talk sciencey. On to my religion class where somehow I got lost in what we were talking about, but my professor just smiles with everything she says - she might be the nicest. I take my break and get some New World Tortilla and along the way literally anyone and everyone says hey to me. I'm like yes people, yes I see you and I exist - let's cut the pleasantries I just want to eat. Finally, it was on to biology where Jimmy and his friend, Jackie, grace me with their arrival. In front of me sits PP (preppy pro) who's literally wearing the exact same thing as me, just in a light shade of blue - like we were twinsies. Homeboy even uses legal pads to write little notes on like I do, why aren't we friends - senior friends are hard to come by and few and far between. Class ends after another lackluster round of population growth talk and Anna and I walked over to Redstone campus where I was scheduled for my office hours. Sam and I put together bags of items to table with (yes, tabling's a verb people - get with the overachieving program). I put up some pictures in the office, and catch the bus back to the Heights. Soon it's dinner time and Sam and I enter Harris-Milis and search for a table to utilize for our giveaways and sign-ups. After a 20 minute struggle some RAs help us out and we table outside the dining hall sparking tons of interest and monopolizing on some easy targets. Free stuff, what more could you want. Later, I attended the Hall Council meeting in H/M and did the most in putting on my larger than life persona for full effect. 10pm comes around and Jimmy and I head to the gym to play some hard hitting full court tennis. Dripping sweat and having an awesome time I won 6-4 sets. Bed time and larger than life me knocks out.

Living larger than life means living in the moment and enjoying all of it. It's about taking that birds eye point over view and looking at things on a grander scale. You turn it on, show it off, and do you. Thursday started out with office hours where I got to see my two advisor "daddies" Learie and Drake just after I'd finished dirty dancing all over that office to Chris Brown music videos (ooph, such a mess). I rode the bus back to the Heights and got ready for tennis class. Off to the courts where we work on our volleys up at the net, and I took a fast ball straight to the stomach. Let's be honest, that thing knocked the wind outta me. Sweaty and smelling like Winnie the Pooh's poo-poo it was definitely show-show time. I freshen on up and got ready for the day. It was on to the Davis Center where I stopped by the mythical SGA offices. I saw Jordan (IRA VP last year), Samantha (SGA VP) and the ever-famous SGA prezy Connor Daley (not related to Carson Daley, unfortunately). I met up with my buddy Riker and it was downstairs to Brennan's to get lunch and discuss our ever-busy #studentleader lives. An hour of so later it was back to my room to do homework (as in read, highlight & make super judgemental notes) and take an unexpected nap. When I wake up it's time to hop on the bus and head to central campus for tabling once again. Sam and I walk around the deserted Billings center basement and just snag a table and hop in the elevator. Eric, one of our IRA e-board members makes an appearance and helps us out with getting people to stop and listen. After an hour we call it a night and go our separate ways. More homework including making a timeline on the status of "blacks in America" - along with the dumbest question known to man "was America born racist." Plain and simple - hell to the freaking yes. How can you tell me Europeans didn't go to Africa, see dark skin, think Africans were primitive heathens and that they were better than them so they should be enslaved - that's like textbook racism. But I digress, I was larger than life doing my best to broadcast my super squeaky clean self and people definitely responded. Done and done, still larger than life.

Being a teenager is all about being bigger than yourself. You're strong than you think, that's something you need to know for sure. Things never happen the same way twice, and you shouldn't want them to. It's time to do a little growing up, step out of your comfort zone, and own this school year. This is the year of you. You're larger than life.
My blog post question for the day is ... who do know who has a larger than life persona? Well other than myself (it's like my job), reality stars usually do. Brendon Villegas from Big Brother, & Evan Starkman from those Real World/Road Rules Challenges are up there.


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