Now or Never

Being a teenager is all about making up and your mind and sticking to it. Summer is on it's last legs, and it's about to buckle and pass away. School is right around the corner, and if you're like me - it may already be here. This school year has got to be different, and it can only change if you make it your priority to do so. It's time to make a decision and go with it. It's now or never.

Hope - it's having faith that things will get better, that things will change, and that you'll keeping moving forward. One of my favorite quotes from C.S. Lewis's "Chronicles of Narnia" was from Aslan (the gargantuan Jesus-like lion) "things never happen the same way twice." It's absolutely true. if you come into this school year hoping for a repeat of all the shenanigans from last year, you're going to be greatly disappointed. The mess you made last year, the laughs you had, and all the awkward incidents inbetween - they won't ever happen again. That's the truth of the matter. You've got to hope that this year will be something brand spankin' new, fresh off the boat, and coming at you live and in living color. This year, is different from last year, from next year, and from any other year for that matter. This year is only what you make it. Learn from your mistakes from last year, and improve the aspects of your college life that you want to. If this is your first year, don't be afraid to make mistakes and get messy (Miss Frizzle taught me, magic school bus style). This year I'm hoping that my awesomely badass high no-nonsense side will make a guest appearance and run train on anyone and everyone who has the guts to come at me. This year, the gloves are coming off, and it's time to fight with what I know best - my unique personality. No more naivety, being way too nice, and letting others take advantage of me. I made that mistake my first year, and I prom-prom to not make it again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, and hell I'm deserve to be screwed over. This is your time, your year, and you've got a right to claim it. One of the many amazing things about summer is that it changes you, for better or worse (these aren't marriage vows) - well that's up to you. It allows you to see clearly and to examine the ish that just went down. Analyze, strategize and come harder than ever before. Run train on everyone else, and do you. It's now or never.

Wondering how I spent my last few days of summer? Check out the above pictures for glimpse into my teenage life. I was hanging out with my family and even found time to say goodbye to my friends. Since the Olympics have been taking over the entire world, both in reality and digitally, you know I was going hard for those sports. The cheering in my house was just about deafening. Track and field competitions, and then the nail bitter secret win from David Boudia over Tom Daley in 10m diving competition, and all the basketball glory - it was just too much to handle. Watching TV with my family is a rare occasion since my parents are under the impression that I'm like 12 or something, I'm acutally just barely 19 and that means I can handle gore and blood, or passionate making love sessions. I'm able to grasp concepts, and analyze shows for content, quotes and even thematics (I obsess over this stuff) but when there's something we all can and care to watch together, it's always a family affair. Other than hanging out, I played my second oldest brother, Eugene, in tennis and demolished him (of course, Bryan Brothers and John Isner - look out, there's a new grand slammer in town). Awkward social interactions with some irrelevant high school vagabond hoodlums (yes, I'm an oldie, I understand) and back to play our house to play with our favorite toddlers (twin girls, and their older brother who has the deepest dimples of all time). Every good night needs some family drama, which includes some brotherly fighting - it's like a necessary part of life apparently (what is my life, that Dallas reboot?). Saturday is spent at my friend Katelyn's house where my whole group of friends meets up including Rudy (check his blog here - ), Rachel, Chelsea, and Taylor (that picture of those good-looking people, that's us). We were supposed to go swimming but for once it wasn't blazing hot outside and we just talked, hugged, and went our separate ways. I spent that night packing and getting ready to leave before mopping and cleaning my house as a final gift to the fam-bam. I went to bed at like 3 am and ugly-cried myself to sleep #truestory - I knew that was it, my final night of summer. Time to get ready to demolish sophomore year, it's now or never.

Sunday morning I wake up sick to my stomach (travelling does that to me) - but the last of my stuff and get ready to leave. Eugene and I search for his keys before all of, my mommy, daddy, brother Christian, and sister Bianca leave one another. It's left with only my sister (aka the person who completes my entire life) at home with my mom as the rest of us are off to school/research. Leaving my sister is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Thinking about it makes me sob uncontrollably until tears run down my face and I look like Kim Kardashian when she's doing the most. I get it together and I'm off to the airport. McDanks pit stop and I'm at the drop off. Bro-hugs all around and I'm in line to drop off my bag. The US Airways concierge gave me sass since they changed their bag system and I just killed the dude with kindess and moved on. On to security, where spread my legs like an easy pick up and get patted down by an awkward TSA agent. Like calm yourself, I'm not dangerous - just hot and dangerous (Ke$ha needs to release new music ASAP). I proceed ot my gate where Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are spewing nonsense on Fox (as always). Everyone else is on the crazy train, and I'm just hanging out - I get a call that my next flight is already delayed and I'm like whatevs. I fly from Dayon, OH to Philadelphia, PA and make my way to my new gate. Time passes, and passes and passes. I read a book, listen to my iPod and facebook creep - hard before (two hours later instead of 30 minutes) it's time to board. There's this kid who I vaguely recognize, I think he's a friend of a friend - and I know he knows who I am, but really I don't know who he is - giving me the up and down, like we both go to UVM, let's stop being awkward and move on. I get on my flight from Philly to Burlington, VT and I'm just flabbergasted. Tell me why flight attendant is like video vixen smoldering hot temptress who could #getit whenever and wherever. She bore a striking resemblance to Logan Browning (from Bratz and the Secret Circle *picture below) and she was doing just enough to be considered dateable in my book. I was literally staring at her the entire flight, and she would lock eyes with me and just smile. I learned so much about safety on planes today. She might be a variation of myself, she danced in the aisle way while pushing her beverage cart, muttered sassy things under her breath, and laughed and smiled uncontrollably - like marry me now. I couldn't even look at her when she handed me my drink, talked to me for noticeably longer than anyone else, and definitely was flirting with this guy (*points to self). Homeboy from UVM was trying to holler, but not with my woman, that flight attendant, Amanda, wherever you are - I'll wait for you (if Keke Palmer doesn't work out, I will put a ring on that - crush mode entered). I land, grab my luggage and momma Carton (my roommate (Krabby Patty)'s mom picked me up). Off to UVM campus to meet my new graduate advisor for IRA (residence hall govt kiddies) Drake, to get my room key. Good first impression - I hope he's prepared for my excessive long emails and text messages. Off to my new, third floor suitestyle room. The stairs will be the death of me. I meet up with Sam, and eventually Jimmy (one of my suitemates) and we drive downtown for Chipotle and gas station slushies. We play tennis and it was an epic first day. I had an awesome time, and I guess I missed this place a bit. Now I'm alone in my room for the next 10 days as I do some training before school actually starts. This is it, here we go - now or never.

Being a teenager is all about making it count when it's especially important. It's up to you to figure out what you want out of this school year and go out of your way to do make sure it comes to pass. Things just don't just happen - they take some doing, some motivation, and some wishing. Make a choice, and just run wild with it. It's now or never. *Please enjoy these Jay McGuiness gifs which have nothing to do with this post, but are my favorite - homeboy is hilarious.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite summer memory so far? I would say, this summer - hanging out with my sister until like 3:30 am looking at YouTube videos, reading tweets, and making fun of people. i cried to the point that I had to leave the room.


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