Waging War

Being a teenager is all about gathering your weapons, armoring up, and rallying your troops for battle. When stuff happens, low blows are dished out, and you've got no other option that to retaliate, you've got to be prepared a to start a conquest. When you've got no alternatives, you have to dig down deep,  muster up the courage, unsheath your sword and do out swinging. Bring it on, call me out, and let's wage war.
Waging war on campus is about fighting for what is right. Everyone's opinions vary, they differ, and it's all relative. We're all so different, and what gets us fired up is purely up to us. For me, my year so far has been about fighting for love and combating animosity. Those #campuscrush girls have been pulling on my heart strings like nobody's business. It's that heart beating loud in your ears, your stomach doing cartwheels up in your threat, and your tongue getting twised and you're at a loss for words. Truthfully, I get overwhelmed, I'm dumbfounded and completely floored when it comes to dealing with the girls I've taken a particular interest in. What a life. It's a constant competition to get a girl's attention and hold her interest. Then it's like are you even compatible, does she like me back, and does she have another dude on the side who I'll have to battle to court her. Too many variables, too much drama, but we all know it's worth it if you come out victorious; wage war. Then there's the more dramatic side of this campus life. When people have different outlooks on life and y'all buttheads, there's sure to be strife. That's legit the story of my life - I'm all like I'm right, and you're wrong deal with it. People are allowed to think what they think and some people are just stubborn as a damn mule. You can't always change someone's mind, it's made up and they're sticking to their beliefs. Some people just don't get along, and not everyone is meant to be best friends - it's the fact that you try to understand someone who's different from you that matters. All you can do is ask why they think someone and listen to their response. It's so damn important, and that's the absolute truth. Wage war, do what you've got to do but know that you actions and speech mean something.
Being a teenager is all about knowing when to stand up for yourself and when to fall back. You've got to know when you're under attack and when you've got to be the one to make that preemptive strike. Sometimes you've got to take some initiative and do what you have to do. Ambition is good - to some extent, too much of anything can be a bad thing, look at what happened to Great Caesar? Get ready to start waging war.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite "war" scene? Hands down the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian epic battle scenes, perfectly planned and massively epic.


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