Being a teenager is all about knowing what you've got. Let me tell you, if you're reading this you've got a lot. There are so many things to be thankful for, and so much that we take for granted. College is almost like a utopia compared to other places. People come here to escape, to find themselves, and to come into their own. You don't have a right to attend college, you have the great privilege to get to be able to. It's not a demand, but an allowance. Not everyone gets this opportunity, make the most of yours. This is privileged.

The word privileged can be both a good and a bad thing depending on the context you use it in. Privilege is one of those words that gets tossed around on a daily basis like a Hey Arnold hacky-sack. One of my favorite ways to use it is to explain to people what "white privilege" is - as in you've never felt or been oppressed because of your race, ethnicity or gender you're probably a generic straight white male. Oh many a discussion has gone on in my suite with Jimmy, Joel and Patrick about what racism is, and who can or cannot be "racist." The thing that matters most to me is that they all want to learn more about the whole discrimination thing, it shows they actually care. Privilege also comes up when I have those unbearably awkward talks about where I live, what kind of cars my parents have, or what my parents do for a living. I'm lucky to have what I have, that's for sure - but it's a fact of my life. I don't have to do certain things like worry about money, or work; it makes me privileged not spoiled. My life isn't 9O21O with the famous zipcode love triangles, epic-dramatic blowouts, and too-cool for school hangouts (but I wish it was). Privileged to me also means being truly humbled by getting to know someone. There are so many things that I don't know about so many people, and the same goes for them about me. I can genuinely say I'm privileged to call myself a friend to some of the people I've met because they're amazing. Say for example my friend Nicholas, quirkiest, goofiest, most down to Earth, kind hearted person I've met in a while - people like that are hard to find. I hope, and I'm sure people feel the same way about having the privilege to get to know me. It's not a right, it's a rare chance to get to unravel the perpetual enigma that is me (what is this "and then there were none").
Sometimes my life is just one big mess of #privilegedkidproblems. When other people are struggling with their facts of life my biggest problem is knowing when to tone it down. Thursday was another one of those days, days that you can't prepare for. I spent my morning doing office hours for IRA, and working hard on backhands in tennis. Homeboy sweated his shirt out and I can proclaim that I smelled like ass, mixed with windex reside. After searching for my blog shirt (human advertising) I took a shower and got ready for the day. Let me just say I was looking fully featured and good as heck. I had my one-on-one meeting with my adviser, Learie, and he gave me some perspective for that drama that went down Wednesday night. It really helped, I'm so glad I had the privilege of knowing someone like him. I accidentally took a nap, and then journeyed with Krabby Patty to the women's center on campus for free ice cream. I did some networking and there I went doing the most to be me the most outgoing version of myself. I fought with my printer and even went for a fraternity info session. I caught most of the VMAs - 1D doing work. I really was rooting for the Wanted (BTW, their new song "I Found You" will be smash hit) to win, but that's okay. I caught president Obama's speech and boy was it empowering. The man has so much charisma, spunk and guts - it's inspiring. Michelle Obama is Claire Huxtable incarnate. Gabby Douglas flipping on stage during Alicia Keys's performance, flawless #hatersgonnahate. Another late night and I was privileged to even have a bed - more than done.

Just because I have the privilege of living in arguably the best residence hall on campus doesn't mean I actually get to "live" there. While the rest of world slumbers in peace, I'm a mess which a knack for the art of sleep deprivation. Waking up Friday morning was a major struggle (it's only the second week of school) - the whole 8:30am class thing is just not hitting it. I literally rolled out out bed, threw on clothes, and barely rubbed the crusties from my eyes before heading downstairs for another mess of a class. Soon it was over, and  I took a detour to grab some b-fast. I passed by preppy pro and it was back to the Heights to be super-productive with my time before chem lecture. Chem lecture flies by and I actually learn stuff (shocker, looks like my tuition money is doing something right) and then religion where I struggled hard to stay awake. I took a pit stop in the DC and tackled my to-do list hard doing the utmost to check some things off and feel better about my perpetual mess of a life. An hour later and it was officially lunch time with my VP Sam, and the SGA prezy Connor and his VP Samantha. It was like a meeting of the campus super powers, like a G8 summit only more geekable. From there I saw my homegirl Felicia, before I zoomed off for another ridiculously roundabout biology lecture. I spent the class making face & texting Anna from across the room, dozing in and out of sleep, and being classically clueless. All my IRA people met up in Henderson's CafĂ©, Anna, Bret, Felicia, and Sam. We caught up and I spotted the most gorgeous girl to ever step foot on this campus. Ooph, I was #hotandbothered but we were tasked with passing out reminders for students to be conscious of the families when going out. Afterwards we went to the ALANA student center for a BBQ where it was all hands on deck for a grand old time. Back to me room where I had the privilege to be alone (for the first time in days) for a while. Thank goodness.

Being a teenager is all about understanding what amazing circumstances have lead you to where you are. Whether you believe in fate or not - you're here and you'd better make the best of it. Not everyone gets this once in a lifetime chance. Make everyone else proud, do it big, and live it up. You don't demand to be here, you get to be here. You're one the lucky ones. You're privileged.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your most prize possession? I would have to say either my teddy bear or my cell phone - if we're being materialistic without my smartphone my life would be legit over. My teddy bear keeps me sane and calm.


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