Average Joe

The 20s are all about self evaluation. It's about taking a look in the mirror and coming to terms with who are. The facts of each and every one of our lives are different. Your life story can only be narrated by one voice, and that is your own. The baby boomer generation has told us we're special. We've been coddled and cared for. But what if we're just another average Joe?

My facebook newsfeed lately has been covered in shared links (usually useless buzzfeed articles of gifs that perfectly coincide with a specific instance in someone's life) and most notably the "Why are Gen Y Yuppies are Unhappy." I read the article and it kind of infuriated me but then I reread and it really started to think about my life. I read the rebuttal article that kind of demolished the original but who cares (the journalist in me does ... way too much), the idea that I am nothing more than what your average careless, irresponsible, and frankly, apathetic student is a little more than hard to swallow. I've built my entire life around this idea that I'm special, one-a-kind, and absolutely unique. What if I've told incorrectly? What if my life has no more reasoning or purpose than anyone else's? What if I'm actually destined to be average? The truth of the matter is not everyone is going to be in the public affecting the lives of hundreds of people, that's a true rarity. The majority of us are going to be normal, normal in the sense that we'll live regular lives, probably not deprived but not excessively lavish either. Some of will fail to reach out dreams, some of us will surpass our goals, and some will reach them - plain and simple. Life has a really funny way about it working out. Your everyday average Joe could end up Joe Millionaire in a moment's notice. That same Joe could just as easily disappear into the obscurity of the basic life. We have to be realistic with what we want to do and what we'll achieve, but that doesn't mean we can't keep chasing silhouettes of our future selves. Who knows who or where we'll be a few years down the road. Things change, events happen, and we're tasked with adapting to whatever circumstances we're dealt. We are only average if we think we are average. I like to think each and every single of one us has something irreplaceable to give to the world. Something no one else can do or say the way you do. You have a gift, you have a purpose, you have aspirations - make it all come true. Average Joe's no longer.

The future is a scary place/time to think of. The future is uncertain but I can tell you right now that I will be involved in major changes no matter where I am or what I'm doing. There's too much to be done and not enough people to do it. People like to interject their opinions and place judgment on your life and nobody has the right to do so. My life pursuits may seem trivial, far-fetched, or even downright stupid to you, but guess what ... they're my life pursuits for a reason. They have nothing to do you or anything else. Let me and do what I need to feel fulfilled in this life. I'm not an average Joe. The facts of my life are too different. Do you know how powerful it is for your parents to tell you what you are going to change the world? For them to speak bold words of wisdom upon your life. Their proclamation of greatness could very well just be why some people seemed on the path to the top. If you've never had anyone motivating you, pushing you forward, and challenging you - the power of that privilege cannot be expressed in words. I'm so very blessed and thankful to have the people that support me. They see me and they know that I'm going to be part of the movers and shakers of this world. They know I'm not an average Joe. Whatever I choose to be, neonatologist, news anchor, or high education administrator - it'll be monumental. They told me I was more, that I could be anything, and that I was never going to be like everyone else. From the meek and meager life of normalcy, to the now lavish life in the lap of luxury - the story of my family is the true American success story. The revolution will not be televised. What's normal for me, what's no big deal, and the way I do/say things is the way I've lived with them. I'm not average, I'm nowhere near it. My life is a weird. My life is a mess. My life is privileged. I'm anything but your average Joe. I'm special. I matter. I have a purpose to fulfill. The thing about that is that you mean something. You are here for a reason. You are necessary. You are wanted. You are worth it. You deserve the world. You're only an average Joe is settle for it.
Every week I prove why I'm anything but average. Monday meant meetings and class; I was so so so very tired and my struggle was to not only stay awake but to be engaged and own my exhaustion and subsequent perpetual stank face. Tuesday pushed me to the brink and I was all over the place combining every aspect of my life into one huge day of infamy. Knocked out classes, had some bro time and ice cream with my buddy Mac, and then hit up my RHA event which was a definite success. President mode still a go, I passed through a couple hall council meetings before heading home. So many people, so many faces and so many places. Wednesday morning was spent in the office sending an insane amount of emails, cleaning up and getting everything organized. I picked up posters, went to class, made a huge poster for my TV show with my friend Molly, and then fought some intense sleep yearnings for like an hour. It was early dinner time with my unofficial favorite first years, Tim, Ben and Connor. Whenever I mix different social groups it takes a few minutes to adjust and get into my grove of social excellence. From there it was upstairs to a board of trustees selection committee meeting which was rowdy compilation of near efficiency. I passed out some white privilege posters and then it on to the main event, the RHA general body meeting. Let me tell you it was arguably one of the best meetings I've ever presided over. The people were all attentive and participated. The energy was palpable and I couldn't help but keep a stupid grin on my face. I was so happy. Genuinely ecstatic. Like it went so well and I felt so accomplished, validated, and respected. In the moments sit in that meeting looking around at everyone looking at me, I knew that I was, am not, nor will I ever be an average Joe.

The 20s are all about checking the fact sheet that is your life. The thing about us all is that we're more than just all the things that have happened to us, and what we've done. We are our experiences. We are our memories. We are the authors of own life stories ... make sure yours is a page turner. No two stories are the same. Nobody can ever speak the truth of who you are like you can. The facts of our lives may be ordinary, but we're extraordinary people.

My blog post question for the day is ... what is something most people don't know about you? Uhm, well I show the majority of my life with the interwebs. I guess, the last time I checked my IQ was a 126 (whatever that means).


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