Not a Bad Thing

The 20s are all about taking things as they come. Every single day is a struggle. Honestly, more and more stuff comes up and life never really seems to give you some time to catch up. In the words of everyone like everywhere, the struggle is too damn real. There's something to be said about the nature of the struggle though, it has it's benefits. It challenges us on the daily and gives us something to overcome, albeit seemingly impossible, but still a challenge nonetheless. That may not be such a bad thing.

The struggle is real may be my most uttered phrase. It's a daily thing because it's so damn true. Never has there been an easy day for as long as I can remember. Everyday we toil and put in that good work just to make it through. I don't know. When I think about it, it's kind of like we're teetering on the edge of destruction at all times. At any point along the way, we could fail, give up or mess up big time. Somehow, however, that has yet to happen. Maybe we have so much conviction that the struggle may never beat us out? What if we thrive on the struggle bus? It's a necessary part of our lives. If we didn't have to constantly be working to make things happen and overcome our obstacles then what would be the point in life? Maybe it's not such a bad thing that the struggle is a daily recurrence. We take it crazy ridiculous task by task, day by day and soon enough we find that the struggle wasn't not so bad after all. 

This past week, like every other week before it has been completely a total mess. This entire semester started and just kept gaining speed and never slowed down or allowed me to catch up. Let me break down the basics of what went on. So Monday was another one of those rough days that remind you that you are nothing more than basic. I spent the day other than sitting throw another physics lecture, gathering the most complicated damn Chipotle order of all time. Never order meals for 11 people, I started to question my sanity at some points in there. RHA had it's exec transition meeting and I spent some quality time hashing things out from the aftermath of last posts' unnamed Armageddon. If you are ever in a conflict, try and remember the good and how much you like or care about a person and let that guide you to reconciliation. It makes a world of difference. Moved on to Tuesday where the struggle continued to be real with having to do my Man of Steel presentation in my religion class (can I get an amen) before office hours, more classes and RHA's last big event, Pizza Fest. It was rainy and gloomy but I had to turn it on. I had the task of entertaining the people in line with trivia and you know secretly micromanaging (cause it wouldn't be me without it). Scott, Brick and Maddie from my fraternity/sorority life executive boards stopped by and it was actually hilarious to see how excited I was to see them. It's not a bad thing to have completely separate groups friends. I spent some time making little baggies of gourmet Albanese gummy bears (quite possibly the best things ever) and writing little encouraging notes to people. The night was spent for 6 hours sitting with Mac as he wrote his paper and I did some homework and sent some emails #storyofmylife. Time passed with people you care about never really seems to matter. My ass woke up mad late for my final physics lab on Wednesday (the McNeil effect is what I'm dubbing this) but I made it through. I had my last dining services advisory committee meeting to which Sam accompanied me to. Interesting things definitely were discussed but I'm not at liberty to say (like a true politician). After class I did a drive by check in with Connor aka Bucky (buckaroo has been shortened) where I dropped off lunch and some encouragement for his impending chem exam before heading over the library to talk nonsense with the fabae, Courtney and Dae-Dae. The rest of afternoon I took time to perfectly wrap Zach and Tanner's birthday gifts and got annoyingly teary eyed in writing my patented card wishes for them. It's not a bad thing to go out of your way to support your friends. 
It was on the final RHA meeting of the year where the food was bountifully overwhelming. I tried to make it significant but people were way too damn rowdy. We did thank you's and giveaways and soon it was over. I didn't really process, I was happy to have food #priorities. Because my life is spent doing nothing but being overly thoughtful I brought Mac leftover Chipotle and finished my lab report. Him, Jake and I went on an adventure to find Zach and surprise him for his birthday. Three floors of scouring the business school center later and we caught him doing his group senior capstone project. Hugs and humor all around. Seeing how happy he was to see us and to get our affection was the best lady of the day. Love that guy. Thursday morning I wrote a 3 page paper in 30 minutes, cause what is my life? Had class and was invited to the president of my university's home for a special music recital. I was super sleepy but the performances were absolutely breath-taking. The students at my
institution are truly talented. I took a legendary selfie President Sullivan and his lovely wife Leslie and went to another hilariously quirky Latin class. Honestly, Professor Walsh is a riot and so kind - what a character. Passed through physics recitation, took my composite picture for my fraternity, ate while walking, and moved on to helping prepare for the Greek Awards Ball. It was organized chaos to say the least. We kept it calm for the most part after the mishaps kept piling up but Audrey and Spencer put together a memorable night of awards. Emma and I tag teamed our nerve wracking award announcing and received outstanding awards. Soon it was all over and I stood beaming endlessly as Zach was named Greek Man of the Year and Dom awarded one of the 5 pillars of the community. Forget any of the things I won, I was overjoyed for them. We walked back to our part of campus reminiscing on our struggles before parting ways. One more late night romp with Jake as we hit the grocery store past midnight. Having him has my roommate has been a wild adventure, truth. It's not a bad thing to surround yourself with people that challenge you to be better. 

My blog post question for the day is ... what song are you currently obsessed with? Obviously, Justin Timberlake "Not a Bad Thing" - did you or did you not pick up my allegory with the title and theme of this post.


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