Little Prince

The 20s are all about knowing who you come from. Family is one of those uncanny things in life. We have no say in the family we are born into and go through life making our own picking people along the way. The one we are given may not always be the best for us but many a times there is an underlying connection unlike any other you may ever have. Whenever I am with mine I never feel more loved, safe, and secure. Sure we have our bouts, quips, and quarrels but when it's all said and done we are indestructible unit. Each and every one of us is special in their own right. With my family I get to be the little prince.

"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future" Alex Haley

There is nothing like hearing stories about yourself before you had your own consciousness to remember them. My mom always shares a few memories of her time with me in my early childhood that never cease to make my smile. When my mom was carrying my little sister apparently I came up to her all self-righteous and confident that I knew absolutely everything. I was in that phase where me at three years-old thought that I had discovered the answers to life's toughest questions, as if they were obvious to my toddler self. I asked where babies came from, and before she could answer I responded that I knew and that they came from lady butts. Sad thing I believed that until the puberty talk in 5th grade when I was in for a big surprise. She relays these other memories of me when she would have to leave me to head to work. For a few minutes I would need to be left alone before one of my older brothers came home to watch me, but I noticed whenever she would leave. The only thing that could my attention and prevent me causing a ruckus at her departure, overalls and all, was her leaving on "Aladdin." I was mesmerized and because of it can quote the majority movie after seeing it over 300 times. Because of it she calls me Prince Ali or refers to me as her little prince; titles that make me smile uncontrollably. Still to this day an engaging TV/movie will have me sitting quietly oblivious to everything going on around me. I used to watch Smallville, 9O21O, and Greek and if anyone dared bother me during them, save for commercial breaks, I would be mildly upset.

The story that resonates with me most is when I was 4 or so my maternal grandmother passed away and I must have happened upon my mother crying. As a sympathetic crier (still accurate), I did the same. She tells me that I spoke some profound words to her that were nothing short of miraculous. I told her that I loved her and that everything would be okay. She always says that she knew from then that I had a gift for words but even more so an esoteric empathy. Her understanding of me has manifested self throughout the entirety of my life. It may be an unlocking of my inner purpose but I know it is because of her unconditional love and selflessness that I know how to embody the same. I am her little prince - always and forever.

More and more I have come to understand that children are often reflections of their parents. Either they are duplicates or total opposites (with most on the spectrum of somewhere in between). Siblings to me seem to be variations of the same person. Between the five us of I can place us on a continuum from more like our mom (extroverted and magnetic) to closer to our dad (introverted and reflective). Even when my mom and dad are out and about and I'm left with my brothers and sister I see them shine through in the most dynamic of ways. Of course we all make our own individual decisions but being related means that all that we do affects one another. There is nothing like moving through the world with an army of people who look and sound rather similar trudging along with you. I have this inkling feeling that our intertwined futures hold nothing but bigger and bigger successes. I predict that my family will be one of those world renowned ones like the Wahlbergs not the Kardashians, known for our impact. Get ready - the little prince and all his compatriots are on their way.


The fact that my college graduation is in less than a week cannot be comprehended. I honestly believe it until my parents and sister arrive to join me in the celebratory festivities. Thinking about the endeavor though makes me realize how impossible my success would have been without them as my support system, guiding forces, and ultimate catalysts. Do you know what it means to have to full backing of people who would literally give their lives to make sure you succeeded in yours? That sacrifice transcends this world. It brings me to tears thinking about what my parents have given to get me to where I am and that is asked of me is that I remember to do the same for others and to know why they do so. I tell you my life is limitless. I cannot be held back by anything or anyone but myself. I get to be a mover and shaker because they taught me how, believed in me, and enabled me to do so. They shared that their little prince was always destined for greatness - that I hold close to me. What do I have to be afraid of? I can do anything and will excel in it. I have their everlasting love and that is more than enough to sustain me. Bring it on world - I'm ready.

What a privilege it is to be able to attend college in and of itself. Less than half this nation's population gets to go and it's only because of my parents that I was able to do so. Relaying their life story would take up the entirety of my blog. The one thing I have always wanted to do is to interview them and write their harrowing life story as a biography. I promise you it would be a bestseller. They are the literal definition of the American dream come true, and completed in one generation mind you. I hope to be able to do that because everyone needs to know what these people have done for all those they have come into contact with, their own children, and the world overall - it's nothing short of awe-inspiring. Immigration, working in factories, reattending school, balancing providing for five kids, more school, and achieving the status of practicing medical physician. They give back in ways beyond words. Life advice, financial support, putting people's families back together, travelling to make sure things are alright, helping people integrate post-immigration, filing legal forms, and the list goes and on. Not to mention have 5 kids go to all different colleges and 2 to medical school, so far. What a pair. I solemnly swear my mom and dad are heaven sent.

When I was deciding on college I will never forget my dad saying "go wherever your heart takes you, we will find a way to pay for it; there is no price I am not willing to pay to get my children the education they deserve." And so I did. I ended up choosing the school furthest away and the most expensive (that second part I look back and wish I had been wiser to rethink it). I wanted some place new where I could forge my own identity and I got what I wanted and a whole lot more in my college experience. I learned invaluable life lessons and made long-lasting connections that couldn't have happened anywhere else. I know I was supposed to be here and I am forever changed because of it. Through all the chaos, drama, and hardship my parents championed me through it reminding me that I am unlike anyone else in the world. I was not only their little prince but I was someone of high caliber. I descend from mountain moving people. There was not, is not, nor will there ever be anything that I am unable to achieve because of them, what they have taught me, and who empowers me. I get to be an unstable force to reckoned with because of those designations. My parents have given me the irreplaceable gift of unconditional love, selfless empathy, and unbridled generosity - each and every day I strive to pass them on to others. I do what I can do pass on those sentiments to others and to let them realize that they have the same potential. We all can be dynamos that change the world if only we believe ourselves to be so, and that sometimes requires others believing in us first. Thank you mom, dad, and the rest of the family for believing in your little prince.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite childhood story about you? Share with me in the comments below - I'd love to hear from some readers!


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