Truth - The best things in life often go unplanned. The spontaneous moments that fall in between all the running around, scheduling, and meetings are what makes each day different from the next. It's the times where things just kind of happen and where memorable times are created organically that stand out most. Staging, producing, and making things can only get you so far, but there's something indescribable about things coming together naturally. You never know that some of the best shots come out of your b-roll.
"Life is what happens in the moments between your plans for life" Unknown

Recently I've become consumed by a thoroughly intriguing show uncharacteristically found on Lifetime of all channels called "Unreal." The premise sounded melodramatic - basically a behind-the-scenes look at the set of a "Bachelor" franchise parody, but ended up being well worth the entire day I spent watching it. Anti-heroine characters with little to no redeeming qualities who relished in their inability to be saved from themselves. The writing was sharp, the acting was tight, and the manipulative drama totally tantalizing. I highly recommend it. Not only was out of control on some many levels but cleverly had a tongue-in-cheek feminist critique of the ways in which women are made to tear one another down reinforce patriarchy and misogyny in pining after aristocratic men. Everything from race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, gender, religion, class, and mental health was covered through the cast of characters. I finally understand what producers do and have this slight twinge of yearning to be one plus all the lingo of how shows are made have upped my unnecessarily in-depth pop culture analysis abilities. In short though, some of the show within a show's best scenes were on it's b-roll or supplemental/alternative footage. Those were the few and far between interactions that were not coerced, tainted, or poisoned in any way.
Which brings me to this week where I saw that same concept come to life. In looking back on this week of firsts I saw that my favorite happenings were the ones that came at random. It was the times where that nonchalant, lowkey, and haphazard that brought me the most intrigue. In all that I did in starting my two new positions, continuing to adjust to the city, and learning to be by myself - the things that declared themselves to be most important were those that came to be on their own. I don't believe in coincidence. I believe in purpose. Everything happens for a reason and there is a season for everything under the sun. In due time all things fall in to place. More and more I see ringing true. I may be anxious, excited, and maybe even a little impatient but when I'm given the wisdom/understanding to be courageous, thoughtful, and time-abiding unreal things happen. That's how I know that you always have to wait for the b-roll.
Being 22 years old and never having worked a day in my life is an unbelievably privileged place to be. I've never been scheduled, boxed in, or really told what to do in regards to what my days looked like. Sure there has always been school and the occasional internship but still those I elected to do and had some semblance of autonomy over my daily endeavors. In a past life I hadn't planned on joined the actual workforce until being a resident in a hospital but in this one that journey began Monday with my introduction to my world of student affairs. I couldn't sleep the night before because I was aquiver with excitement. I woke up, dressed, and met one of my co-workers to head to our office in the campus student center. There was the staff already bustling about in preparation for us. Around we went in introducing ourselves and from there we dove right in to understanding the structure of the division, what our work entailed, and the kinds of things we could expect to participate in our quest to add to the student experience, build community, and develop identities. Soon the end of the day came and with it was me heading home to do nothing more than pass out. All of a sudden I was exhausted and it was only day one. All of this was going to take some serious adjustment.
Day two was more training including some of the technology we use for event management and promotion as well as some personality inventories in the form of StrengthsQuest. Even more so though was people loosening up a bit and letting their individuality sneak through. It was walking to and from our obligations where the most compelling conversations happened. My inner journalist came out and asked those questions that would give me insight into each person, particularly my direct supervisor who I was most interested in trying to understand. Our similarities are uncanny but what stands out in the subtle ability to joke with understated seriousness. Another day and the next couple had me switching gears to tackle my role as a Greek House Director. It was similar but different in so many ways. I asked question after question in an effort to piece together the nuances of this fraternal community. It was in this inquiries where I saw just how different each institution really is and people's opinions about them as well. It was great to get more than the cover story but rather the candid thoughts of those who had been here for a while. We did walk-throughs of the facilities we had been assigned and I did my best to be meticulous not only in completing the inventory but working to discovery some of the characteristics of each organization and their members. Friday I had off and it couldn't have come soon enough. I'm enjoying the work so far but I can already see how taxing it's going to be. It'll be that striving for those b-roll moments that will be the best and worst parts of it all.
 The codename the film was made under was Bigfoot. (x)Ant-Man (2015)BART agreed to let the crew film at the Fruitvale BART station for three four-hour nights. (x)Fruitvale Station (2013)
People always amaze me. The human condition is definitively one of a kind. Getting to know people, in my opinion, is one of the most tumultuously exhilarating things you can do. When people put down the scripts they've memorized and do away with the pre-fabricated stories they've always told the world, their experiences are better than words. Through it all they have survived, thrived, and lived. Getting a glimpse at who they are, who they really are, is something that cannot be captured. People leave their best stuff on their b-roll. X


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