Truth - Sometimes others are able to see things about us that we may not see ourselves. Isn't it uncanny how people are able to pinpoint aspects of ourselves that may be unbeknownst to us? They pick up on the little things that we do and say, and the ways in which we do so. They notice what we do not. From all of our nuances they speak profound truths into our lives. Whether we are ready to embrace those proclamations or not they somehow seem to become reality. They are the oracles in our lives.

"Charisma's good every night. Something special is always about to happen. You've got to believe it." Jim Thome

Looking back at messages that I received from my teachers in high school now has been oh so very telling. They always said that I was different from everyone else in some powerful ways. They took note of my propensity to give almost to a fault not only materially, but my time, and most importantly my heart to others without the expectation. When I thought I was set on medical school, they knew I would choose a career that gave me the opportunity to give the entirety of myself. When I questioned my purpose or had an identity crisis, they could easily orate that who I am is always who I have been, whether I knew it or not, others could tell. They were able to see my truth when I even I my actuality was obscured to me.

Now I see the ways in which the new people in my life continue to do the same and the opportunities that present themselves for me to do so for others. Encouragement, belief, and empowerment are efficacious notions to demonstrate towards someone. Whether it be my supervisor or those that I work with on campus, students who know me, faculty, or even random strangers on the street, people see this aspect of me that I still contend with. Me, of all people, is special? Why? How? In what ways? It's funny to me because I feel the same way about so many other people. They just have this intangible quality ... this spark ... this profound charisma about them that makes them truly one of a kind. Getting to be one of the people that speaks truth into other people's lives is something indescribable. Letting others know the benevolence and greatness you see in them is deeply moving. To witness someone come into their own is a true privilege. What a gift it is to be an oracle.

This week has been one of those uneventful ones that end up being significant nonetheless. In working through the daily endeavors of my current life including classes, homework, work-work, advising, and being a house dad, it has become even more clear that I'm more than the individual parts. Even my summation is more than that. All these different titles and roles I get to play are both all at once, and separate at the same time. What remains constant throughout is my personality that I carry with me. If I were to describe myself in five words they would be empathetic, loyal, honest, generous, and thoughtful. Others however usually rattle off a list including but not limited to energetic, charismatic, outgoing, intelligent, and bold. I've thought for so long that I was one or the other, but this week I came to the realization that I am both. There are moments where I get to shine, turn on the charm, and have the ability to change the mood of a room/conversation drastically. In addition, I get to bring it down, ground conversations, and go emotionally where people need me to be. The duality to me is what other people had always seen. It's what has always made me unique.

Personally, I'm not really a fan of compliments have a tough time taking them to heart. I know people mean well but I often either feel like their being facetious, or I don't really know how to respond. I dislike recognition as well. I guess I have really come into my own and exude a distinct confidence because this week say multiple people pointing out some of my physicality. I've never really thought of myself as an attention grabbing kind of person, but as of late - it's been nonstop compliments for the symmetry of my face, my big smile, and my impeccable sense of style. I'll write another post about blackness, Kanye West, and the whole other playbook on owning your attractiveness as a person of color, but for now it went along with the events that transpired this week. From class, to walking around campus for work, to even the internship fair I went - my charisma, smile, and updated modern design resume were the memorable topics of discussion. Apparently, I make a long lasting impression, and that is something I'm coming to own, use to my advantage, and share more often with others. An oracle may see big and bright things in my future.

Charisma is a potent thing. It's unreal what people will do if they like your look, style, and personality. Charisma doesn't exist though without heart. People are apt to follow someone they know has a vision, the ability to make it happen, and the care to empower people along the way. A few too many people have said that I'll either end up being famous (hopefully, get to use my celebrity to have a meaningful impact) or running for a major political office. I couldn't see myself running a campaign but if college was any indication of what I was capable of - the political landscape may just very well have to watch out. This week I've learned to embrace why people like you, and to highlight those things in others. It's important and truly can work wonders. X


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