Birthday Cake

*Welcome to my new and improved blog - notice the cloud (throwback to the teen days aka yesterday). Times are changing, expect to see more videos, links to check out and most of all collaborations - guest writers (yup time to let others utilize my audience) and collaborations on everything. We're no longer teenagers, we're 20 (or) something like that!
The 20s are all about getting your birthday cake on (in more ways than one, JK but actually though). It's my birthday! I'm unfortunately the big 2-0, meaning I've left teenagedom behind and am officially old (hence the blog update). What have I done with my life, nothing much really compared to Tom Daley or Gabby Douglas, hell Nathan Sykes and all those unbelievably amazing young people who've made their mark. People like that are rare, but I like to think I'm up there in making an impact in my own way. Time to celebrate, rejoice, and be grateful to have made it another year on this crazy planet.

*That dancing gif - oh that's me getting down to Rihanna "Birthday Cake" - you're welcome
Question is what do I want for my birthday? Honestly, not much. It's been an absolutely unreal year. So much stuff went down, and I definitely grew up ... a lot. I can haughtily (I've also come to the realization that I'm hot - more on that later) say that I'm proud of myself for how I portrayed who I am, stuck my morals, and didn't compromise who I am. I've learned so much not only about other people but myself as well. I'm a completely different person and I've changed for the better. I'm still a perfectionist, passionate, empathetic, quirky, and judgemental but somethings you can't change. I've made it through by with a whole lot of help from above, and the love and support of my family and friends. Shoutout to my sister, Bianca, who helps me hold it down every single day - thank you for completing my life. To my parents keep the money coming thanks for the support and prayers, and sorry that I decided to go to an out of state school, the 50K price tag hopefully will be worth it. To my friends, particularly, my girl Chelsea, my homeboy Taylor, my buddy Jeff, baby bear Patrick, co-captain Sam, my kid Sam, king biddie Zach, and my little Tanner - thanks for listening to me and letting me into your life, each of you know why. To the rest of my friends, thanks for the memories, laughs, and all the randomness in between (special s/o to Tay Small - #twerkteamgenerals, my IRA execs - #teamreslife and my fraternity brothers, #broteng). To my haters, keep on hating and checking for me - you will be irrelevant until you prove relevant aka never, bring it on. To the love of my life, girl come and get it - I'm ready whenever, wherever you are.

Now that my 106&Park moment is over - what I want for my birthday is lifelong friendship, honesty and passion. Let me explain. I can wholeheartedly say that I'm a highly selective and exclusive person (not always outwardly) and I exude prep wherever I go. College for me has been a true struggle socially. I'm not the type of person to become fast friends and have it dissipate soon after (same with relationships ... probably why I'm #foreversingle) but I don't see the point. If you're not in it for the long haul, let's not do this. This year I finally found some people that will remain in my life after all the coed debauchery and young adult shenanigans, for that I'm thankful. Honesty is what I live by and this year it played a huge part in my life. So many lies, half truths, withheld information, secrets, and the espionage that people pretend to be part of - I'm not about that life. My birthday wish (this won't jinx it ... or that's not how this works) is for people to get real, and speak the truth and their own personal truths. To speak up and speak their minds. To learn what's really going on in our world and in society, and to notice and act up the injustices and foolishness that gets overlooked. My last wish is for people to find their passion and show it. This whole apathetic bull crap was old before it was even cool (like hipster style). Please do something worthwhile, find what you care about and make a difference. Throw your whole self into what you believe in and show the world why and how they should care. That's all I want this year - fulfill my wishes in your daily lives and my work here is done. I'm sharing my birthday cake with each and everyone of you.
i think this is the best birthday cake ive ever had in my life omg i love my birthday
But you know I have to get superficial at some point. If you don't know by now I live the privileged (that's my code word for lower upper class) life. I honestly don't like getting birthday presents (partially because I have most things I want) because people always get it wrong. Besides I don't need (key word people) anything, but every guy wants things. Here's my list of presents (if you wanted to surprise me, I could pretend): Jack Wills shopping spree, Mercedes Benz GLK350, snickerdoodle cake pops with w/ chocolate shell, preordered Xbox One (Halo fanboy forever), YouTube collab w/ Jack & Finn Harries, write a song w/ the Wanted, babysit for Giuliana and Bill Rancic and shadow James Wolk on set.
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The 20s are all about making the most of your life and taking an adventure. These really are the best years of your life. It's your last chance to be truly #foreveryoung. Travel without responsibilities, date the person completely wrong for you (actually don't do that one - no Catfish necessary), update your wardrobe (yes, please do), avoid student loans, and stay on your parent's insurance until 26. People are going to start getting married, so you'd better learn how to dance and rack up those frequent flier miles. Intern, hit the club, and volunteer to your heart's content. Whatever you do, just do it with every part of you. That's all I want with my birthday cake.
My blog post question for the day is ... what's the best part of your birthday? Let's be real - getting tweets from my favorite celebrities and all the facebook wall posts (it's a popularity contest ... every year)


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