Lines, Vines and Trying Times

Being a teenager is all about getting creative. When you get bored with your summer, the dumbest things become the most entertaining. When all else fails, and literally there's nothing on TV or on demand and Netflix has been exhausted (which happens surprisingly fast), anything and everything will do to keep you occupied. We're teens, idiotic is in our nature. Embrace it and let the nonsense ensue. This is lines, vines, and trying times.

First and foremost, shoutout to the Jonas Brothers (Year 3000, Turn Right, and What Did I Do to Your Heart will forever be my favorites) for the title of this post. Secondly, where are they? We've seen Kevin (my favorite one - he was always kind of weird) on his Married to Jonas show but where's kid president, DJ danger and bonus Jonas? I digress, summer has a tendency to get old fast. So revitalize your summer and get creative. We've all got iPhones (pretty much), and if you haven't downloaded the Vine app you're more than missing out. Go make videos - I'm telling you it's actually a whole lot of fun. Start your own YouTube account (keep them less than 5 minutes - the shorter the better) and post the wacky things you do. Twerking around your neighborhood, dancing in the car at stoplights, the cinnamon challenge (don't die though), or the Chubby Bunny marshmallow challenge, the possibilities are endless. Sprite and bananas, mentos and coke, Ferrero roche and all the stupidity in between. Get a friend, prop your camera up and start making videos. We document every other aspect of our lives, why not the random things we do? Make a music video, a how-to, or remake something. We've all got something to share with the world. Get to it, these are lines, vines and trying times.
*Let me take a minute to shoutout Big Time Rush - this whole boyband craze, they were the originals and they're latest album "24/seven" is more than worth checking out!

Here are some of my favorite vines: Ratchet Girls - Elmo Dougie - Awkward First Date
Can I please just rant for a minute on this whole celebrity publicity cocaine is a hellavuh drug (Dave Chappelle "Rick James" sketch) crap. What the hell is going on. First of all, people have fallen off the damn map like what happened to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc. Music is left to this Macklemore nonsense (never will I ever shop a thrift shop - that's not their purpose; GTFO with that) and these EDM artists (okay, let me not hate on them - they are the background soundtrack to Teen Wolf's fight scenes so they're necessary). I can't even deal with it. I need lyrics, and songs that normal people can wail out in their car to. Not some crazy beat or all these notes no normal human being could hit ... like damn cut us teens some slack and play those hits we can you know ... hit. Then there is rap, hip-hop and R&B which has been forever ruined because of this VH1 reality series, Basketball Wives, Love & Hip-Hop, T.I. All in the Family and the list goes on and on. It's all people behaving badly. Fake this, farce that, and fallacy everything. Women throwing drinks and elbows, weave coming undone and nails being broken. Unsightly tattoos and foul mouths spewing vitriolic craziness. Get your lives together, stop behaving like children and grow the hell up - all of you. You're not young anymore, time to stop popping bottles and dressing like strippers and wannabe pimps, and calm it all down. If someone says something you don't like, you don't hit them - who does that, and you claim you're grown. Please take several seats all of you. Now, to these tabloids and all these trashy gossip rags leave celebrities alone. The media is half to blame for all these public meltdowns. These people need help not to be egged on so we can watch them spiral out of control. There's a reason no actor/actress in their right mind would want their children to get into the business. Why do we care so much about other people's lives? Why are these people held on this pedestal to these unrealistic standards and burned at the stake when they fall from grace? No ordinary person has to live with the same stipulations. Chill the heck out, you're just mad because on the global scale of things we are what we like to call ... irrelevant. Now go watch the Bachelorette for its white supremacist ideals (please take note of the lack of people of color and never having a POC be the protagonist ... because America wouldn't watch, and we all know why - post racial US my ass). These are trying times alright, people are trying my patience with this pop culture - don't get me started.

Being a teenager is all about getting super weird. I'm not talking like Amanda Bynes (let's be honest, that chick be straight cray) more like Miley Cyrus, just the right level of crazy (better to call of an engagement than get married and divorced). Do something new, mix it up, and explore yourself. When all else fails, and you're left alone - make your own summer. We don't wait in lines, we turn everything into vines, and these must be trying times.
My blog post question for the day is ... who is your favorite viner? Hands down it has to be Marcus Johns, his are way too out there to not be noticed. He's legit the king of vine.


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