Divinely Inspired

The 20s are all about figuring out what you're gifted with. I believe everyone had something special to offer the world. We're all here to bring something unique to the table and improve then place we live in. We're all needed, necessary and essential - never forget that. Dream big and don't stop chasing your dreams until they've come true. They're divinely inspired. 

the limit is 1 mb now?
Hey Joe - what's the purpose of life. Oh you're probably wondering why I haven't answered the biggest question like ever before, but I've always known the answer. People go through life searching for it's meaning but I have my own patented theory on why we exist. I think that we all are sent down from wherever (my bet's on big G from heaven up above) unaware of what our gift and purpose is. We're here to search, learn and discover what's inside of us. That's what life is, figuring out what makes us special, and what we can do that no one else can. That's why we're down here to determine our own purpose and then make good use of what we've been given. Life is a gift, and one that shouldn't be wasted. We've all been given this chance to make a difference and it's one opportunity we can't afford to miss out on. Everyone has something that only pertains to them. Whether that is to lead, to support, bring hope, show love, listen, invent, heal, fight for justice ... everyone's purpose is different. We've been divinely inspired. 
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This last week has been one of those thoughtful times in my life. My favorite place to think is in the shower. For some reason, it has this crazy sort of power and I get so much done in there. I not only come out smelling like & looking like an Abercrombie model at a Burberry fashion show (I saw Jack & Finn's vine next to the runway) but my mind is cleared and I'm so productive at least conceptually. I am able to get these ideas to design stuff, write blog posts, plan programs for RHA and imagine my future. It's absolutely amazing, I are it in my head and then I get straight on my phone or computer and get to work. It's crazy when I'm able to reproduce in real life what I've thought up (I'm like That's So Raven minus the catchy title sequence). I think that my gift in life (among a few others) is vision. I'm a visionary, I can see the end product and know just what to make it there. That's why I'm the decision maker both in my social circles and my organizations. I just make a choice and go with it, and I'm pretty good at it. I weigh my options and get it together to make something awesome happen. Amazing things can happen when you tap into what you've been given. I have a feeling my purpose has something to do with listening and compassion - just hearing others, and letting them know that they are coming through loud and clear, and that someone cares. Whether it's verbally or written, or even in a video - people's stories have to be told. What happens when you don't know what you're supposed to be good at, what your gift is and why you're here? You've got your entire life to figure it out. Some people figure it out sooner than others, even I'm still trying to decide where I'll be going but that's why we have people to help guide us and give advice. The reality is some people may never find out why they were here and that's the saddest truth of all. Look right in front of you, your path may be already under your feet. It's divinely inspired. 
its like he knows the captions people are going to put on that gif. Are you still waiting around or are you taking action to reach your dreams?
The 20s are all about searching for who you are. It's not just getting inside your own head but bringing what's in there out for the whole world to see. What if we all inspired to be more than what society intended (yup, I stan for Man of Steel all freaking day) then monumental things would happen on a daily basis. We have that power, we have that capability and we have what's necessary inside us. Find what you're good at, and use it help the world. We're divinely inspired.
*Now here's More of my favorite vines to inspire some laughs: Kid Bully - Wop & Clean - Ebonics Yelling

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the best idea you've ever thought of in the shower? Uhm, usually I'm thinking about my future - currently, that's what my life will be like in the fall with everything changing and what not.


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