Gas Pedal

The 20s are all about getting thrown into the thick of it and riding it out. Your circumstances and the situations that go down around you will always be changing, but the only common denominator through it all is ... you. You are the greatest common factor (let me stop with these math references) no matter where you are, and that's what you have to count on. That you are more than capable and able to overcome and persevere regardless of what goes on around you. Slow down, grab the wall, and wiggle like you're tryna make it all fall off, gas pedal.
*So college has finally become super busy (as if I haven't been that way for the past two years), and it's time for me to buckle down a bit more so that means, unfortunately, your favorite twenty-something blogger will be posting less often. It's been a tough decision to make but the decisive and correct choice. But that means most likely more video blogs instead, so you can see and hear me instead of reading my ramblings. Continue this journey with me in a new way. *Check this update video of what I've been up to, includes the "Gas Pedal" dance - here's the first one (Gas Pedal (Original)
The 20s are all about going way too fast. Sometimes you really have no say over what's going down, but what you always will have domain over is you and what you bring to any situation. Things may be zooming by and you may feel out of place, overwhelmed or downright distraught, but fear not because you not only can, but will do this. There's no worries. You've got this. Gas pedal, ass schmedle (I don't even know at this point).

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you do in an unfamiliar situation? I usually observe for a little bit and then finally muster the courage to join in and contribute to whatever conversation may be going on.


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