Missed Connections

The 20s are all about making your own way. It's up to you to determine the path you want to take in life, but at the end of the day you can't really help who you run into (or don't, for that matter). Things are kind of random. There are way too many coincidences and a whole heck of a lot of near misses than we all really like to acknowledge. Like what are the chances - who knows. We're all about those missed connections.

It's a been a random past few days for yours truly. I'm getting ready to head back to Vermont to start my junior of college at the University of Vermont. I've spent my time running last minute errands, packing my suitcases like a pro and trying to see my high school friends one more time before shipping off to the cold north. Thursday I went to Mimi's CafĂ© (who knew that little French bistro was owned by Bob Evans?) with my best friend Taylor, and my good friend Jen. I hadn't seen her since I went to the zoo with them right before I started my first year of college two years ago. The conversation was great, we caught up with our school lives and reminisced about high school. The big question of lunch, where were the rest of our classmates and who had dropped out of college (or hadn't even attended)? It was hilarious and so great to see them again. I did some shopping the next few days and let me tell you that the blazer I got is a game-changer #teamprep. I thought I had booked my flight for Saturday night way back in April, but nope - just tried to check in 36+ hours too early. Missed connections on deck. Saturday morning was IHOP breakfast with my friends Katelyn, Taylor and Gabby. It was hilarious, just trading stories and eating all the breakfast foods possible. It thoroughly was an epic time. I finished packing and spent Sunday cleaning up the house one last one and mowing the lawn before heading off to the airport. Shenanigans ensued - check the next post for the fu story. So many missed connections.
College is the best place to have a crush (yeah, I'm aware I'm no longer in middle school). You campus has so many new people, and it's just like damn - people out here #teamflawless on the daily, aren't they. The thing about it is that there are so many times that you literally have no connection (or you're at least unaware of what the connection may be) and so you miss your chance. You have the opportunity to engage the person and after so long not being direct, fate somehow gets you all to talk. It's crazy, one minute you're separated and the next you're pushed together. No more missed connections. Just as easily, the near misses - where you're so close that you could have quickly said or done something to catch their attention and didn't and so you go on like nothing was ever there, are just as likely to happen. It's that fear of rejection that keeps us all from doing what we really want to. We're all afraid someone, but especially the person we like, will not like us. We make excuses, we avoid putting ourselves in that kind of position and we deal without being in a relationship. We make time for what matters most to us. We don't have time - that will no longer work. If you want to get yourself a significant other, you'd better make time and care enough to do so. Screw the missed connections.

*Music Picks: The Wanted "Drunk on Love" & more importantly "We Own the Night" - Ariana Grande "Baby I" - District3 "Let's Reload

The 20s are all about rolling with the punches. You kind of just have to take things as they come. Things happen for a reason, and things never happen the same way twice and all that jazz. We have to take control of our own destiny at some point though, not everything will just fall into your lap. Things could just as easily not happen if we remain idle. Make moves and get to it. Missed connections no more.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your thoughts on fate, and destiny? I think I believe in fate and destiny, and things certainly do a funny way of working themselves out almost always.


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