Auld Lang Syne

The 20s are all about looking back at where you've come from and looking forward to where you're going. I cannot believe 2013 is coming to a close. It truly feels like just yesterday I was in the car on my way back from church with my family blasting One Direction in my headphones and imagining the year to come. At the same time I feel like it was so long ago and recognize that I'm no longer the same person I started the year off as. Now I'm laying in my bed and taking sometime to reflect on who I was, who I am and who I want to be. Ready or not a new year is almost here - auld lang syne.  
Every single year I make New Year's resolutions that I never end up following. Here's mine from say year - the most ridiculous part of it is that in writing this post my resolutions for 2014 are almost exactly the same. Like why? If I'm a different person, shouldn't, in theory at least, my goals have changed as well. I guess the rationale is that I always knew what I wanted and haven't necessarily been conscious of it. Before I share my revamped resolutions I want to take a moment to call myself out on why I didn't accomplish any of them for this year. I'm afraid of change. I'm afraid of people. I'm afraid of myself. Most of all, I'm afraid to find out what I'm capable of. I'm fearful that I'm either not at powerful as I thought or equally terrifying that I'm more powerful than I could have ever imagined. See the thing is, this entire year was some not so subtle proof of what I can do. It seems the latter is turning out to be true. Fear is normal but when it gets in the way of you taking action that's when there's a problem. I don't want to be fearless, fear keeps me safe but it also prevents me from taking risks that I could definitely benefit from. What I want is to be honest - wholeheartedly bold in speaking and living the truths of my life. Ready for the good old times, auld lang syne. Share a resolution as a comment at the bottom this post!
2014 Resolutions:
  •  Sleep more and work less (bed at or before midnight, and slowly letting go of doing so many things at once)
  •  Put myself out there (talk to someone I usually wouldn't; connect with a stranger; be open to playing the romantic field)
  •  Let things go (soften my heart, forgive and mean it - move on and bring people back in; look for the good in everyone and learn to not take things personally)
  •  Visit friends and family (my college best friend Jeff is at the top of my list)
  •  Embrace more of my heritage  (Ghana - it may be time for me to actually visit; incorporating traditional clothing into my wardrobe; learning to cook more traditional meals)
  •  Keep up with current events, read a book for fun and start writing my parents' life story and my novel based on my college experience (know the news and find my love for reading again; tell the epic story of living the true American dream and turn my blog into a book)
  • Say "I love you" and hug more often (I'm not a physically affectionate person - time to change that, hugs all around; telling my parents, siblings and the few people that it applies that I love them)
    2013 was the year that changed everything and I mean everything. Like yo, 2013 I'mma let you finish but you were legit the craziest year I've ever been through. It was like everything that could happen, happened (so like Murphy's law, but not really). The year started off with my fraternity, Phi Mu Delta, gaining our charter to become a full-fledged chapter. I'll never forget how proud I was at that ceremony. Spring was lots of events and craziness with RHA and PMD. My chapter had a strong showing at Greek Games and I ran & won my reelection for RHA president. I went home to Ohio for spring break and celebrated my sister, Bianca's 16th birthday (her present was a trip to Chicago to see Beyoncé over the summer). Over the course of the year I attended 3 different NEACURH/NACURH conferences and got my travel on to Boston, Pittsburgh and Long Island. The summer was where things went into overdrive. The tragic death of my aunt shook me deeply and none of us were able to attend her funeral because we had our brother's wedding. That weekend was one I'll never forget. Rocky and Kristen tied the knot and I gained a new sister. It was absolutely beautiful to see my brother happy and complete as well as get our family and friends together for the momentous occasion. My 20th birthday (the one I was seriously dreading) came and went and I saw Man of Steel and it was a true fan-boy experience. My sister made my birthday simple but remarkable and one of my all time favorites. I spent my summer studying for the MCAT (which I'm yet to take ... thanks organic chemistry). My best friend, Jeff, came to visit which was my belated birthday present. Then the massive family revelation happened and it shook the foundation of our entire familial unit with shockwaves every now and then still being felt. In the course of that one night my entire life changed forever. The healing process has been a long one but at least it goes. I started my junior year (my GPA went up finally!) and dominated in every way possible, school, extracurriculars, and put in more "social" hours (as if you clock in and out of being social - #mylife) than ever before. My blog went viral on campus for some of my most powerful posts and I conquered my stage fright and performed a dance routine for Greek Week. My brother, Eugene earned his Ph.D. and continues his medical school training. My parents randomly got new cars because literally #YOLO. My brother, Christian, started his own clothing line. All in all, this year has been one of true movement. Things have shifted like never before. From this point on, nothing will ever be the same. We're on the brink of some huge things to come. Let the good times roll in 2014, auld lang syne.

    To the people who were part of my year - my buddy, Jeff, my fraternity brothers (especially my big, Gabe, Zach, Dom, Taylor, Lane, David, Tanner, Connor C. Derrick, Connor D.), my TV show castmates (s/o to Molly), my RHA execs (old and new) and reps (Tina, Ben, Kace, Steph), my roommates old and new (Patrick, Jimmy, Joel, Brendan and Jake), my friends baby-Sam, Tyler, Deniz, Sam W., Nic, Connor D, Maché, Renée and Mac. My high school clique of Taylor, Katelyn and Chelsea and last but not least, my parents and brothers, with a  special shout to my sister, Bianca (my absolute everything and more; no one gets me or takes the time to do so like you do), thank you for being part of a memorable year. I'm truly blessed to have such a compassionate support system.
    *Here's some of my favorite pictures from the year.

    The 20s are all about choosing your own happiness. Whatever you want to happen, make it happen. You don't need to wait always for other people to activate what already lies latent inside you. Each and every one of us has the capacity to do something truly remarkable. If only that we can find the courage to do what makes us happy and be who we're supposed to be. Each year marks the start to a new chapter of our life stories. Make yours worth reading this year. Happy New Year and good tidings that you achieve your goals! Auld lang syne, never be forgot.

    My blog post question for the day is ... what do you hope to do in 2014? I'm hoping to go on a first date, like dang cut a guy some slack. This whole workaholic thing is not a good luck (I still haven't had an actual job too #awk).


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