Circumnavigation (700th Post)

Truth - Sometimes our lives run in circles. We start out someplace and think that we never want to end up there but you never if that's exactly where you're supposed to be. When we do make it back to the start we are different. We have changed. We have grown through different things. We carry with us all the experiences we have acquired. It's not the same and we are more well equipped to take on any of the choppy waters, attacking pirates, or stormy weather that comes our way. It's been a long journey but it's one that goes on and on. This is circumnavigation & my 700th blog post!
"You are the author of your own life story; choose to write something memorable daily"
Wow, what can I say other than a massive thank you all. I cannot believe I'm writing my 700th post. Hundreds of thousands of words later and I'm still chugging along. Who would have thought my life story would be worthy of so many words. It's funny to me because I feel like I'm going through the same development process of when I started college four years ago. Some of those same feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, and ambiguity have crept back in to my life. At the same time though I can recognize how different I am now, and utilize my own stories to combat it. I am more than capable of writing my story the way I want it to turn out. Yeah, there will be plot twists along the way, characters coming in and out, but when it comes down to it it's up to me to scribe something I can be proud of. I've made it through chaos, conundrums, and class - I can do it again. Next stop is finishing this master's and starting my career as a student affairs professional. I never thought about it until now, but even the fact that I kept this blog throughout my college years should have been telling that I would end up going into higher ed. Student affairs always get you somehow. *Check out a special vlog to accompany this milestone.

The past 100 posts and the preceding 5 years of words have been nothing short of amazing. This is something I will always be proud of doing. Even when I've been tired, wasn't feeling it, or didn't have time - I made sure to blog. I put my all out here and it's so powerful for me. This is something that has transformed my life. This blog serves as my public ledger. It is all that I am in it's most unadulterated, unedited, and unfiltered form. I don't think I could make it through without it. When I've needed it most, it's been here as my biggest form of expression. It's therapeutic and challenges me to think about not only how far I've come but where I'm going. What blows my mind still is that other people read it religiously. It's been overwhelming the amount of support I've received with it. People contacting me to let me know how much one of my posts was exactly what they needed to hear at a time of turmoil. They've shared how much emotion they've experienced reading it. They said how it put into words things that they couldn't. I'm so happy it has been useful for others. I have always known it was for me personally but if my story can serve others as well, that's even better.

Thanks for reading and supporting me. I am so grateful for this ability and this audience. Thank you for listening, for hearing, for seeing, and letting me know that I  matter. I will forever be changed by this experience. I hope you've been thoroughly entertained in all ways possible. It seems like I've been through it all. Continue to come along on my life journey with me. I have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Share, like, tweet to your heart's content. Follow me on my social media - twitter & instagram (@drjotengii) for even more of my youthful life. X


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