Black Girl Magic

Truth - Some people are amazing because of who they are, but there are a select few who are awe-inspiring in spite of the adversity they face. There is something profound to be said about those that society writes off in multiple ways. These are the people that are often overlooked, disregarded, and made to be invisible. What society doesn't realize is that in doing so it creates an undeniable power dynamic. Just as those who society uplifts have their power source, those that it disempowers get their strength from their disenfranchisement. When the world tries to break you, tell you that you are nothing, and whispers in the most insidious ways that you do not belong you break back, tell your own story, and shout that you are above it all. This is a special brand of awesome - this black girl magic. 

"The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within - strength, courage, dignity" Ruby Dee

Black girl magic is a term coined by CaShawn Thompson to embody how gorgeous, powerful, and most of all resilient black women not only are but have to be. It highlights the irrepressible  nature of a people caricatured as welfare queens, demonized, and devalued in striking ways. Black women in particular have inextricably linked social identities. The radiant melanin-rich skin of blackness, and the indestructible self-determination of womanhood make them a force to be reckoned with. It's because of all the adversity they face that they are such a formidable constituency. All rational thought would point to black women being relegated to the land of the silenced and oppressed but rather we see black women are the forefronts of social movements, industries, and innovation. These are people that not only deal with the repercussions of a racist & sexist patriarchal society that disproportionately incarcerates their fathers, uncles, brothers, and son, in addition to the regular subjugation - let alone the blatant murder, but face all the same themselves plus a discrediting because of their biological assignment. Through it all they remain indestructible. 

The subversion of systems and institutions isn't limited to their inherent existence but also social norms. Black women are the most policed in group of people on every way possible in the US. Hair so marvelous entire doctorate completing dissertations could be written on it deemed as unprofessional, unkempt, or wild by a Eurocentric saints are of beauty. Lips, figures, and complexions diversely varied but hypersexualized, fetishized, and exaggerated. Intelligence, emotion, and ambition so fortuitous it's written off as combative, irrational, and overwhelming. Black women can do nothing without it being harshly critiqued and yet they do all they can, want, and need to daily. Black women can disarm with a single knowing look, make you feel some type of way with touch, and change everything with just a few words. Black women make magic happen regularly as if it's no big deal. Black women are the least married demographic in the US, but also the most women to date interracially. Have you really looked at black today. These are absolute queens through and through. Perfectly flawed, battered but not broken, and silenced but still speaking - it's that indescribable black girl magic. 
To be quite honest the most amazing people I know are black women. These are women who dazzle, shine, and transform with their black girl magic in mind-boggling ways. These are the carefree black girls who unapologetically slay regularly without regard for the unasked for opinions of anyone else. These are the beautiful black girls who retain their humanity when the world tries to rob it from them, and still empathetically recognize it in others. Against all odds black women persevere. They resist by persistence. The most grace mistake you can make is to underestimate the abilities of the unequivocally unique black girl. This is for my sister, mother, niece, aunts, and cousins who hold it down, laugh big, and accomplish their goals. This is for my friends, students, and mentors who propel forward, challenge, and intrigue. This for all the black women out there who do their special thing, big or small. Harriet, Viola, Zendaya, Rosa, Janet , Zora , BeyoncĂ©, Amandla, Sojourner, Rihanna, Nina, Coretta, Toni, Maya, Angela, Alice, Whitney, Michelle, Kerry, Octavia, Taraji, Gabrielle, Tika, Oprah, Diana, and all the rest - I am in awe of you. 

This post is for all the black women out there who don't need my words to tell them they are mesmerizing. This is for all that inner passionate ferocity that sparks movements, beings about revolutions, and changes worlds overnight. This is to recognize how diverse you can be being  a breathtaking masterpiece that is concurrently a work in progress. This is to say how god damn earthquakingly sexy you are. This is to let you know that you are wanted, no screw that needed, you are. You are loved, cherished, and appreciated. Why? Because even when the rest of society cannot, will not, or does not realize it - you do, for yourself. Your self-sufficiency on a deeply spiritual level is beyond words. You nourish, invigorate, and dominate. I bow down to you black girl magic. I worship at your throne with your eyebrows threaded, dark lipstick popping, nails, hair, and everything did, with that presence that leaves a brother dumbfounded. You enchant, enamor, and engage all who have the privilege of knowing you. Whatever you've got, I want some of that black girl magic.

I want there to be even more black girl magic in the world - we could more of it. I want people to not only feel their inner glow but radiate it outwardly. Be spectacular, be who you are, be black as hell, bossed up, and beautiful all at the same time. Dismantle systems of oppression, throw your head back and laugh, and dirty wine. Get those degrees, work that damn job, and look good doing it. Be a matriarch, partner, and also be in love with yourself. Black women, I have known my entire life to be able do and be everything all at once. That is the power of black girl magic. X


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