Truth - You never really know how much you miss someone until you see them again. It's uncanny how differently we remember things from how they actually happened. It seems time serves as a gentle eraser where we only recall the most harrowing of times and the most amiably memorable moments. More often than not seeing someone from the past brings up warm memories. Maybe it's that instant recognition and the rapport between you all, or maybe it's a just regular nostalgia, either way. There is something special about getting back together with people you once knew. This reunion.

"Nostalgia is a file that removes all the rough edges from the good old days" Doug Larson
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There is something truly profound about coming back together with old friends. It's a true testament to see the strength and endurance of your bonds when you are able to just feel those same ways that you always used to. It's like you've just placed a bookmark in the story and picked up exactly where you left off. You spend a little bit of time reminiscing about the good old days and then get a proper catch up about the ways in which lives has changed since you were last together. All of sudden you're making new memories and writing a novel portion of your narrative. It's the comfort of the old blending with the novelty of the new. There's a knowing comfort that comes with it that is irreplicable. There is absolutely nothing like it. It's a feeling you hope to have with all your friendships/relationships. 
Keeping friendships alive can be a complicated endeavor. Everyone has those people that they talk to daily and keep at the forefront of their minds. Then there are others who you think about frequently but may not necessarily keep in constant contact with. Even more so are those special people that you may rarely talk to but you just know that you inherently care about one another. On the flip side are those tumultuous relationships where you constantly question the status of your friendship. Adulthood is difficult in that it forces you to make real effort in sustaining relationships that matter to you. Whether it's a random text message, FaceTime sessions, commenting on a post on social media, or writing a letter, all it takes is the time to keep up with people. Nothing beats that face to face, body to body, soul to soul in person getting together though. You hug those people a little extra tight because you know the opportunities to see them can be so few and far between. 

Now more than ever I am grateful for my friends, old and new. Each bring something different to my life. They teach me lessons about myself, the world, and life overall. They bring out different parts of who I am, and bring much needed new perspective. Friendships are something special. Nothing, not distance, space, or time can keep people who hold a place in their hearts for one another apart in spirit or in truth. Check in on your friends. Let them know that you still think about them. Plan a meetup halfway in between you. Do whatever you can to not let those important and positive friendships fade away - there cannot and will not ever be something like it again. That's the power of a reunion. X


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