Trust, Truth and Traffic

Being a teenager is all about being honest with not only yourself but the other pepole around you. So many people are under the common misconception that withholding the truth does not constitute as lying. It's everywhere, little white lies lead to bigger deceits, scandals and soon huge coverups. The more you lie the easier it becomes, but soon you'll start doing it when it's not even necessary. Exaggerations, hyperbole and straight bull crap. We've all seen the recent political propaganda being spread (no going to say I support either candidate, but Obama 2012) *because it freaking interrupts my damn YouTube videos and it's just more evidence that honest is on the low. Let's get some truth, truth and avoid the traffic.

First of all, I'm more than excited for USA Network's miniseries "Political Animals" - Sigourney Weaver is a brilliant actress and James Wolk always does great work; USA is the best at witty banter. Secondly, let's get to the whole trust part. Trust is the basic foundatoin of all successful relationships whether that be in love, friendship or even familial bonds. What I'm talking about is if you don't put your trust in people, then how can you expect them to trust you. On the flipside of that is if you're not even trustworthy (break that word down - trustworthy - adj. - as in worthy of trust; Stiles is the most trustworthy a guy could have) then why would anyone put their trust in you. Trust isn't just given out freely, it's earned. You all know that's one of my (few) flaws (the others being narcisscism, unbelieveable pride and an inability to ask for help) and it's what makes me a true Shakespearan tragic hero in the dramedy that is my teenage life (good gosh, I love the English language). A lot teens nowadays are out of touch with people, especially their parents. They're not willing to listen or take any suggestions for anyone other than their friends or themselves. It's not okay and it definitely doesn't get you anywhere. For me, it seems like a no brainer (as in it wouldn't require you to have a brain to know it) that you need to tell your parents when you're going out. Your parents have a right to know where you're going, who you're with and vaguely what you'll be doing. I mean if they're supporting you (like Baby Daddy anyone) then you need trust in them and tell them the truth. I'll be honest, that's one of the many things that separates my brother and I. While he'll just leave the house at all hours, without telling anyone where's he's going, who's he's with, or what they'll be up to - and when my parents realize that's he's actually not in the house it becomes my responsibility to figure out where he is. It's absolutely ridiculous. We've never had a curfew or pretty much any restrictions on what we were allowed to do but that entails that you're safe and the rents have knowledge of where you are. That ish crazy. You parents don't trust you because you don't tell them what you're doing, plain and simple. If I'm going out with my friends (which I haven't done in like two weeks) we're going to Steak and Shake, at this exact time, this is who's all going and who's driving, and we'll go to someone's house to talk aftewards until like 11 o'clock when it's time to call it a night. How hard is that? The reason you can't trust your parents with the information of your whereabouts because you're either somewhere you shouldn't be, doing something you're not supposed to or with people who you shouldn't associate with. Get real, and let them in, they're the only ones you've got. The bottom line is, your parents care about you (hopefully) and the easiest thing you can do to quell their worries is letting them know you're okay. That's the trust, in trust, truth, and traffic.

Truth - tell it, it's just that easy. People act like telling the telling the truth is like impossible to do. Yeah, sometimes the truth can be hard to tell and to hear, but in the long run it's always the right thing to do. Pretty Little Liars said it best, "the truth always comes out and it always hurts. " Me, personally, I don't like to lie. I'm not good at it, and everyone can tell whenever I do do it (doo-doo, Joey made a funny) so I avoid it all costs. But I can't lie, I do sometimes talk a whole lot longer than necessary to tell people the truth. You think you're protecting people, shielding them from a blow, but really you're denying them some vital information (All That, anyone?). I say, tell the truth - and people might be angry at first, but in the long run, they'll be thankful you did. Don't let anyone find things out from other people. If it should be heard from you, then you should speak it. On the flipside of that is, if something is not your truth to tell, don't tell it. Give people a chance to do the right thing before you go running your mouth. Lying breaks down all relationships in the long run, so if you want to keep yours strong and vivacious, keep the truth involved and you should be fine. I can't say I'm perfect when it comes to the truth, because there's definitely a lot things that I know, overheard, and have seen and didn't speak up about and it makes life harder. There's a difference between keeping secrets and withholding the truth. You've got to be able to make a judgement and do what feels right. It happens all the time in the news, all these scandals coming out because someone decided to finally tell the truth. Jerry Sandusky, case in point, sentenced to 442 years in jail and already being taunted by prisoners - all because someone spoke up and told the truth about what was going on. The question I have, how could the people who knew about what was going on stay quiet and allow it to happen. That ish cray. Be brave, be bold, and stand up. It's just a little trust, truth and traffic.

Traffic - avoid it at all costs, it's terrible. Not only am I terrified of driving in the first place, but being bumper to bumper scares the crap out of me even more. I feel trapped, claustrophobic and whole lot of crazy anxious. I just want to get out of there and people are always doing the most when you're all stuck. I just thinking like Evelyn from Basketball Wives, "Stay in your lane, boo-boo." But really - the worst thing to be doing during a traffic jam is texting while driving. Let me announce it now, it's NOT okay to text and drive. It can wait. Not going to lie, all those public service announcement commercials where the accident survivors whose lives have changed forever because of texting while driving bring me to tears almost on a daily basis. I can't even handle it. Someone's life ruined because you just had to read a text message. Seriously, let's be honest - how often are you're texts absolutely urgent - like fangirling over One Direction important; next to never - so it can definitely wait. That's one of the many things I don't do while driving. My phone stays in my pocket on silent and I gives none. If you need to reach me, I'll get back to you when I've safely reached my destination. I'm pleading with all teens, this applies to us the most - we've got so much longer to live, everyone else is old as hell and has had their time (just kidding) - you don't want to spend yours not at your best. Put the phone down, you can tweet your witty quote, choose a filter for your instagram photo of your meal, and update your status about how inhumane the world is later. Get it together and the traffic out of your life. Take the scenic route of every once in a while, and chill out. This is trust, truth, and traffic.

Being a teenager is all about reevaluating your life. You've got to live your life, the way you want. No one else can decide the way it plays out, except for you. It's up to you to make it exactly what you want and that all starts with some trust, truth, and traffic.

My blog post question for the day is ... what have you lied about? Oh, you know - I might have failed to let my parents know about all the drama that went on during that whole first year of school. If they knew, they'd for sure force me to transfer ASAP #parentprobs


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