You Only Live Once

Being a teenager is all about being the change you want to see. If you're living by the motto of you only live once, you'd better be doing it right. I take YOLO as going out of your way to do good for the world and make a real difference. It's about doing more than you have to do something special and memorable. Yes, you should life to the fullest but understand that it's not a free pass to excuse bad behavior. YOLO should be used to better the lives of others. Missed part 1 here you One Life To Live. This is the story of my NACURH 2012 CU Boulder experience, part 2 of 3, here we go.

Waking up to some crazy squawking crows was most deff not the highlight of my Saturday. It was 4 am, and I'm a light sleeper, so I just sat up in my bed and played words with friends until the sun came up. Sleep deprivation is completely apart of the conference experience. Soon it's time to actually get up, so I put on my blue and orange IRA (inter-residence association) shirt, and paint up in matching blue/orange lines and lightning bolts (because I can) and go down the hall to wake up the girls. Sam and Bret have already gone to NCC breakfast because they have boardroom (special meetings and voting) but Felicia and Erica are taking their time in getting up. The group of us, Jilliene, Learie, Erica, Felicia and myself, get to the C4C dining center and see the massive line for regular breakfast and decide to just wait in the NCC grab-n-go line. We don't make the rules, we just break them. It's Lucky Charms (they're magically delicious, especially after the eye wink this cute girl shot towards me in line) and a Jimmy Dean (BTW, who is he - sounds like a country bumpkin) breakfast sandwich for breakfast, with rite (raspberry iced tea and sprite *well Sierra Mist) mixed together to was in on down. We sit on stone seats and observe everyone just cheering up a storm. People aren't really having it, since it's actually way too early for all that noise, spirit and pep - but I'm always done. When you come to conference, you've joined a crazy group of people who have an endless supply of energy kind of like the tessaract in the Avengers. We decide on which programs to attend and break up to head off alone to experience what other schools have to offer. My first program is put on by two students, Heather and Patrick from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and it's called "Icebreakers With a Twist." It was fun, meeting new people, and playing a shoe search, cross the line, and ninja all while exploring the concepts of socioeconomic or enablist statuses. Let's just say it got real fast, and it approached some touchy topics in an approachable way. Next off it was "Recognize to Energize" from the University of Nebraska Omaha where we all shared ideas on how to proper thank and show your appreciation for the hard work the people in your organization do. It was great, and super informative. Then came time for us to win prizes, they chose a random seat number for the fabled "pooping chicken" (candy) and I flipped out when I thought it was my chair. I yelled #YOLO so loud and just raged, and realized I was on the even set of chairs and it wasn't actually me who won. Such a mess, and so much embarrassment. But yeah, you know what they say, you only live once. 

On the to next one which meant back to the C4C for lunch. Jilliene and Learie scored us a table and we explored the vast variety of choices for food. Today it was Chinese and Persian cuisines for me. The lamb was just falling off and it was tender as hell. Like the food was legit amazing. It's a mad house in there, with so many people walking around checking out their options. Here's the funniest part. Everyone knows there are two reason you go to conference the first being that you love what you do with RHA or NRHH in making your on campus housing experience better for all students, and cheering, but the second is that there is like an unlimited supply of good looking people to talk to. I'm just walking through the dining area and girls on girls on girls are just winking at me, waving, smiling, purposefully bumping into me, saying hey, and I'm just like a little overwhelmed with all the attention. Conference is made up by a massive majority of girls, and a minority of guys. So for girls, the pickings are slim, but they definitely do not disappoint. I mean, I was down for all the attention but I was definitely not used to it. Apparently, I was a top prospect. The amount of compliments I got saying that I was cute, funny, and had really nice teeth was absolutely ridiculous. My delegation regroups and dines for lunch before breaking up again to head to more programming. We head to philanthropy where we write letters to 4th graders in the greater Boulder area after a long talk from the district's superintendent. Let's just say people were dozing off, and not having it especially when some girl misused the "Hey NACURH" cheer to frankly call us all rude (listen here rando - chill out, if we'd planned on being lectured about leadership we'd sign up for that, people were just frustrated). Adam from SUNY Oneata was geeking Mildred, Christine, Felicia, Erica, Sam and I out for the dreaded 2 hours. For session 3, it's "Igniting Your RHA" by Lianna and Walter from Creighton University. Awesome session, and I learned so much on how to better and keep the kinds of students we attract. For the last session of the day it was "Programming With a Pulse" by Brooke and Zack from University of Missouri which helped us plan interesting programs that are totally in touch with relevant pop culture (as in my entire life). We did some Avengers themed ideas before heading to dinner. More of some mindblowingly good food, and the flirtatious looks. I kid you not, I'm pretty sure I caught the eye of a few guys. Whatever, it's all flattery to me. We all make the long journey to the Humanities building where it's regional time. All of NEACURH (the north east affiliate) is gathered and learning our roll call dance number. I'm with my peeps even seated nexto to Dyl-dog from Keene State College. We're just learning the moves as fast as we can and getting ready to show our regional spirit. We're all wearing our red shirts, with #yolo on the back and I even updated my face paint. We're all sporting our moose ears and soon after a few practices it's off ot the event center for roll call. We cheer the entire way there, getting louder and louder until we're a deafening wall of sound. Our little UVM delegation breaks off for a classic photoshoot session. We enter the stadium and take our seats, and cheer back and forth with all the regions. It's a madhouse in there, beach balls flying, a massive whale being a launched around, and enough sound and lights to knock the moon out of orbit. Eventually each group gives their roll call and our region does it hardcore legit and demolishes our routine with insane precision. Check our swag NEACURH Roll Call. We blew everyone else out of the way, like that is cray. We always do it big, the best and as loud as possible. You know, you only live once.  

After the huge cheer off, it's dark outside and we all head back to our residence halls to change and get ready for the night's activities. It's more face paint for me and soon I'm off to the president's social. Oh yes, I like the sound of that title alright. I walk in and meet Jake from Washington State University, Justin from Gonzaga and Megan from University of Seattle. We all download the app bump and trade information before I have to go and meet my delegation at the swap shop. I'm walking by myself just saying hey to everyone I see and I make my way to the bizarre bazaar that was swap shop. It's tons of people packed in a room shouting trying to trade all their school swag for other stuff. T-shirts, Frisbees, cups, pens, sunglasses, water bottles, and even washable tattoos. It was like when the amazing race went to my homeland of Ghana. It was blazing hot and totally wild in there. I traded Patrick from Penn State for a full sized Frisbee, talked to Zach from Syracuse, and hung out with my delegation and the hilarious girls from Western Connecticut State University. All I wanted was some sweatpants but nope, nobody was trying to give them up. We finally trade all our stuff after Felicia goes around modelling our shirts. I don't know if people wanted our shirts because they looked good or she just worked her magic. It was all too funny. We hung out in the hallway with University of New Mexico when we complained about being worried that people would wear the t-shirts we traded them the next day. Downstairs for water refills and pizza before walking back to our hall. We stop to talk to Texas A&M who've got some spiffy overalls, which instantly remind me of Niall from One Direction, but they're not willing to trade them. Whatevs, it's officially bed time. I climb into bed after rubbing the last of my face paint off. I touch my face a few minutes later and it's bleeding. Yup, never rub face paint off, always wash. I learned my lesson the painful and hard way. Well, you only live once.

Being a teenager is all about doing your part to change the world. Things just don't happen at random, it takes something, a powerful force, a wall of sound, and young leaders to start a movement. That's what this life is all about, making the world a better place for not only ourselves but everyone else in it. We've been given the power to do something amazing, long lasting, and truly life changing.  Experience the craziness that was roll call with this video - NACURH Roll Call Whale - Let's make the most of it, cause you only live one.

My blog post question for the day is ... if you could do anything to better the world, what would it be and why? I would make sure every child had loving parents to take care of them. It's one of the most important things ever. No matter what, kids need people to love them, unconditional with an everlasting passion that can never be extinguished.


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