Being a teenager is all about making your summer mean something. Summer isn't all about laying around, doing absolutely nothing and catching up on all the episodes and movies you missed out on during the school year. It's about doing something meaningful, finding something that challenges you and makes you think about who you are. Summer is the perfect time to do some soul searching like that Emma Roberts and Alex Pettyfer movie "Wild Child." It's time for the awakening.

Since you've got all this free time, it's time to actually do something productive with it. People always ask what your major is, and what you want to do with it when you graduate - but they never ask why you're doing what you're doing. That's the most important part. If you don't have a reason to study then what's the purpose of school in the first place? This summer I challenge you to really look at your life and figure out what makes you feel something. When watching the news what really gets you heated? When scrolling through your twitter feed which tweets interest you? On facebook which people's post piss you off the most? Start there, those are all things that make you stop and think. For me, when I watch the news and anything bad happens to kids, especially neglect or abuse I just break down. I get so emotional and so fired up and I know that that's exactly why I'm in school - to be able to make a difference to prevent those things from happening. I'll be a doctor vigilante like Stephen Amell - the new (Green) Arrow on the CW. On twitter when people post ignorant nonsense spewing about how they hate black people, minorities are so helpless, and their "accents are annoying" - I know that I'll be doing some social justice and activism as well. It's one of the reasons I'm UVM's IRA president - oh that campus is going to get a major wake up call when I get back there. On facebook people who post jokes about how useless women are or how they got the "d" or when they just "raped" a video game - it all just sets me off and I know I've got to do something about it. That's the awakening I'm talking about. Figuring out the causes that matter to you and making them a priority. The older generations think we're all lazy, and don't care about the world - well it depends, a lot of people say "it's not my problem or I'm just a teenager what can I do to help" - you can start by making it your problem. There's so many resources, and we're all capable of making a change. Make your mark and begin to discover things about yourself that you never knew - this is the awakening.

Now that you're straight bent and ready to set off - how do you do anything? Well you've got the internet for starters. There's a pretty high chance that whatever cause you want to join has already been started. You've just got to join the effort and bring on the reinforcements. There's so many websites that can help you get connected with the people you need to. Search for your cause and make sure to add your location so you can do something local. Start off small, and maybe later you'll be able to make it a much larger thing and travel for it. Here are some links to Get Involved - Serve - Volunteer Match. You've just got to start your awakening - off you go.

On a completely different note - so the latest in pop culture. Let's just let me start by saying this whole summer TV thing is driving me crazy. There's so much to watch and I want to see it all. Let's start with MTV's Teen Wolf - that ish cray. I have so many questions like who the hell is the abomination, what happened to Jackson and what's going on with Lydia? The show is amazing, the story is easy to follow - it's shot artistically and the cast is literally flawless. Dylan O'Brien as Stiles is hilarious in every single scene. It's the subtle jokes that make the show so great and the fact that we can all relate to high school awkwardness and drama. Jackson's line about being "everyone's type" to Danny - was perfect. Now let's move on to my latest obsession. The Lifetime movie "Blue Lagoon: the Awakening." Literally the best TV movie I've seen in a while (well I saw Nickelodeon's "Rags" and Disney Channel's "Let It Shine" *both were definitely worth watching, and the music was perfect). Australian talents Indiana Evans and Brenton Thwaites are the main characters "Emma and Dean" who go on a humanitarian school trip to Trinidad and get lost at sea after a yacht party gets busted. It's a moderninzed remake of the racy original that starred Brooke Shields and it's amazing. I love every single minute of it. It's a perfect movie - and the sex scenes are tastefully done. The scenery was beautiful and Indiana Evans from season 3 of H2O: Just Add Water is gorgeous. I've already seen it 3 times - I highly recommend it. That brings me to one of my favorite things - Australians. I've realized that if I could I would marry an actress - good gosh, the accents, the playful behvario and the shear beauty is unbelieavable. There's so many like the H2O girls Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin (from the CW's the Vampire Diaries and the Secret Circle respectively), the Blue Water High Cast (check it out on Netflix - it's great, quirky and totally relatable) - Matt and Perry from season 1, Mike and Brooke from season 2 were my favorites so far. Then there's there's the random actors that just give make me laugh - the Hemsworths Chris and Liam (of Thor and Hunger Games fame), Luke Mitchell from H2O, Ben Lawson (Covert Affairs) and Dylan Yeandle (the sex bomb Australia's Got Talent guy). How can a continent be so perfect? Who even knows. In other news I stayed up last night to watch Liam Payne (from One Direction) twitcam and it was amazing, the rapping pizzaman, randomness with Andy and even a guest appearance by Nialler (so many #directioner problems). I've got my awakening alright.
Being a teenager is all about discovering what makes you well you. Everybody has certain things that make them unique, different from anyone else and special. It sounds completely cliché and totally corny but it's true. Each person is an individual, and different from anyone else. Figure out what that is, and use it make a lasting impact. Begin the awakening.

My blog post question for the day is ... if you could change the world in one way what would it be and why? I would say that I would make food cheaper, people would have to spend less money on survival and would have more to spend on things that they wanted and to help others. I'm sure people would donate to those in need if they had more money available.


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