Forever Hold Your Peace

Being a teenager is all about celebrating your birthday. It's about getting together with the people that matter most to you and doing something special. It's a privilege to be able to say you've made it one more year, and it's necessary that you realize that a lot of people don't make it. Birthdays are a celebration of not only you as an amazing, important and unique person, but life as a whole. This is your personal time to rule to world, speak now or forever hold your peace.

One of the most repetitive things you hear growing up is people asking you what you want to be when you grow up. Well I've always known I wanted to be a doctor, that was a given. But as I got older, I had alternate back up plans and sprouted some interests and even changed the speciality of medicine I wanted to go into. Now it's my 19th birthday and I'm once again being asked that same question, and honestly I don't know. In kindergarten it was just doctor. In sixth grade I did a whole report in my gifted education class about being a cardiologist. In high school after volunteering in a maternity ward I was all about obstetrics and gynecology. Then I learned that male OB/GYN's are looked down upon, but I freaking love babies so neonatology is what I've settled on. That's great, I'm on the pre-med track with my college studies but it wasn't until this year that I began to have other thoughts. The reason I want to be a neonatologist, there are so many but the first and foremost reason is that I think a job needs to give me the opportunity to directly help people. If a job doesn't give me that chance, then it's not a job I'm capable of doing. What other reason are we here in life if not to help others? That sounds so cliché but that's literally the bottom line. If I can't make a difference, then it's not worth my time. Secondly, I love children, specifically toddlers, infants, and newborns. Babies are so innocent, pure, indifferent and real. They're so simple and to them nothing else matters as long as you love them and take care of them. They don't judge you, look at you with disdain, make hurtful remarks and they're always down to laugh. They give the best hugs, they smile, and smell amazing. Most people love dogs and cats, I love babies - everything about them is perfect. People who call babies ugly - that just doesn't work for me. They're all beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing no matter what. Which brings me to back to my life plan. So the whole become a neonatologist thing is great, I get to change lives just as soon as they've started for the better. But neonatologist's make a hefty salary and what would I like to do with all that money. Other than up my lifestyle a smidgen (I can't lie, I live a rather privileged life)  I want to become a foster parent. I want to turn my house mansion into a safe haven for children, and even more likely teenagers. I want to take kids in, turn their lives around, and pay for them to go to college. I want to be the one to give people a chance when no one else believes in them. I want my life to mean something, to make a lasting impact and to change the world, even if it's only in the lives of the people I come into contact with. I've said mine, now forever hold your peace.  

Now, it's weird to say this but truthfully I never thought I'd actually make it to this point in my life. Let me explain, when I was growing up, I always had my life plan figured out and then came senior year of high school, and I actually had to apply to college, chose someplace and go there. I never actually thought I'd make it that far. Not like I wouldn't graduate high school (that was implied) but college was just a 4 year thing that would happen on my way to adulthood. Now that I'm actually in it, it's absolutely different than what I would have expected. It's not going the way I planned it, but nothing really ever does. That doesn't mean I still don't have plans waiting to be put into motion. For example, marriage - I've got my perfect girl in mind, Keke Palmer. Now, some people have celebrity crushes but I know, deep down within my heart that we will end up together. I hope that we'll meet soon and get this going because I'd like to be married by 25. Then there's kids, here's another cooky thing about me. I have a sticky note app on my phone with a list of the kids names that I like, first and middle. If I could control the future I would like identical twin boys first, Jonathan Cooper, and Asher Cameron - followed by a girl, Sadie Eden. Then I've got the rest of the names I love, Kaia, Blair Audrina, Graham Joash, Berkley Christopher, Micah Eli, Jesse Carter. Don't judge me, it's not that weird. On the real though, it's one of the things that keeps me going when times get tough - the fact that I'll one day be a day to most amazing, preppy, and good-looking kids the world has ever seen. That whole being married to a celebrity thing would be awesome as well, the tabloids would call me Dr. Handsome or Dr. McStud. I'd be the famous arm candy, and I'd finally get to be on TV, movies, magazines and all over the interwebs like I've always wanted. The connections - that'd be crazy. My life would forever be changed. But if that whole getting together with Miss Keke P doesn't work out, I'd be fine still be classically good looking, living on an estate with a journalist, or lawyer for a wife (yeah I have stipulations, but I'm willing to compromise). I've said mine, now you forever hold your peace.

You're all probably wondering how I actually celebrate my birthday. Well birthdays are actually not a big deal in my family. I only get presents if I specifically ask for them. My dad works so much but he stops in my room in the morning and wishes me a happy birthday and tells me he loves me (which doesn't happen very often because he's a reserved kind of guy) and my mom tries to make a fuss. Other than that it's the usual, facebook wall posts - hoping for a good amount and always surprised on who actually writes on my wall. This year I'm hoping for tons of tweets preferably from all the celebrities I follow (as in literally I follow) and possibly to be a trending topic (not going to happen). For presents, I don't do them. Realistically I can ask my parents for whatever I want and I'll either get one of three answers, yes - here's my credit card, order it online, not now - wait a few months and we'll see, or no - we're broke, and we can't afford to buy you anything (that one's a lie because we have 3, count them 3 Mercedes-Benzes) but I know not to ask for stupidly extravagant things. This year all I want is clothes, and maybe a car, preferably a MB GLK 450 - please and thank you. I'm upgrading my wardrobe big time and this year I'm taking preppy to all new levels. It's button downs, plaid cotton ties, and cardigans that will make me look more grown up, and absolutely presidential. Besides, I'm always well dressed, but I always get that I look cute, and adorable, not hot, steamy or studly. I'll take what I can get. My friends never get me presents it's not necessary, what do you get the boy who pretty much has everything? That's my birthday in a nutshell (oh and I make my own white chocolate infused vanilla cupcakes). Wish me a great one or forever hold your peace.

But seriously though, thank you all for caring about me. For taking the time to read my blog, with all the nonsense, the crazy stories and for hopefully getting some useful advice. To all my friends, thanks for being there for me. You guys are legitimately the best. Your loyalty, compassion, and willingness to deal with all my wildness is amazing. To my family, I love you so much. My dad, my mom, my brothers, Rocky, Eugene, and Christian and lastly, to my sister, Bianca - the greatest person in the world - thanks for loving me unconditionally, for making me who I am and understanding the Joteng.

Being a teenager is all about making your birthday the best it can possible. Everyone has something to celebrate when it comes to birthday, whether it's yours or not. It's a time to be happy, get a little bit wild, and have some memory making fun. Birthdays only happen once a year for a reason. It's a special occasion and you should definitely live it up. Get it all out now or forever hold your peace.

My blog post question for the day is ... if you could have one wish for your birthday what would it be and why? I would wish to become a celebrity overnight. Not one of those wishy-washy ones, the hard hitters who run Hollywood and never go away. With my celeb status I would advocate for people in need especially kids in foster homes or in the social work adoption system. I just wanna be famous and help some kids.


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