Sassy Snap

Being a teenager is all about bringing the ferocity. It's about being a little fierce and bringing some of that well warranted sass. You've got to be strong in your convictions and real with your intentions. Stand up for what you believe and speak the heck out of your mind. Let the world know what you've got and bring it on, like all day long (cheerathon ... #abcfamilyprobs). Get ready for more conference stories, it's the sassy snap.

Wondering where we are in this epic story of spirit and pep - catch up on the first day of epic fun with Conference Crazy. That 6:45am wake up time was that ish cray. I rolled over and there was Tay just making the best derp face of all time - I was not even trying to have it. Like let me not pretend I was actually trying move after barely 3 hours of sleep. We got dressed and got painted up to get ready for the day. Bret, Tay, and I pretended to eat breakfast (we were that tired). Learie graced us with his presence and drove us in the brisk cold with our friends from St. Mike's (Katie) and UConn (Jeff) over to SUNY Geneseo's campus. Jeff and I got out and made our way to president's boardroom where let's be honest we might have been the life of the party. We started by heading over to another hall to judge all the passive programs. There were so many good ones with some pertinent information and eye-catching designs. We introduced ourselves (and of course I did the most with my intro - because I'm aswesome) and even played two truths and a lie. All 55 of us presidents were super friendly and everyone was so down to share, it was really cool. That room though, it was blazing hot - like a neverending summer kind of hot. We dipped out and made it back to our boardroom to do some placard making and introductions. We passed around the candy and started going through our epic agenda. Jeff and I started passing notes and soon people were getting in the grove. We talked and talked and talked and ... talked about literally everything. people brought some amazing insight and it was great to hear that people were having the same struggles. We made friends with the funny kids Kelly, Charelene, Tom, Mary, Marciela, Elaina and everyone else. I was geeking out hardcore, and the epitome was Jeff and I coining the #sassysnap - a singular snap in unison that just demands respect. Uhm, this is why we're friends. Soon it was lunchtime which entailed quoting Mean Girls and sending zingers down the table. We're hilarious - we finished up boardroom around 2:50pm (so just the whole morning and part of the afternoon in our room) and got ready to sassy snap it up the rest of the day with a group picture.

Three pm it was time to go head out to the cheer off. I'm talking everyone at conference standing in a circle and yelling their heads off. It was absolutely amazing, like just a circle of sound, all of us screaming about our moose love in unison. Soon we went back inside and kind of hung out. I met up with my girl, Christine from Western Connecticut State University and we were cracking up just people watching (#sowrongforthat). It was time to go and get changed so my advisor, Learie, scooped me up and we bonded as we went to KFC. I got my hot wings on and I even told him my crazy story of my trip to Guyana (cue multiple near-death experiences ... but actually). Tay met me back in our room and I showered and shaved my childish attempt at a Movember stash. We got all dressed up and took our obligatory model-type pictures (becaise we're good looking). Off to the banquet, where we walked in late (as always) but we walked in there like bosses. Dinner came and it was chicken cordon bleu - yeah that happened. The RBD *Regional Board of Directors and the conference staff started handing out awards, two hours later we finished. It was swap shop time, trading all our swag for other stuff. So many more pictures taken and it was time to get dressed for the blacklight dance. Tay and I did the most with our matching outfits and walked into the spot like we were about to set it off. Oh we met up with our Qunnipiac girls, Kara & Stephanie, our homies from St. Mike's Tyler, TJ, Gracie, Meg and Katie and Christine. We were going to freaking hard on that dance floor, when "Sexy and I Know It Came On" - I went off. Ke$ha, Tay Swift (dislike that girl but whatevs), the Wobble, and "Drop it Low." Dance circles, everyone yelling, and just having a genuine good time. I have to shoutout to crazy kids from NYU and PACE NYC - like damn, those peole have got moves. We took water breaks and even went outside to let our sweat freeze (which was super gross but warranted) before packing up and heading back to the hotel. Tay and I met up with the Farmingdale Sate delegates, Tom, Christina, and Shannon to have a geeking session. Tay and I were literally crying just watching all of them interact, it was too much to handle. One last goodbye with St. Mike's and it was bed time. Oh the airport travel story - you'll love it. Sassy snaps out - miss my conference peeps already.

Being a teenager is all about giving the world some of your attitude. You've got to bring out the best parts of yourself and do the most. You're kind of a little bit awesome, you should let the world in on your secret. We're all aware of your epic nature, don't be afraid to show that part of yourself. Bring a little zap and do a sassy snap.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the sassiest thing you've done recently? My entire life is kind of a like a sassy saga - I bring the attitude and one-liners in almost everything I do (it's a gift and a curse).


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