Being a teenager is all about staying true to yourself. It's about morality, integrity, and preserving your innocence. Honesty is what keeps us real. When we are not honest, or we lie, we lose sight of who we are and what we believe in. Withholding the truth is the same as lying. When we're not honest with other people it's reflection on who've we become, and when we're not honest with ourselves, we deny the changes (good or bad) that have made us distinguishable . One word can mean everything, Veritas.

There's something about honesty that makes it so unique. When you tell the truth, people respect you for it (if it's in the right context). Sometimes people tell the truth to purposely hurt someone and it's done with spite and malice. Honesty, truth, and integrity bring clarity. It allows people to see the bigger picture of what's going on in this world. When you do the right thing, you uphold your integrity and display your inner nobility. College is one of those places that not only challenges everything you believe, but really makes you think about why you have those beliefs. If that in itself wasn't enough, there's so much temptation and peer pressure. Everyone wants something from you, and wants you do to something. Take a little of this, try a bit of that, and soon you can get caught up in the mix. It doesn't matter what it is, drugs and alcohol, dangerous challenges, or even getting into the habit of lying. It all happens, and no one can be blamed for what you do. At the end of the day, the choices you make are only up to you and no one else. People can influence your decisions, but you don't have to let them. You have the strength, the consciousness, and the tact necessary to do what you need to do to be okay with yourself when it's all said and done. It all starts with honesty. Telling someone no, and letting people know you're uncomfortable or really just don't want to do something is one of the most respectable things you can do. If people can't take no for an answer, that's on them - you don't need to justify yourself. Veritas.

It's been another one of those crazy weeks that get you to think about everything you've ever done in your life. College can be more than overwhelming, it can consume you, and threaten to take over in more ways than one. With classes, extracurriculars, friendships, and all the craziness in between, it's truly amazing that we're able to do it. Let's fast forward to Wednesday afternoon, the uneventfulness of my morning is highly embarrassing. I spent my office hours sending emails (like a little business man) and making phone calls when all I actually wanted to do was sleep. I hopped right on the bus afterwards and was in the TV studio in a flash. Honestly, I miss being on TV and my miss the cast and crew of my show. Studio time is always a legit blast, and I can wholeheartedly say it's one of the few times during my week where I can just focus on being in the moment. Check out our Halloween episode here *I'm at the end doing the tweets of the week. Wednesday night meant tons of long phone calls and writing a lab report until the early hours of the morning.

Truthfully, Thursdays are one of those weird days. I had to wake up and walk to the office (y'all know I'm not about that pedestrian life) and do work. I don't even know how it's possible the things I do, but somehow I make it (woot woot to big G - good looking out). Tennis class was cut for me since I had some other work to attend to, but I did win my serve and hit some fierce ass balls (lolz, ass balls). I finished up my lab report and soon I was in actual organic chemistry lab. That thing is always a struggle and a half, mixing chemicals, measuring stuff accurately, and waiting (I ain't got time for that). The ugly green goggle aren't a good look either. I took a little break and then went to the fishbowl (the big class room, like Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, in our student center) to meet up with a friend. I sat down and talked with this kid, Adis, who I helped move in the first weekend of school. That dude is a class act of epic proportions, speaking freely and keeping conversation with a near stranger is hard but that was definitely one of the best talks I've had. That's a down to Earth person if I've ever met one. After that I did some postering to remind people to vote on election day, and was joined by some of my folks to pass out flyers for one of our upcoming events. Please tell me why I'm walking up to complete randoms and I end getting to talk ot #campuscrush - in all honesty, I was more than flustered, I was floored and flabbergasted. Seeing her up close and actually interacting with all that beauty was a little too much to handle. I couldn't even look at her, all I wanted to do was just smile in awe. Right after that, it was into a board of trustees selection committee informational session and back to room to write an essay like my life depended on it. Really though, veritas. 

This week has been more than a test. It's pushed me to my limits and forced me to say how I actually felt aloud. That's not something I did very often. I've seen how I've changed over just this semester, and I think I haven't been actually speaking my mind, saying my piece, or sharing my opinion as often as I really should be. This week I was definitely faced with some challenging situations and with great verisimilitude I dealt with them in the best way possible. Friday was a day of struggle. After only 5 hours of sleep, I got up went to class and did I do best, pretend everything is okay. Sam, Jimmy, Patrick, and I went to the ALANA student center for one of their weekly breakfasts, and soon after that it was on to chem and religion lectures. Half in and out of sleep, I made it through with minimal dozing off. I grabbed lunch, and went back to my room to listen to music and just be still. Biology lecture came and went, before it was on to the office to gather the supplies to run our table at UVM's Founder's Day Pep Rally. I helped give out popcorn to a few hundred people and teh rest of my crew painted faces for the hockey game. It was really cool to see so many students coming together to show their school spirit (for once). It was cold as heck, and Sam and I caught the last bus back to the office. Bret came by and we worked on our endless list of things to get ready for our regional conference for a few hours. Back to my room and all I did was watch Arrow and the Vampire Diaries (both perfect episodes - Thea is a badass, and Rebekah is the most tantalizing character of all time). I knocked out at like 2 am and legitimately was done with life. Veritas.

Being a teenager is all about being moon should be. My favorite quote of all time still remains, quotation mark above all else, to thine own self be true Honestly, at the end of the day if you look at yourself in the person staring back at you is different than who you perceive yourself to be there something wrong. Take a clear look at yourself and really look. You should be the same person you were when you left in the morning when you come back from your day. Veritas.

My blog post question for the day is… if you could guest star on any show what would it be? I would have to go with the obvious one of 9O21O - if you wanna live in the zip, you've got live by the code.


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