Being a teenager is all about hitting that high point. It's like you're reaching the peak of a mountain. While the view may be breathtaking you're gasping for breath because the air is so thin and you've busted you're ass to get up there. You came, you saw, you conquered alright - but where did you end up at the end of all that Cesarean ambition? This is the zenith.

The days leading up to break are some of the most stressful of the entire semester. I have no idea what it is specifically but I think it's a compilation of all the craziness wrapped into one like a ratchet throwback heartsick mixtape (what is this Perks of Being a Wallflower). Everything just seems to add up and compound (freaking eff calculus and all that shat, you put money in the bank, and magically a little bit more gets added in, end of story - #CatchThatKid anyone, K-Stew at her finest *which is never). All clubs want to have last minute events, and people are all trying to hang out. Your campus is pushing you this way and thataway. On top of all of that stuff, your teachers have secretly conspired to plan all their big ass essays and exams in the same week so as to make your life absolutely unbearable. Like really though, that's like premeditated murder. Who does that? Y'all know I ain't got time for all of that and yet you get together to plot against me (specifically, as if I'm the only student that matters at this school or something #myideas). What did I do to deserve this epic mess of a week ... I'll tell you, absolutely nothing. Truly it was unwarranted, but it's whatever - that's just me being bitter and complaining like it's my job (actually that's like proper teenage profession, comes with the career title). I mean this is the pinnacle of the semester, so it's implied that ish is going to be cray, and it's all going to go a little bit crazy crazy (until we see the sun ... #dontjudgeme). You just have to actual buckle down and do your work. Shut out all the distractions, friends, family, social media, TV, clubs and do some actual uninterrupted work - it's like a thing. Get ready, get set, and go to the zenith.

Do you really want to know about the absolutely ridiculous week I had? Of course you do, y'all know this blog serves a dual purpose for me to preach and for me to pretend to practice what I preach (aka hypocrisy 101, lol JK - but seriously though). This was undoubtedly the hardest week of college I've had so far in all my semesters at UVM. Like damn, why y'all trying to kill me - I'm like important or something. Wednesday can be fast forward through until after my biology class where I was a drained mess. I couldn't actually believe I stayed awake for the whole class lecture. Afterwards I had the bitter task of walking in the icy, like jeans-freezing cold (even mother nature wants to hate on my swag) weather to the office. I talked to Kyle who's in a couple of my classes for studying strategies and what not. I got to the office and legit just kinda sorta, maybe, okay quite possibly might have had a little breakdown. Ooph, I may or may not have been a mess just getting overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had to do and pressures of my teenage life. My inability to say not to people might have finally pushed me right over the edge of sanity. I went back to my room and there was my saving grace. One Direction's new album "Take Me Home" in its deluxe edition form arrived and I love ever freaking song - that's my stuff, literally perfect and it helped me get over my predicament instantly. I sat down and just did chemistry for a few hours before heading out to my RHA general body meeting. All was going well until something in my stomach was just not feeling right, my body was just not having it at all. I couldn't hold on any longer, I just had to to go to the bathroom and vom-vom (aka upchuck, spew, blow chunks, vomit, regurgitate etc) #onlyme. Right after that I truly debated skipping my fraternity's initiation ceremony but I ended up going even with my upset stomach. The ceremony was absolutely epic, too bad I can't share with you what happens behind those closed doors. All I can is my fraternity brothers are my family away from my family and I value each and everyone one of those guys. We had a hilarious time trying to take some classy pictures before I had to leave and get to studying. Just spent hours doing the most trying to prepare for my last organic chemistry exam of the semester (before the evil demon known as the final). Another late night (like every other night this year). I had definitely reached that epitome of complete chaotic mess around 2 am. That zenith, oh I've been there - come at me.
These past few days have been more than enough to drive any teenager crazy. Like what is this life, I'm not about it. It's been too much, and the stakes were too high for everything all at once. Thursday morning meant missing office hours for more studying - which was completely different than what I'm used to in my routine. I went to tennis and got demolished in singles by one of my classmates, Emil - that dude is a powerhouse like nobody's business (here's like everywhere and and nowhere at the same time). Off to my chemistry lab where it was more fractional distillations and hexane weirdness with my awesome lab partner, Miranda. We got that thing done real fast and I got to see Dzenan and Nicholas, two of my favorite chums (ooph, Hardy Boys reference). Back to more studying back in my room with some unexpected napping. Finally it was time for my organic chemistry exam, yet again I felt like I had that thing on lock and I worked slowly and surely. Apparently chemistry and I just aren't friends, backstabbing grade poisoner #bitter. Whatevs, I finished that went straight to the last board of trustees info session to grace the world with my presence (not really, ain't nobody care where I go - whoops, lies, well lies I tell myself). I made the journey across campust to the office to make NEACURH conference clothespins and a banner with Anna, Bret and Taylor. The amount of glue gun burns, glitter sparkles and sass in that room was just too much - no words for the ridiculousness of it all. 4 hours just spent doing crafts. Back to my room to pack and pretend to be normal. Like I'm not falling apart - reached that zenith

Being a teenager is all about getting to the most epic part of your semester. It seems like everything comes down to certain moments in the year, and this is one of them. It's up to you to get what you do done so you can move on and get out ASAP. We've got places to go and people to see, let's make it do what it do and get it done. This is the zenith.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the highest point in your semester? I would have to say, the days right before you leave on break are the absolute best - it's like we're all ready to finally breathe.


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