Mad Man

Being a teenager is all about going a little bit crazy. As college students we live in this crazy weird dystopian bubble on campus. No other place is like where we are now. It's easy to get caught up in the daily ridiculousness if it all. The people, classes, food and all the random extracurriculars in between. What happens when do let it all in and you go crazy? Let's have it mad man.

Having no breaks in fall semester might be the worst idea of all time. The weekends are never enough time to recuperate from the dramatic weeks of major highs and way down lows. You can't even properly relax because you have so much work it's like you're in this vicious professor induced cycle. Think about people go super hard during the doing their work foe classes and then drink themselves into an inebriated stupor in the weekends to "forget" about the rough week they've just had. That's not healthy. Honestly, it's like an actual problem. People get stressed out, snap, and go Joker crazy. Guy Fawkes and his fifth of. November escapades have got nothing on the wild ones around here. People want to rebel and do whatever they can to feel better. This weekend I had a super random midday sleep dream where I contemplated cutting. Like whoa, that's not alright at all. I've seen Degrassi. If you're getting swamped an need an escape don't be afraid to head to your school's center for health and well being. Mental health is just as important as the rest of you. Go talk to someone, especially thoughts of hurting yourself are floating around. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Get it together and prevent the spiral down to mad man.

Personally, I'm not a big fans of the weekend here at school. It takes so much effort to do stuff and I'm just not about that life. Saturday, I literally spent in my room the entire day. I just wasn't having any of it. I had no intention of going anywhere, and I just wasn't about to leave the safety and sanctity of my room. I spent the day blogging and doing my laundry. Tell me why my laundry took literal hours to wash, dry, fold, hang, and put away. Half my day was done, but doing anything other than homework was exactly what I needed. I was just hanging out, not thinking about the mind boggling amounts of what I had to. Sometimes I sit and think, what did I get myself into - I brought this upon myself. I know that if I didn't do all the stuff I do, I would absolutely hate (I understand it's a strong word) going to school here - that's the absolute truth. Later, I stopped by my floor-mate Tyler's room to play some Halo Reach with him and suite-mates  Matt, Nick and another floor-mate Michael. Video gaming is like the best distraction ever, mindless violence without real world consequences - the key to every teenage boys heart. All I have to say is girls who can play video games - thank you for existing. After that I ordered some chicken wings, and it was finally homework time, just starting at 9pm. I took the whole day for myself and I don't regret it all. If I didn't I would have quite possibly become a mad man. I worked until just around 2 am and went to bed. Daylight savings time ended (thank freaking goodness, Benjamin Franklin can go suck it) and I slept like a newborn infant (my favorite people in the world). Sunday for me meant grocery shopping with Sam and buying some birthday surprise presents for Felicia and Bret. The rest of the day was spent doing massive amounts of homework and geting it done. Dinnertime came around and I went to Brennan's for the most ratchet burned baguette embarrassment for a french dip concoction of all time. Like I'm beyond that. It was time for my fraternity formal chapter meeting. Love all my brothers, even though our meetings have a tendency to run over time (2.5hours total of bromantic meeting bonding) they make it too much fun. It's a break from the rest of the world, and I get to be myself in a group (if that even makes sense). I've never felt out of place or weird around them, we just all fit together somehow. PMD is me, I am PMD (coined that, you're welcome). Sunday night was finishing up more homework into Monday morning.

The start of the week sets the tone for the rest of the subsequent days of the week. Mondays have a tendency to be out of the ordinary, usually in a good way. This Monday was just a whole lot of random. It started in my honors college class which got way more diverse when halfway through the class two visiting African-American students came to sit in. It was absolutely hilarious to see the majority of kids in that class, fidget, get unconformable and try not to be blatant in their staring. Done and done with that. I zoomed through chem lecture and into religion lecture (I know my New Testament - bada-bing, bada-boom). I grabbed food from New World Tortilla after waiting half an hour in line with my floor-mate Lila (from west-side side last year). I met up with my friend Dzenan and we finally caught up on our lives. We have multiple classes together but somehow one of us is always busy as heck (usually me and my unreal life). It was good just to sit there and talk - me sitting alone in my room and eating may or may not be a good look. Biology lecture came around and I a passed the eff out of like as soon as that class started. My body said hell to naw, and I slept unwillingly. Class ended and I caught up with my senior peeps, Josh and Kylie aka Jylie (unbeknownst to them) to ask some questions about the super confusing lab we had to do. I spent my evening getting mind-blown by the perfection of One Direction's new album "Take Me Home" - it's actually amazing. I highly recommend preordering it and picking up whenever you can - BSB & N'Sync-esque with a modern twist. On to my executive board meeting where we celebrated Felicia and Bret's birthday before getting down to business. I finished my lab over a group message conversation and actually slept for a normal amount of time - rare. Mad man. 

Being a teenager is all about being okay with what's going on in your life. It can be so overwhelming to do he things we do. We can't do everything. We all have limits. Being conscious of them is part of being human. Don't be ashamed of taking some time just to sit and wallow, or just chill. Mad man.
My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite newly released song? I love the Wanted's "Mad Nan" and One Direction's "Kiss You."


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