Something Great

The 20s are all about taking a break from life. Finishing another year of school has this ambiguous feeling. You're happy you're done with having to work like a madman for a little bit but with separation means you're entire lifestyle changes for the summer. Some people get jobs, others find internships, and others still hang out, travel, or relax doing absolutely nothing. Each and everything has its merits and its flaws but summer is whatever you make of it. As long as you enjoy yourself and get what you need out of it, it's all up to you. Make it memorable, make it count, make it something great.

Finally, after many a blog post I'm catching up with the digital retelling of my collegiate life with the real time of things when and how they happen. So let me bring you up to speed with the haps. Saturday was the definition of a lazy day that was long overdue and well deserved (I'm pretty sure everyone ever would agree). I slept until noon and it was oh so very glorious. I languished in the novelty of not having anything in particular to do (is this what it feels like to be a normal person?). I started to watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation but as if my life was a TV sitcom, my viewership of the movie was broken ever time I sat down to watch it. It was totally the running gag of the day. I took a trip to Costco with Zach and realized the oh so many reasons I disliked the place. First of all, it's massive as hell and kind of overwhelming. Secondly, I lose my appetite when I see tons of food in one location (not a big fan of buffets) and lastly, it was like the physical embodiment of America in one superstore (gluttonous excess, capitalism, obesity and genius advertising). I got a churro and it was so damn good, okay America - I see you indulgence and raise you my totally take petulance. From there it was on to Wally World aka Wal-Mart which was more of the same. Back home to the new spot before the rest of my evening kicked off. I think my favorite thing about my friends is that they totally take me out of my comfort zone. Anything that is spontaneous and that whole going with the flow mindset is completely not me. Ever since I planned my own 9th birthday party and was angry when it didn't go exactly as I had envisioned it, I have been slightly obsessive in my need to be in control or decide what's going on. That's exactly it, I guess I'm afraid to not be in the lead. It's something great when I am able to trust other people to do so. An unassuming text from Mac and it kicked off a truly memorable evening of spur-of-the-moment adventure starting with waiting for Mexican food at El Gato Cantino and a trip to the Sweet Thing candy store (rocky candy and Pop Rocks on deck). Night fell and we decided to head to the beach. He played with the remnants of a fire and I messed around on the playground (I'm like Captain Marvel, secretly 10 years old). It was so freaking liberating just to be able to run around, say whatever unfiltered and unpretentious, and be comfortable in it. The beach was closing we departed after sharing camp stories in the bathroom (you know you're friends with someone when you're okay with talking and urinating simultaneously). On to froyo from Orange Leaf and more sharing as we divided up a cup of toppings and their quirkiest flavors. At the apartment with Zach, Dom and their friend we played and adult game of Hedbandz (guess what/who/where you are in 30 seconds or less). Board games get me right in the feels and the night ended with an episode of Magic School Bus on Netflix. I wasn't the decisive one for once and everything turned out better than okay. It was some of the most fun I'd had in a really long time. It was amorphous but totally something great.

When things are going good they have a tendency to keep going that way. Sunday continued with me in the backseat figuratively and literally. After a morning of doing absolutely nothing (Netflix doesn't count) afternoon and evening came with a BBQ. Mac, Zach and I took a quick trip to the g-store for desserts and then joined the festivities which were super chill. It was just Dom and his friends sitting around eating, sharing ridiculous laugh out of loud stories and just being. It was so weird for me, just to be. I kind of had one of those "proud parent" moments when Mac was absolutely in his element running that conversation and having us all in stitches laughing. The dude gives me grief because we're so different just in mentality of how/when things get done but being friends with him has been such a formative part of this year and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's been something great. After a couple burgers I was crazing more frozen yogurt because I have no chill whatsoever and it was on to travelling a bit. Zach had to work in the morning so he hit the hay but you know sleep is not fond of me so Mac and I decided to make Jell-O (things I haven't done since 8th grade) and watch the first couple episodes of Gossip Girl. Morning came somehow and Zach and I ventured near Lake Champlain to Apple Tree Park with our rackets and started our tennis days. Back and forth we swung all over that court, it was hilarious since we were in suburbia the amount of stares we received. I didn't care (don't assume a lowly socioeconomic status cause you'd be wrong) and we were having a grand ole time. I was sweaty as heck and we took to the park to play around swing, climb and catch our breath before heading back home. I ate a shat ton of leftover pizza and ordered clothes online (definition of first world) before getting caught up in the uproar of Pinterest (like where have you been all my life; planner's dream). I spent my night binging on Gossip Girl and was embarrassed to have stayed up until 6AM watching episodes - like why? Another late morning Tuesday so Dom, Zach and I went to get bagels and hit the park. Dom went for a run and Zach and I played a raggedy game of tennis. It was actually laughable how much of a mess we were (do not eat before playing like actually though). Hit the showers and it was off to dinner with my RHA advisor Raf for old time's sake. It was so good to speak candidly and just talk things over. I had oysters for the first time ever which was an experience I'll never forget. It was something great ... and to be continued when I'm in the middle next time, stay tuned.

This past year has been such a year of progress for me as a person. I've come a long way from last year as how much more open I am as a person (more than just sharing my life through this blog). I have never been used to showing my affection for people physically. This year I got over my apprehension for contact. I'm now a fan of warm hugs, hand-head signaling, and secret handshakes. There have been piggybacks, wrestling on the group, doggie piles, spoon sessions, cuddle buddies, group smushy hugs, and pretty much everything in between. I'm also okay with sharing my food now. That was probably the hardest thing. Now I'm done to trade food and drink with my closest friends. What are boundaries? Apparently, I no longer have any. It's something great. Now the affection that has always been in my heart can be demonstrated outwardly in how I can play around with the best of them. It's like being in a Old Navy bro commercial constantly and I'm okay with that. It's something great. Show people you care about them and they'll show you back.

My blog post question for the day is ... what is something great that you're thankful for from the past week? I'm thankful for kind friends who let me hangout in my little transitional week period before all my summer endeavors kick off.


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