Until the Sunrise

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Being a teenager is all about looking towards the future. When the word summer is spoken images of girls running around pools in bikinis, fruit salads, water balloon fights, ice cream trucks, and carnivals come to mind. But before you can live it up with the ultimate summer lifestyle you've got to get your finances together. It's finally time we all got some J.O.B's. Here's your guide to getting the perfect adolescent summer job. Just wait until the sunrise, it'll all be worth it.

There are so many ways to find summer jobs. You've got to start with what you want to do. Would you like to work in food service, retail, in a medical office, or with the kids, the list of possiblities is pretty endless. Once you've decided what kind of job you want to pursue it's time to do some research. I suggest hopping on the interwebs and googling the hell out exactly what you're looking for. If you want to work at a sleepaway camp as a counselor type in "summer camp jobs near (wherever you live)" and just browse the results. You'll find lots of information this way. Go the businesses websites and follow the links to their career sections, most have applications or directions for applying right there. In addition to doing the whole online thing, it's even better to visit a business and inquire about jobs in person. Business owners see that you've got that confidence and drive to do the whole "I wanna work you" thing in person, and truly appreciate it. If your neighbors own their own businesses don't be afraid to ask if you could work with them for the summer, you're sure to get to job just because you know them. If you can't find a job, start your own business. Mow lawns for the summer, walk dogs, babysit, or errands for the elderly. I'm telling you the job market might be looking super shady but as teens we're bursting onto the scene. It's not impossible to get a job to actually like. If there's a pool around, get CPR certified and become a lifeguard, oogle the babes/hunks that come your way and splash around like Baywatch slowmotion. If you love the drama get a job on set of a theatre production be the Sharpay and Ryan Evans "Bop to the Top" you've always wanted to be. If you like it hot, be a volunteer firemen like Randy Quench from All That (my references are out of control right now). If you're okay with serving food become like that Education Connection chick, but not. It's better to put the work in now before all those high school kids enter the ring, and get your perfect summer job. You'll thank me when you're relaxing and can't even handle the immensity of the sunrise.
Have no fear if you can't find a summer job, there's a shat ton of other things to do. There's internships, and volunteering as alternatives that may or may not provide the money you might be looking for but will for sure help you get ahead in the long run. Summer is the perfect time to pursue any of your career interests. Like even though I'm going to be a neonatologist, you all know I love to write, and also had broadcast journalism or even publication aspirations. I looked at my local news stations and newspapers and saw that they all had programs set up for kids like me to get some first hand exerience working in the world of the media. Whatever you want to do with your life, this is the perfect oppurtunity to test the waters. If you want to be a witty legal wiz of a lawyer like Suits, Eli Stone, or the Deep End, call up a local law office and see if they can find anything for you to do. Want to make mouth watering desserts, call or stop in to your local bakery and see if they need any help like a Cake Boss or Cupcake Wars. Interested in the exciting world of medicine (as in the greatest jobs ever, *I might be biased) like Private Practice, General Hospital, or Scrubs - I highly recommend joining the volunteer program at your local hospital. All it takes are a few clicks on the internet and you'll be ready to go.If you don't want to get super serious and do the career route check out just doing something you'd like. Becoming a mentor at your local YMCA, packaging boxing a food shelter, or answering calls at a crisis hotline (not PLL style that ish was cray) are all amazing things anyone can do. Volunteering is self fulfilling. Helping others truly makes you feel good like those Skittles commercials with rainbows, or seeing an infant smile when they make poopy (I'm weird, deal with it). Making a difference in people's lives is something teens a lot of times don't do, and if we're going to inherit the world this where we get our humble beginnings. Work all day and party all night until the sunrise.

Let it be known that there's only 59 days, and counting until summer break is officially here. I don't about you but that's not a lot of time left for this school year. It seems like the first year of college has gone by so fast it's unbelieveable and there's still at ton of things I want to do like get on the Real World, be on Big Brother, or travel around the world with the Amazing Race. Summer is like 3 and a half month vacation this year and this is not the time to sit at home doing nothing and wasting money. Do some research, apply for a grant or take some summer classes to get ahead. Do not let your summer break go to break or you might regret it, hardcore. Work and play until the sunrise. BTW, the dynamic duo of Cal Shapiro and Rob "Rez" Resnick that makes up Timeflies is literally amazing. The dude can rap and sing, and the beats are sick, I suggest you check them out and add them to your summer jams playlist.

Being a teenager is all about getting ready to have the best summer vacation known to man. Summer is the time to not only relax to pad your pockets and enjoy where you work. If you plan ahead, and do it right, you'll not only be making bank but have time to play hard as well. Summer nights are the ones we all live for, warm winds, cruising with music blasting, and food - all until the sunrise.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the worst job you've ever had? Uhm, I wouldn't know. I haven't worked a day in my life, this whole internship thing would be my first work related experience, so help a brother out y'all.


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