Out of this World

Being a teenager is all about figuring out where you belong. Coming to college has been an amazing experience for me, but there have been way too many occasions where I've totally felt out place. The staring, the weird looks, and all the awkwardness in between when you know you're standing out. Sometimes you just want to blend in with everyone else, and just be you. Time to board the rocketship, blast off, and go out of this world.

Going to class means walking and you all know me and that mode of transportation, as in myself don't get along so well. Wednesday I was running a little bit late to biology lecture (as in I left for class on time instead of early #perfectionistproblems) and I get to the main street cross walk and the sign says don't walk. Literally everyone else just J-Walks, and I just stand there looking weird, and the amount of dirty looks I received was staggering. Sorry, I'm not trying to die, my life is valuable as hell, I have the potential to marry Keke Palmer one day. I proceed through my classes, starting with biology where there's tons of awkward silences where my professor tries to get class participation except no one know wants to speak except this annoying ass wannabe know-it-all nerd kid. He literally raised his hand, not to ask a question, but to give a "fun fact" (like who the hell are you, you're not my boy, Campby). African religions was quite interesting when we watched this documentary on a traditional southern Nigerian rite of passage in which teenage girls were painted and sat, bear-breasted in the town square to be checked for chastity and afterwards become full-fleged women. Just experiencing a different culture is interesting for me, but for a lot of the class they took it as a joke because apparently showing your boobs in public in their society is absolutely wrong. Afterwards it's into math class for a hardcore test that just ruins everyone's day including "Smoldering Prep" and "Chip Skylark." I walk back to the Heights  where it's only my debate group of Connor, Katie Clare, Rob, Allie, and Colby with our professor to solidify our positions on the honor code. We get lots done and I truly enjoy working with my group, everyone's way cooler than I thought.  I grabbed food and just watched another episode of Greek because I can. Time winds down and 5 o'clock comes up, so it's off to the studio in the student center to get ready for Dirty Pop! Pre-show time might be my favorite, watching music videos for N'Sync "Pop" and looking up celebrity scandals with Allie, Tricia, Hailey and Luca is way too much fun. We're so random, and all kind of weird in our own way. The sarcasm drips like a Hunger Games carcass, and our "gone wild" themed episode goes off with a hitch (the freaking camera starts beeping out of nowhere). Catch the episode here. Afterwards Luca, Hailey and I get some more mediocre New World Tortilla where we're just supes pop and between the three of us know like everyone. Story of our lives. We're semi loud, constantly a mess, and perfectly us. We're more than out of this world.

Going out of this world means doing you even when other people are not. There comes a time in your college career where you realize nobody cares, and you can be free to do whatever you want. My Wednesday night continued with another IRA (inter-residence association) general body meeting where we talked about what we would do to improve campus (my suggestions include a swingset, a recreational pool, benches and more tennis courts). Boy-Sam gives all of us who went to conference (miss those two posts about that amazing experience, catch up here the Spirit Stick & the Spirit Showdown) including boy-Brett, Bret, Sam, Erica, Knight, and Jilliene. It's always a good time but the year seems to be winding down. It's back to my room where all of us are just hanging out being our random selves. Emily, Sam, Jandro and I just talk and chill until I realize I'm about to be late for my fraternity info session. I head on over to the Davis Center and up to the fourth floor where the bros are waiting for me. Just being around my "brothers" is a heartwarming experience. We were just talking to potential new members about what it actually means to join and for each one of us it meant something different but the same. Zach, our VP of Finance truthfully said that he was closer to us than his own actual brother, and that's real and deep. I'm not there but I cannot wait to feel comfortable enough to add Gabe, Baldwin, Campby, Robby, Derrick, Dom, Aaron, Jeff, Bela, Matt, Stan, Dan, Phil and all the rest to my personal brotherhood. All the potential new members are super chill and prety cool, and here's hoping they take a leap of faith and join up for the brotherhood (this is not X-men). Back to my room where homework gets done and the ultimate talk of weirdness ensues with Westside Alex, Krabby Patty (my roommate) and I. Alex and I start talking about how Vermont is so different from the high society lifestyle that we lead back at home and we have to be careful to not appear pretentious, bratty or arrogant. Things that are normal for me like buying things whenever you enter a store, getting fines for not maintaining your yard, and refraining from burping/farting/spitting in public. Just a two hour eye opening talk about how apparently out of the ordinary we are. So glad to find a kindred spirit, all this let it all hang loose free stuff is cool and what not but, we have to draw the line somewhere. We're just out of this world and on our own little suburban planet.

Doing your laundry in a hall complex is like the weirdest thing ever. Let it be known that today I had to do 5 separate loads of laundry. One for whites, another for colors, one for sheets and towels, another for my plaid shirts & Northface jacket, and lastly one for my dark wash A&F jeans (do you detect those pretentious #preppykidproblems). Just ridiculous as heck. I run into my friend Jackie, you might remember her as my former crush, JaMocha Shake. I feel like I never see certain people anymore, probably because we're all legitmately busy, so dumbd. Eventually Jimmy comes around with Teddy and they head off to lunch after hanging out with me for a while. I head to the DC for lunch where I'm intercepted by my IRA advisor, Jilliene. I grab like the greatest sandwich of all time, this mango/cranberry drizzled chabatta bread sandwich and when checking out I thought I saw Cal Shapiro from "Timeflies" two spots ahead of me, and had a mini-heart attack, the dude can rap. I'm going up the stairs with my food when I realize the people dressed in all black suits are actually President Obama's secret service, oh yeah, he'll be here tomorrow, NBD. That's like mind blowing, our nation's most prominent figure only a few hundred feet from me, wild. I see, Gabe R. one of the ALANA student center counselors who might the be funniest ever. There's that whole being constantly busy thing again. I go back and fold my laundry which takes me half an hour but my full arsenal of apparel is stocked and ready to go. Bring on the sexy even more girlies, I've got it. It's time for chemistry lecutre, and the bus is about to come so Jimmy and I run to catch it. Sammy is not so lucky. We get to central campus where I buy a Sprite (Drake problems) before we take our seats. There's more fake-celeb sightings like Ultimate-Frisbee Mate (the Niall Horan doppelganger), and this kid who looks like Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson). Class flies by with minimal awkward jokes and right afterwards it's time for my actual debate. Jimmy gets ice cream and we take a little adventure through the food science building. I just feel a little bit nervous but my team of Rob, Connor, Katie Clare, Colby and Allie calm me down. We've got it on luck. It all starts and we're running train on the negative team. The honor code, was most successfully be debated in our favor and we beat Dave Jenneman's (who looks like a movie producer himself) class. Good game, but we all brought it and went hard in the paint. Boom, roasted. I'm feeling great, feeling wild, young, and out of this world.
Being a teenager is all about being yourself no matter where you are. It's about being comfortable in your own skin. College has a tendency to challenge you, what you believe, and if you're not careful change you, and sometimes it's for the better, while at other times it's for the worst. But when everyone and everything around is pressuring you to be conform that's when you revolt. Hop on your rocketship, chuck the deuces, and get out of this world.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you keep yourself unique? I'm pretty sure I've always been on the outside of the crowd, and that's one of my favorite things about myself. I don't really care much of what other people about me, it only matters what I think about myself.

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