Being a teenager is all about leaping tall buildings in a single bound. It's about being a tiny bit bionic and all around perfect. We all know that's not possible or true. However, as teens I like to think we all have certain abilities that make us a little superior to all other age groups. It's that pep in our step, our go "go gett'em" attitude, and that "I can do anything" mindset that gives us the upper hand. We can multitask and manage to be good at everything. We're like X-Men and the Justice League up in here, only not - more like superhuman.

You must know by now that I might be a beast when it comes to multitasking. It's kind of like my adolescent specialty. I dabble in a little bit of everything, and still manage to have time to laugh, watch TV, do homework and study - how you might ask. I'm not even human, I'm superhuman just like that Chris Brown and Keri Hilson collabo "Superhuman." After morning classes, I made the short walk to the Davis Center for a chicken flatwarp from New World Tortilla or as I call it mediocrity central. Like what is this, Bueno Nacho from Kim Possible? My friend Connor from Winter Break walks back with me to the Heights where I take some time to watch classic episodes of Digimon on YouTube. Monday night consisted of hardcore bio lab report crunch time with Sammy. From there, it was to library to trade insults at new member education class with Campbell and Rob. Another fraternal value learned, service both to the individual and community as a whole. Back to the Heights at 9:30pm to start cooking scrambled eggs for my Hall Council's event "Midnight Munchies: Round 2." It's always a good time with Carolyn, Hannah, Lilia, Danielle, Jandro, Sam, and Ali helping to dish out food to a crowd of people. Quote of the night, "I'm so glad we hung posters on the third and fourth floors of our building, we got an entirely different demographic" and it was true, we got the sophomores and juniors to come out to play. Just smelling like bacon and pancakes until we finish up at midnight. I work on my chemistry lab until 2 am and call it a night. Tuesday it's more homework in the morning before 2 hours of biology lab madness. Sam and I classify insects and I put on a not so brave face to overcome my intense fear of anything buggy. Lunchtime for the both us and soon chemistry lecture creeps on up. Quite possibly the longest class of all time, and right afterwards it chemistry lab for another two hours. Jandro and I tag time to titrate some antacids. We finish and book it to catch the bus which is a stop ahead of us (highlight of the night). Hall Council meeting where we go over why we're so awesome and Sam and I watch Jane By Design to wind down the night. Ish is about to go down next week in the Spring Finale. I'm tasked with finishing math homework and starting my debate position essay on the honor code. I'm on the verge or stress induced incapacitation but I'm superhuman and make a dent in my paper before passing out again past 2 am.


This year happens to be a Leap Year, meaning that February has an extra day (things you need to know, kiddies) and that meant Wednesday usually didn't exist on the calendar. You know I woke up a whole lot of a mess and still had more work to do so into the shower like Steve Urkel and went from geek to smooth and chic like Stefan Ur-kel from Family Matters.  Breakfast time happens and since none of my other half hour shows were loading, I decided to watch something new as in Disney XD's (like Disney Channel but for boys) newest show "Lab Rats" which actually is laugh out loud funny. Superhuman teenagers, and Tyrel Jackson Williams ("Everybody Hates Chris" his little brother) being both normal and extraordinary, great cast, witty lines and cool concept with Hal Sparks from E! News, and upcoming star Spencer Boldman. But, I digress (it's that pop culture bug in me) - I watched the hour premiere and soon was off to biology lecture. It's all about chordates and vertebral columns today. Class ticks on by and Danny Boy (my former chem lab partner) knocks out, the kid might be more sleep deprived than me. From there it was on to African Religions where we watch a movie on how Europeans used religion to justify colonizing the motherland, and Chase was there being his oblivious self, as always. Math class comes and we get back our first exams, which I did relatively well on while most of my classmates hardcore failed - ooph, supes awk, sorry Chip Skylark your shiny teeth didn't get you out of this one. HCOL comes and we go over some midterm terminology (too punny) with the Schreck before I'm finally done learning for the day. How do I do it, not even I know, could be some chemical X, Rowdyruff Boys style. It's my English homeboy and fraternity brother Campbell's birthday, so I make my way over to Marsh-Austin-Tupper hall complex and surprise the guy with a heartfelt birthday card, probably one of the most interesting I've ever written. It really is a love-hate relationship with us. He might be a different version of myself, and a whole lot crazier. It's the ultimate bro-hug, and he's watching Nickelodeon and I'm thinking finally someone who understands me. But really, we're both weird. I realized he's technically like 5, for real - only leap day kids. It's like I'm on nonstop go and I'm superhuman.

Lunch time happens for me and I take a twist and get a sandwich with avocado mayonnaise, what what from the Marketplace. I stop by the studio to say hey to Michael Cohen and Noah before heading back to the Heights to watch Justice League Unlimited. I hope you all know I'm physically incapable of doing anything other than watching TV while eating, it's my kryptonite. I work on blogging Live and Learn before changing into beachy themed garb and heading back to the studio with Hailey G. It's time for another episode of my TV show "Dirty Pop!" and the whole cast meets up to get ready for the show. Jon, Tricia, Allie, Jack Steele, Hailey, Luca and I look up stories for the show and just hangout. It's for sure one of the best times of my week. The Miley Cyrus black penis cake, Snooki being pregnant, and the running joke that we were actually shooting from Cabo for this Spring Break themed episode. 7 o'clock rolls around and it's a quick change into my IRA t-shirt and the magic elevator to the fourth floor for the IRA (inter residence association) sponsored event, Grocery Bingo. It's a group effort as we all come together to set up tables, chairs and bingo cards. VP and apparent deejay, Jordan, plays some classic music videos like N'Sync's "Pop" and Aaaron Carter "House Party" to get us in the excited mood. Sam and I with the help of Bret, Feresha and Kayla separate out the tiers of prizes. Program Director Grace runs the show and comes up with quirky names of each prize. Everybody is doing their part. Alex is snapping pictures like a professional photographer, Tiffani is keeping track of which balls have been pulled from the rotator thingy, and Liz is making sure everyone's got their stuff together. Grace does the first round of announcing and then I take over, because you know of course I would. I'm just feeling a little wild so I'm calling out the letters and numbers like a foreigner and associating each letter with a word or phrase. Like B4 - for Britney Spears "Till the World Ends" and G65 gangster like Tupac "Ain't Nothing But a Gangsta Party." We do like 11 rounds of rousing bingo with the big winners being some total bros (Beavis and Butthead laughs), identical twin dynamos and even Sam got herself half of a prize. All in all it was good night. Before we leave our national representative Sam, meets with those of us going the conference like boy-Brett, Erica, Sam and I about getting together to make banners and unique clothespins. Sammy and I stop at the Marché for a quick bite to eat and I'm a total mess so I take half an hour to rest my eyes. Patrick wakes me up and it's all too soon. I'm forced to get back up, so I order my sister, who turns 15 on Sunday, a bouquet of balloons to be delivered to the Manor (what we refer to our house as, it's pretentious as hell, I understand) and finally buckle down to do my math homework. From that's it's time to finish that HCOL 4-5 page essay like it's NBD. Jandro and Natty Dan roll a hairball, as in they shaved Dan's head and balled up the remnants and tossed it in my room. You know I raged, I thought it was animal, you can't blame me for blowing my top. Just another 2 am beddy-bye time. I've finally finished and I know since I've made it almost to spring break, I'm superhuman.

Being a teenager is all about getting things done. It's about pushing through all the stress, the insanity, and the craziness that is your college experience. Being superhuman means that you're more than able to get through it all and push forward. I like to think that each and every one of us is a tiny bit superhuman. No tights, capes, or superpowers necessary.

My blog post question for the day is ... who's your favorite superhero and why? Uhm, I would for sure say Superman, because he's the greatest of all time. You know I watched all 10 seasons of Smallville, that's literally a decade of my life people in TV.


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