Dorm Sweet Dorm

Being a teenager is all about where you live. Your crib is the ultimate spot where you spend the majority of your time, especially in the crazy village of young people known as college. Think about it, what other time in your life will people of all relatively the same age whose purpose is one thing, to get an education, be together like this. Probably won't happen anytime soon. It's almost spring time and that means getting you stuff together for next school year. This is like the Real World: Dorm, USA. Choose your dorm sweet dorm.

There comes a time when you'll have to sit down with your roommate, and have "the talk." No this is not about the all the times you've walked on in your roommate masturbating, doing the dirty or hooking up with their conquest of the week - this is about whether or not you guys will be rooming together next semester. (I haven't actually heard of anyone whose roommate does any of those things) It's can be awkward conversation especially if one of you is all for it and the other isn't. You're both either in or out, there's no halfway. Rooming together means that you were good roommates, and that you're companion living situation trial was a total success. When your roommate asks you to room together again, it's like they've popped the question. Krabby Patty right before we went to sleep a few weekends ago asked if I wanted to room with him again next year, and for once I felt like a dainty girl who has just become a fiancĂ©. This whole roommate thing is like planning for the royal wedding, balding Prince William and the duchess (not Fergie) Kate Middleton style. It can be a wonderful experience or an awkward as hell one like Kim Kardashian and former hubby Kris Humphries where an annulment is in order. It's best just to come out and ask, and don't take offense if your roommate wants to part ways. I'm pretty sure you know by now if you're besties with your roomie or not. If you haven't got the friendship memo like Raven and Chelsea, or Michael and Logan, it's kind of too late to jump on it. You've got option, either keep the same roommate, live with other friends, go random next year, or get a single. Anyway you spin it, it's your dorm sweet dorm.

Housing applications are rolling out in full force right about now. It's the red carpet interviews of college housing situations. Word of advice, get your applications in as soon as possible. The sooner the better and the increased likelihood that you'll get a good lottery draw. I don't know about your school but mine has a lottery system which is totally random and chooses the order that you'll decide where you'll take residence next year. Get your stuff together and contact the bros or chicas you want to live with and make sure they get their forms in on time.  When choosing suitemates or even hallmates it's highly important to be careful. Some people are cool to hang out with on occassion but having to share a bathroom with them or be near all year just won't work. Keep the crazy train away from your sanity station. Some kids are just friends, and other people are worth living with. Sometimes it's better not to live with your friends lest you get tired of them and end up ruining your budding friendship. Just be wary, and choose people you're at least acquaintances with and have evaluated all aspects of. Next year it's going to me, Krabs, Joelly-Bear, and Jimbo in a suite. We all are friends, but we could stand to be closer - so it works out really well. Be prepared to have a backup plan, sometimes things don't always go the way people expect them to people don't always get what they want (I mean that doesn't happen to me, but I've heard of it happening to other people #JK). You may have to choose to live somewhere else or even with different people so be prepared. It's legitimately not the end of the world if you don't end up with your super clique of friends, you'll still see them and hang out with them every waking moment of the year, so chill. It's just your dorm sweet dorm not life or social death.

Being a teenager is all about being on top of your game. It's about figuring out what you want and who you're able to live with. College is hard enough already and no one needs the added drama of disliking roommates and suitemates. Unless you want your home to be like dramatic fiasco known as MTV's the Hills, choose your roomies wisely. This if your dorm, sweet dorm.

My blog post question for the day is ... are you rooming next year with your current roommate? Of course, me and Krabs are keeping it going next fall, bring it on world.


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