Frame of Reference

Being a teenager is all about how you see things. It's like when people used to wear those highly unfashionable pairs of tinted sunglasses, Smurfette Blue and Magenta Pink are most deff not good likes, and all they saw was colors. Depending on how you're viewing the world your opinions and mindsets can drastically change. Whether you're set off on a mood switch or the feel the weight of your life on your shoulders, it's just about your frame of reference. *This post is part one of three on teenage viewpoints - check out the others (coming soon).

Having a kind of day off is always weird especially when you're used to be super busy all the time. Thursday is my weird break from my chaotic life. I sleep in a little bit, and use the rest of the day to study my arse off. This past break day it was all about finishing up my HCOL paper, just 5 pages on the implications of an honor code. I went hard in the paint, like Tyler Hansbrough going in for a dunk, on that thing and it was time to put in work to study for my impending HCOL exam. I did some studying and at some point in the afternoon I just laid on my bed in the fetal position just listening to music and examining my mess of a life. It snowed outside and Jandro comes in to cause some mischief. He opens my window and screen, scoops up a hardball of slush and chucks it at this random dude across the way. The guy gets hit in the back of the shoulder and we just hit the ground in delirious laughter, so funny, but so messed up. The dude eventually figures out where it came from and launches a snowball into my room all the winter into Patrick's desk which gets everything wet. I apologize for the both of us and we get ready to leave for chemistry lecture. We're absolutely immature and by anyone's frame of reference we might be the biggest pair of man-children out there. We have a snowball fight on the way to the Davis Center where it's a beef quesadilla for me. We stop in the "fishbowl" to say hey to Cullen and Meghan (his girlfriend) before heading over to chem lecture. The class goes on, and on and on but this gorgeous girl, who I could barely see from my frame of reference has just got it going on. Long hair, pony tail, that caramel chocolaty complexion, and big brown eyes that make a boy's heart melt, I'm saying come and get some. Homegirl of course is bff's with Ultimate Frisbee Mate. Dude best not be blocking my frame of reference, that Niall Horan lookalike is going down.

It's officially exam time, so Carolyn and I walk over to Rowell where we usually have HCOL plenary lecture. Everyone is on edge as we get our respective exams. The testing environment was a legit mess, the coughing, sniffling, giggling, whispering, and craziness was just another distraction from me demolishing that exam ... education can come at me bro. I grab a random burrito on the way back to the Heights and before long it's time for me to get on the bus and make my way to central campus, Billings and the "Inclusive Language Banquet." I make it there and there's the boys of the fraternity being themselves as always. Jeff is downing cupcakes like it's nobody's business but dressed dapper as ever, so bro, Gabe and goofiness, Phil and his confident go-getter personality, Ben our kind advisor, Derrick our all around good guy president, and of course, Campbell the down Earth but absolutely wild one. I meet some new people like the president of Panhellenic (sorority governing system, you know I watched Greek on ABC Family, and it's definitely coming in handy) before we all sit down to watch the presentation. It's a joint effort from the office of Greek Life and the LGBTQA group, "Free to Be" that have been promoting inclusive language all week. It's a good talk to discuss the kinds of things people on campus say that can really hurt. Things like "frat, fag, that's so gay, that's retarded, biddie, or calling shotgun" are just wrong. We're in a fraternity, you mean something's stupid, you're upset, you think that girl is easy, and the whole Native American shooting thing. What you say has more than just the power to hurt, it has the power to destroy. From a different frame of reference the same words can either make or break someone's day. Think before you speak. From there, the group of us walk back to athletic campus, grab food and hang out in Campbell and Dom's room watching YouTube videos. I finally get to see that honey badger video and it's for real hilarious. I have to hardcore peace out, but the brotherhood bond is there. Just look at your frame of reference.

Thursday night you know people we're going H.A.M. but I had more homework to do. Friday morning I was up and at them to go to all of my classes. I sat through biology, African religions (totes finished early), calculus (let go ASAP with bonus points), and HCOL where we got out early as well, so in short best day of classes ever. I got french fries in one of those random break and was just folding all my laundry and mountain of plaid A&F shirts listening to music and packing. I say goodbye to Jandro and Sam who leave at like 2:30 for Spring Break and I'm just in my room for like 3 hours hanging out. 5:30 comes around and Patrick comes back to clean and pack before him, Hazel and I head over to Lila's room to bid her adieu and bro hug our favorite bro-mister, Harrison. We sit in Patrick's car for a few minutes waving to people like Sam Z. from the Northside of the Heights before the last roadtripper, Erin H. makes it down. We're off to Essex Junction, VT to the home of my roommate. Krabby Patty's mom has got a massive spread of food for us to devour and makes sure we're all more than good before heading out. What a compassionate lady. Patrick's parents are like mine in that they're the best. We munch on chips and multiple dips before making our own pizzas which turn out to be more than good. Hazel is blasting Ja-Rule and Nelly classics and we eat din-din. It's a good time and I head to the basement to watch Greek on Netflix from the beginning. The rest of the group goes to see the movie "the Artist" and it's just the first 5 episodes that I watch like it's NBD. Don't judge me, I'm refreshing my all greek knowledge. It's like 2 am when I finally decide to knock out. Based on my frame of reference I would say it was a more than successful night. Loves the roommate for sure.

Being a teenager is all about your outlook on life. You can spin things any way you want and things are really never as bad they appear to be. It's just like those ridiculous mirror disclaimers for sure. It's called get a car with a rearview camera and problems solved. It's just the way you think about things that makes all the difference. Just consider your frame of reference.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the longest time you've ever spent travelling and to where? I'm pretty sure that train ride takes the cake. Like how is it even possible that I actually made it 13 and a half hours on a train. Woah.


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