Last to Know

Being a teenager is about knowledge. As they say (BTW, who might "they" be) knowledge is power, and it's the truth. The more you know, the better off you are. But as we all know, sometimes you wish you didn't know certain things. Things you wish you wish you hadn't heard, or seen - but you can't always control what information you come across. You've to make up your mind and use it how you want to. Just don't let me be the last to know.

Independence day is one of the most celebrated days of the American year. It's kind of a big day. The day the Declaration of Independence received it's John Hancock from our founding fathers and we officially chucked the deuces to England aka the GB. That ish cray, the fourth of July represents freedom, revolution and fighting for change. The thing is a lot of those things, those basic principles that our so-called great country was founded upon are totally M.I.A. Everywhere you go you hear about corruption, scandal, and betrayal - what happened to courage, compassion, and honesty? People like to blame politics. Let me tell you right now, Obama is the not source of all the chaos in your life. Truthfully, unless you're some kind of national security threat like Chris Hemsworth as "Thor" (finally saw it on Netflix and loved it, Captain America is still my favorite Avenger other than Hawkeye) you're not even blip on his road map to life, as in you're irrelevant. The thing is people don't know the issues, don't know what they can do about the problems they want to see addressed, and a lot the times really could care less. If you're educated of the issues, you're ignorant and you don't deserve a say in the conversation. I'm not saying I'm not guilty of skipping the news every once in a while (I'm a teenager, this isn't Cory in the House) but I'd rather watch reruns of Real World: DC then here politicians, brown-nosing esquires, and big wig corporate people run their mouths in the real world of dc. Let's be real, ain't nobody watch no C-Span; I thought that was the Spanish channel. So what I'm telling you is that we're obligated as citizens of America to do something, be active, register to vote and let your voice be heard. It's time to stop being the last to know. Things happen and you're out of the loop, you're not even on the same level - keep up with the times and do your part. Teens, this one's for you - our generation is going to be affected with what happens here and now, we should and do have a say in the outcome - don't let it go to waste. Be proactive, instead of reeling about the repercussions. No longer the last to know.

Everyone hates being the last to know. Something happens and literally everybody else knows about it before you. That's like not okay, especially if it directly concerns you. Well that's not how it should be, and to fix that entails some confrontation. Yup, I said it confrontation. People hear the word and prepare for battle, put down the shield and take off the skin-tight suit, captain - or they run and cower in fear. Not all confrontation has to be TNT "we know drama" dramatic. If you do it right, you get your point across without starting anything you're not willing to finish. You've gotta let everyone know that it's not okay to Ferdinand Magellan circumvent you like a Christopher Columbus Atlantic bypass. They've got to keep you in the know. Information is a two-lane highway though. Once people know to be letting you in on the knowledge ride, you've got to be prepared for whatever comes your way and willing to take it all in. Process, decide a plan of action and go with it. Impulse doesn't always have a place when it comes to college knowledge. All I'm saying is don't let me be the last to know.
The worst thing about summer is broken summer promises. When the school year is winding down, everybody is more than ready to head home and see their "real friends." Everyone makes these far fetched plans on hanging out on a daily basis and creating so many facebook photo albums it's like mindblowingly improbable. Then summer comes, you have your little reunion and it's almost as epic as you could have hoped and then the newness wears off. You go your separate ways and do your own summer thing. Everyone gets busy, and soon enough summer is just about over before you guys hang out possibly one more time. It's a vicious cycle that we're all guilty of, me included. I definitely thought this summer would be drastically different but it takes two to hang out. Do you ever feel like you're the l last to know? Like everyone else is doing something fun without you, with other people, and you just haven't been invited. The only confirmation you have are tweets, and the incriminating facebook photo tags. It's awkward as hell because you feel a whole lot of left out and at that point you don't even want to try anymore. It's a tough summer life. That's just the way we work sometimes. You don't realize you need something or someone until it's too late, when you're back at school. I'm not going to dwell on it, I'm not the last to know. On a different note - TV show cancellations - freaking eff them. I watch so much TV, and when a show I watch gets cancelled I feel like a part of me dies. Rest in peace Nickelodeon's "Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures" - definitely deserved more credit than it was given. Tell me why I found out via twitter - and the last 5 unshown episodes are online to watch. I'll be watching them for sure, I support shows to the fullest. Eff my life - again the last to know.

Being a teenager a teenager is all about being up to date on the things that you're obligated to know. Sometimes you may be on a need to know basis and other times you'll be that bearer of bad news. At least you'll know what's going on. Knowledge is key, information is a must have, and the news is something that may not always affect you but should be something you care about. Never be the last to know.

My blog post question for the day is ... who was your favorite president and why? I would have to say the Clinton days were pretty good, and my parents still talk about him and Hil.


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