Being a teenager is all about inspiration. It's about being both inspired by things you see and hear in the world around you, and also inspiring others. It's a cycle, doing something amazing, standing out, and making a difference in someone else's life and having someone else do the same for you. Inspiration is what can lead a nation through it's darkest days, and shine as a light bright enough to hold on to. Light it up with some inspiration.

Inspiration can take so many forms. It's not only just people that can inspire you, it's objects and things that you see around that get your gears going and those creative juices flowing. For example, this whole blog idea came about because I saw Keke Palmer (my future wife) tweet about how she wanted to start a teen talk show (homegirl, you could interview me any time). So I took her idea and ran with it, and a year and months later I'm still writing for teen and college advice. It's the smallest things that can get us thinking about doing something differently. Cooking for example, you all know I'm super crazy about being perfect, and when I'm cooking I follow the instructions, and recipes one direction at a time (1D reference boom!) - but sometimes I like to add my own spin on things.Take something I've seen and put my own twist on it. It's so weird how things are all connected and seeing or hearing something can trigger something else. It's wild, but that's how inspiration works. Something or someone that really sticks with you, and gets you to believe, and try something else. People that inspire me (other than my fam-bam) are people who look at the world with a young and open point of view like babies (because they're perfect, innocent and absolutely hilarious - and I'm jealous of the clothes they get to wear). In this day and age, role models are what get people through the hardest of times and finding a good one can be rough. The countless hours I've spent on YouTube watching all if the Wanted's #WantedWednesday videos, One Direction video diaries, and the tumblrs I've searched for gifs is unbelievable. But there are definitely people I emulate and care to know about because their impact is so genuinely profound and beneficial. Find your inspiration and run with it.

The countdown for me to head back to school, as in start my sophomore year of college at the University of Vermont is only left with 18 days. That ish freaking cray. I can't believe it, I got to the point in the summe where I was ready to head back, but now it's too close. Just two and a half weeks left, and next week I'll be in Cleveland, OH for my Phi Mu Delta fraternity conclave. This school year I'm going to be inspired by what I learned this summer. This will not be a repeat of freshman (first) year. I'm going to be dominating in all aspects of my collegiate experience and will not be taking any crap from anyone. It's time to bring back my high school title as the prince of drama - but with a young adult remixed twist. I'm ready for the confrontation, the ridiculousness, and all the incidents that will come with it - no more mister naive, painfully oblivious or epic ignorer, I'm coming back in full force to give everyone a glimpse of exactly who they didn't get to know last year. This was definitely the summer of subtle self-discovered, and I've found out that I truthfully need to tell people how it is, worry less about things I can't control (like other people), and move on. I've been inspired to make a change, for the better, and have more fun. Let loose (but not too loose, that would be highly unsightly) and mark my territory on campus. A little inspiration goes a long way.

This past week was Fox's Teen Choice Awards. It's like my favorite award ceremony of the year, you all know my specialty with pop culture is young and upcoming actors & actresses, the amount of information memorized shouldn't be possible. The awards itself were lackluster and pretty much whack. Demi Lovato was doing the most with her outfits and hair. Kevin McHale and her onstage was some of the most painfully awkward award show banter I've ever had the displeasure of viewing. Comparing tattoos, seriously - sit yo ass down. Highlights of the show Justin Bieber's performance - I'm not a Belieber my any means, but dude shut the place down, tore up the stage, and hit his stuff like nobody's business and deserves major props for it. Carly Rae on the other hand was not doing enough, and No Doubt needs to back into retirement where their drunken mess of a performance. The 1D video acceptance was funny as always, but the Wanted definitely should have at least won one surfboard. Some of the award categories were pretty much rigged, there are some stars that are unbeatable and so many stars were snubbed. The cameras in the crowd should have shown a lot more the people who were there. I saw Shane Harper, Bridgit Mendler, Spencer Boldman, and Debby Ryan for a few seconds, but so many people were there and not even acknowledged. That's not okay - no one needs that BET awards front row "royal family of hip hop" nonsense again. Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly received the Acuvue Inspire Award and she deserved it, this season is the last of iCarly, and she'll be starting college at USC (it's always that or NYU with young celebs). Her speech was short, sweet and to the point but she got the message across that being an inspiration is about helping others, not yourself. This week I've watched Political Animals (which I absolutely love) - USA Network shows have the best writing on television, point blank period and this show is top notch. Sebastian Stan and James Wolk - bra-freaking-vo; this show makes me want to change my major to poli-sci and pull a Casey from Greek. Everyone needs to watch that show. Teen Wolf, best summer show - it's crazy, epic and last night's episode changed everything. I won't spoil anything, but I've got so many questions about why the Kanima master is killing all these people, how so and so got resurrected and if blank is actually dead for good dead. Then there's Degrassi which are pushing the envelope pitting religion against homosexuality and it's intense as hell. Every storyline is tantalizing and unbearably real. Too much inspiration to go around.

Being a teenager is a all about having a lasting impact. Not everything you'll ever do will be noteworthy but when you do make your mark, people will surely remember you and all the things you said and did. Being an inspiration is such a selfless act, it's not about the recognition or the praise that may accompany it, but being able to give someone apart of yourself for them to hold on to, to jumpstart their imaginations and let them think for themselves. This is inspiration.

My blog post question for the day is ... what object inspires you? Me, it's usually clouds. They're like my favorite thing about the natural world, so fluffy, random and completely uninvolved.


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